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Do-27 Grzimek


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Martin Oostrom
You found this kit everywhere back in the day, next to its brother in Wehrmacht colours. Never had the urge to buy one.
Yours on the other hand is getting along very nice. Keep up the usual Ronald S standard 👍
2. July 2018, 21:23
Gordon Sørensen
Your patience for masking looks like it will pay off! Looking good, Roland!
3. July 2018, 10:08
Dave Flitton
Looking good so far. Why would you call this a difficult kit? You make it look quite easy.
4. July 2018, 14:27
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hi mates! Thank you for your comments- this kit, Dave, displays an awful fit and very basic detail. To make it more difficult these mediocre details are wrong in many aspects- seats, dashboard, shape of the prop for example- and must be corrected.
5. July 2018, 08:11
Roland Sachsenhofer
I primed the final coat of white color with a grey shade from Gunze. After having applied the white, I masked of the white rectangles where the decals will find their place.
That was a big failure, as I did not match the shade of white being applied before. The result looks awful in any respect and has to be corrected. First attempts to this can be seen on the last picture.....
5. July 2018, 18:35
Oliver Zwiener
5. July 2018, 18:38
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you mates! Special camo indeed- would really like to display this Do with a Zebra...
7. July 2018, 10:39
Roland Sachsenhofer
There are the last pictures of the building process..... What a plastic butchery! 🙂 The wheel rims have to be completely build up new- after having massacred Revells cursed plastic parts.
I improvised handles for all four windows in the in- and outside. Something I am a little bit proud of, especially because the look really good on the finished model.
What a challenging kit! I am quite happy I got through this..... 🙂
10. July 2018, 09:58
Soeren .
Fantastic work Roland!
10. July 2018, 10:02
Bart Goesaert
looking good so far.... nice work with the tape...
10. July 2018, 11:07
Björn Svedberg
Really cool with the Zebra scheme! 👍
10. July 2018, 12:10
Peter Mollenhauer
Very impressive build, Roland!
10. July 2018, 12:54
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Sören, Lode, Björn and Peter! Your comments make me happy I did not give up this project 🙂
I would like to show you a few pictures of the finally finished "Flying Zebra" on its base. For fun I created a folding table and chairs similar to those often seen on photograph besides this plane.
Thank you all for your interest and your helpful and motivating comments!
.....well, the last of my new pictures.... I had to do that, I beg your pardon 🙂
10. July 2018, 18:00
Roland, you definitely know, how to built models, even such hardcore kits 👍 May be I would have used white primer and paint black on top, but you managed to build a great model your way. And the last picture😉
10. July 2018, 19:10
David Funke
10. July 2018, 19:33
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you both! I agree, painting white first followed by the black stripes would have been a more elegant way! 🙂
11. July 2018, 09:40
Oliver Zwiener
Wie geil ist denn das Zebra am Schluss - sensationell - ich liebe dieses Diorama ! Was ist denn das nächste Projekt !
13. July 2018, 16:19
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Oliver! Next project will be a week off with family 🙂
....afterwards two nice Noratlas are waiting for me- and a SG 38 sailplane!
15. July 2018, 02:11
Holger Kranich
Moin Roland, i just had a look inside a review of the kit. Is there really a sprue for a GRU/7 F-14A/B seat and wheels and chin pod´s included? LOL 😄
18. October 2018, 16:08
Roland Sachsenhofer
🙂 Holger, these rumours are true, I was absolutely amazed to find these obviously non fitting parts..... 🙂 Generally- that is a very special kit! A second Do-27 kit, having been planned to be build simultlaneously, met the dustbin.
19. October 2018, 10:05
Holger Kranich
You and your simultanous builds, amazing! LOL😉
19. October 2018, 11:36


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1:32 Do-27 "Grzimek" Serengeti Version (Revell 04745)

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