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Yoyo le Petaf
Lionel Marco (Yoyo le Petaf)

Light Tanks Groupbuild

Here is my contribution to the light tanks groupbuilt: The Hungarian 38M Toldi II(B40)
As I'm lazy, I added some Spade Ace tracks: the idea of removing of the sprue 250 track links and assembling them is too close a recipe for disaster for my taste.
I added a SBS gun barrel, as the Hobby Boss one is not that good, and also because I hate having oval barrels after a too-enthusiastic sanding.

The more challenging will be to finish a figure to go alongside the tank...


25. April 2014, 08:02
Fabian D.
interresting... quite like the figures... I´ve got the feeling that in every MiniArt set (which is not depicting one of the major forces of late WWII) is alwasy a funny looking little man included😉
25. April 2014, 08:23
Mike Kryza
Hi Lionel - I'n in because I've one in my stash. The idea with the tracks is good. (I'm very lazy too...🙂). But I don't know something about "Spade Ace Tracks".
25. April 2014, 09:51
Lionel Marco

@ Fabian: And which one is the funny looking man? The one with hands in the back and legs cross? I like his casual way to stand... The best is in the French civilian set, where the priest is a real copy of the French Actor Fernandel in the Don Camillo movies:

@0 Mike: It's a brand of Friull lookalike I found on the Hobbyeasy on-line shop. The choice is huge, the quality is even with Friull, and most interesting, cheaper... For this set, take care, there's just enough links. It surprised me, as there were plenty of extras in the BT-5 or PzIID sets.
25. April 2014, 10:13
Mike Goldberg
Nice going so far.
25. April 2014, 11:50
Mike Kryza
Thank you, Lionel - this sounds very good. Think I will have a try... 👍
25. April 2014, 13:28
Lionel Marco
Thanks guys!

I'm still working on the project, here are the last progresses.
25. May 2014, 07:03
Gábor Bélik
Hi Lionel. I have built this kit and I used spade ace tracks and I have to Say that it is the same quality as friuls (or a bit better regarding the holes).
25. May 2014, 07:45
Martyn Fox
Nice job so far Lionel. I share your views on the tracks,I'm lazy too 🙂
25. May 2014, 09:53
Lionel Marco

Here are at last a few picture of my finished Toldi.
It's a nice little kit, and I was fun building it.

I hope you'll like it

1. December 2014, 17:32
Holger Kranich
Thats a nice one Lionel!
I like the track colour and the way the tracks match with the dirt under them!
1. December 2014, 17:38
Es-haq Khosravi
Great job!
1. December 2014, 17:47
Martyn Fox
Nice feathered camo on the tank. Oww the joy of individual track links,I've just got a Tasca Sherman M4A3E8 to tackle.🙁
1. December 2014, 18:31


1:35 Light Tank 38M Toldi II (B40) (HobbyBoss 82478)1:35 Toldi / Nimrod Metal Track (Spade Ace Models SAT-35118)1:35 Toldi gun barrel (40mm) Toldi II (B40) Toldi III (C40) (SBS Model 35008)

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