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Volkswagen Golf II GTI 16v

Volkswagen Golf II GTI 16v
Change the bumpers with the Streetblisters parts and the rims fora a BBS 17" from Fujimi

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The tape react with the paint, so I had to strip the paint. 

Album image #4

Album image #5
Changed the colour to pearl grey from Fire Scale paints 

Album image #6
Test rims 

Album image #7
Applied clear coat, from gravity  

Album image #8

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Album image #10

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Album image #12
Rims are from Fujimi, BBS 17, paint in aluminium, and added valve 

Album image #13
Album image #14
Album image #15
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Album image #17
Album image #18
Album image #19
Painted with pearl grey from fire scale modeler, and clear 2K from gravity  

Album image #20


14 20 September, 19:14
Looking good
20 September, 19:17
István Szücs
Nice ride!
23 September, 08:54
Thanks guys 🙂
23 September, 20:07
Looking good
24 September, 02:06
Ben M
Photo 10 & 11 - the real thing
21 October, 01:22
Sehr schöner Golf!
21 October, 09:43
Christian W
Basically it looks pretty good. What was the reason for the color change?
One hint: your rear license plate is missing the "TüV"-sticker (Department of Transport - technical check every two years)

I'm not sure with the rims. For me, they look to big.
24 October, 04:36
@ Christian The pearl grey it's a Volkswagen colour used in some golfs, usually the colour of the gti are red, white and black, but I had problems with the X7 red from Tamiya, and I decided to change the colour to something different.
The license plate don't have excuse, it's from other kit, a corvette 07, see the numbers😅. And the rims I thinks that's it's better a 15", but I couldn't find.
24 October, 08:34
Christian W
Thak you for your words. What problem did you have? On the picture it looked pretty.

Now, that you pointed to the C7, I know, from where I know this license plate. Funny. This "fantasy-plates" of the producer always forces me, making my license plates by my own. I share the laughing smiley with you 😄 I often talk to my contact at Revell about this "hey, my plate shows something regarding to the car, nevertheless, it can be real"-license plates. There are a lot of mistakes, which can be found. E.G. Netherland plates starting with an "F" on Ferrari kits. Cool. F plates are only for tractors. Or the SA Aperta: F-SA you'd never get in Germany because of the SA / SS - thing. Never ever. But nevermind.
24 October, 10:42
i painted the car in red, with tamiya X7, the result was good, but after paint the windows trims, the tape react in all body, so i decided to change the color. probably the paint need more time to cure.
thanks for the info for the license plates, i don't knowed that are not correct, next time i will check. in other models i made my own stickers (no decals) for my local licenses plates.
24 October, 13:07
Christian W
That's sad with the paint job. I think that is the most critical point, whether to start it over or stop and drop it into a spare parts box.
Good, you've started it all over. How did you get the color off?
24 October, 20:17
i used brake fluid, dot 4, during 2 o 3 hours, works well, and no damage in the plastic
25 October, 07:08


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1:24 Vw Golf II Big bumpers Transkit for FUJIMI (StreetBlisters 17000)

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