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Bf 109G Gustavs


41 30 December 2021, 17:22
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello! I prefer to start my first 2022 project in the old year....The Zlin double project will be followed by a, let´s say: quadruple build. Eduard's one-zero nines are simply too tempting in terms of the numerous interesting variants. In a first run I will try to depict two "Wilde Sau" night fighters as well as a late G-10 and a G-2 in winter camouflage. The cockpits are ready for now, let's see how easy it is to continue.
30 December 2021, 17:27
Jim J
Wow! A quad build! I'm in.
30 December 2021, 17:53
Alan G
Anything Wild Sau I am most definitely following
30 December 2021, 18:09
Sergej I
I see what you're doing there... building a full Jasta 😄
Awesome, following! 👍
30 December 2021, 20:54
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you very much and I am very happy about your interest in the "Quadro-build"! 🙂
Sergej: Thumbs up!
31 December 2021, 15:54
Roland Sachsenhofer
The "Finger Four" formation indicates: the "Gustavs" are slowly taking shape! Building in parallel like this is quite enjoyable, but it must also be said that Eduard has created highly enjoyable kits here (once again).
3 January 2022, 09:03
Roland Sachsenhofer
Slowly but steadily, the "Gustavs" grow towards their final form. The foundations of the colour scheme have also been laid.
All 109s will still get the light blue flanks and undersides, then the construction stories will separate and individualise.
16 January 2022, 16:06
Robin (WhiteGlint)
So many 109s 👀
I'm in.
16 January 2022, 16:39
Roland Sachsenhofer
Feel welcome!
17 January 2022, 06:48
Roland Sachsenhofer
Four Messerschmitt on the way to completion.... The one with the yellow band in the centre of the fuselage will be completely covered with white winter camouflage paint, while the one without any markings, which already shows the night fighter black on the underside of the fuselage, will also show considerable sections in black on the upper side.
22 January 2022, 18:57
Robin (WhiteGlint)
I get that you can save some time by building multiple of "the same kit" in parallel but it's still four Bf-109.
Man, you're fast, Roland. 😄
22 January 2022, 19:10
Roland Sachsenhofer
i'm just curious, i guess 🙂 Thank you for your words, mate!
22 January 2022, 19:16
Roland Sachsenhofer
One month after the start of the project, it is now time to set up individual galleries for the four 109s so as not to make things too confusing. I invite you to follow what is happening in the individual picture series.

By the way: on the G-2 by "Assi" Hahn I tried to make the new Eduard decals work: after applying the decal film can be rubbed off, the result should look like it was painted on! Whether this really worked and what the result looks like can be seen in the gallery.... 🙂
26 January 2022, 08:07
Roland Sachsenhofer
Herewith this quadruple build is finished! I show you in two pictures the overall result of this, for me, quite entertaining model-building start to the year.
Thank you for your interest and your motivating comments!
4 February 2022, 10:50
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Great group photos. 👍
4 February 2022, 11:00
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for your comment!
4 February 2022, 13:45
Great output again, all subtle colors and camouflage painting! The virus has in no way hampered your amazing creativity. 👍
4 February 2022, 13:49
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank God not 🙂 Thanks for your words, that means a lot coming from a master diorama artist like you!
4 February 2022, 13:57
Sergej I
Awesome four! I love every singe one of them 👍
4 February 2022, 14:45
Sebastian Meyner
The Fantastic Four 👍 😉
4 February 2022, 17:20
Jim J
What a lineup. I particularly like black 11 and the nice job you did on the wing leading edges. I also
5 February 2022, 03:16
Jim J
How did removing the film removal work on the eduard decals? Also, cool background—what did you use for the background?
5 February 2022, 03:19
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you all for the warm welcome of the Four in the form of your comments!

Jim, I have only tried the new "rubbing off" function in two places on Hans Hahn's white machine - and then again on the right "6" on the black "Wilde Sau" version.
The left fuselage Balkenkreuz on Hahn's Bf 109 is completely exposed; this was also done without destroying it. However, there were massive scratch marks on the lower crosses on the wings, which prevented me from further attempts.
On the "Red 6" I wanted to try again - but here too I had to repair with a brush.

All in all I have to say that this is an interesting possibility, but the result is actually indistinguishable from the clean application of the already very high quality Eduard decals- and the risk of destroying the decals is in any case given!
5 February 2022, 13:25
Villiers de Vos
Very nice.
5 February 2022, 13:35
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Villieres!
I overlooked this: the background, Jim , comes from the product range of "Costal Kits".
5 February 2022, 18:23
Erik Leijdens
Fantastic quartet Roland! They are all very well executed, as we are used from you!
5 February 2022, 20:50
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for your words of appreciation Erik!
6 February 2022, 16:18

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