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Hauke Krapf (Shermanoholic)

About me

Name:Hauke Krapf
Country:DE Germany
Birthday:January 02, 1954
Member since:July 04, 2011
About me:
Retired German Army Armor Officer
Interested in Military History, in particular US Mechanized Forces Operations in MTO and ETO during WW II.

As a 9 year old boy I started modelling Faller 1:100 and Airfix aircraft kits. At end of the 60-ties I focused on military vehicles, when TAMIYA released tank kits, like PzKpfWg V "Panther" or PzKpfWg VI "Tiger E", in Germany.

At the mid-eighties I decided to focus on specific topics, as I learned, that "Frederick the Great" was correct with his statement:
"Who, who will defend everything, will defend nothing!"

Since then I had focused on
1. all different models of the M4, TANK, MEDIUM , but NOT the M4 models in use by the USMC or the Sovjet Army and
2. Cold War period military vehicles, in particular US Army vehicles in MAASTER or MERDC camo.
But I also build Canadian, Belgian or Dutch AFVs frequently, like the M113 or the YPR-765, or all models of the M60 TANK, MEDIUM.
Occasionally you'll find me on some sort of exotic battle grounds like one of my next projects, a Norwegian M48A5 with WEGMANN smoke dischargers and MG 3s. Recently I started an Belgian JPK 90.


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My next events

I currently have nothing in my agenda.

My previous events

In the past I attended:

Scale Model Challenge 2017
NL 21. and 22. October 2017, in RM Veldhoven
KMK Scale World 2017
BE 10. September 2017, in Mol
11. Jahresausstellung des MBC Camouflage
DE 26. August 2017, in Mühlheim-Kärlich
3. Modelltage Stammheim 2017
DE 8. and 9. July 2017, in Stammheim
Ausstellung des PMC Südpfalz e.V.
DE 4. and 5. March 2017, in Zeiskam
GB 12. and 13. November 2016, in Telford
Scale Model Challenge 2016
NL 1. and 2. October 2016, in Veldhoven
KMK Scale World 2016
BE 11. September 2016, in Mol
IPMS Deutschland
DE 27. and 28. August 2016, in Berlin
Modellbau-Ausstellung des PMC-Lübeck
DE 23. and 24. April 2016, in Lübeck
9. Jahresausstellung MBC Camouflage
DE 18. April 2015, in 56218 Mülheim-Kärlich
Modellbauaustellung PMC Südpfalz 2015
DE 7. and 8. March 2015, in Zeiskam
Interscale Stolberg
DE 21. and 22. February 2015, in Stolberg
Modellbauausstellung Lübeck
DE 26. and 27. April 2014, in Lübeck
Modellbauaustellung PMC Südpfalz 2014
DE 22. and 23. March 2014, in Zeiskam
Faszination Modellbau
DE 1-3 November 2013, in Friedrichshafen
Euro-Modell 2013
AT 12. and 13. October 2013, in Ried im Innkreis
KMK Scale World 2013
BE 8. September 2013, in Mol
7. Jahresausstellung MBC Camouflage
DE 24. August 2013, in Mülheim-Kärlich

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