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Z-137 Agro


44 19 February, 17:53
Roland Sachsenhofer
I liked the aircraft right away - and as an agricultural aircraft and often as a fire-fighting aircraft, it falls into my current prey scheme. Well, I do what I can with the slightly thick-walled parts.....
19 February, 17:57
I'm Following.
19 February, 19:03
Me 2!
19 February, 19:36
Alex K
19 February, 19:52
Robert Podkoński
Me 4!
19 February, 20:03
Roland Sachsenhofer
Then.... "high 5" for you!
20 February, 18:04
Roland Sachsenhofer
The shape of the turboprop Agro is slowly emerging - but the prominent winglets are still missing. I'm going to tackle the filling and sanding in stages, there's probably a lot to do. I sawed out the elevator and cut it off to add some "life" to the model.
21 February, 17:13
Robert Podkoński
A lot of filling, filing, and sanding I predict here... May the Force be with you 😉
21 February, 17:52
I can see what awaits me when I build the military version. It seems that the fit is not good (if Eduard had released this version...).
Well done so far, Roland 👍
21 February, 19:53
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you! Robert, I'll try to stay away from the "dark side"....
Yes, Cuajete, Eduard's Z-37 is ready as a follow-up project; but as a reward afterwards
22 February, 09:59
Roland Sachsenhofer
The Agro Turbo is now fully assembled, filled, sanded and re-engraved; now we can actually start with the colour: white and yellow as a primer for the red "over all". Attaching the multi-part flaps to the trailing edge of the wing was somewhat difficult.
28 February, 19:44
Well done, Roland! 👍
29 February, 19:17
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Cuajete!
29 February, 19:18
Roland Sachsenhofer
Now it's time to show something new here too! A few construction photos from this morning: it's something of a victory for me to think that KP has put an extremely rudimentary model in the box here, showing very few of the many exterior details that are so important to the appearance of this type. So I have almost everything you see here on the entry steps, rudder linkages, handles, rudder balancing weights... I made myself. I have already borrowed the " centrifugal spray system" from Eduard's excellent "Cmelak"...
It won't be too long before it's finished - or let's say I've done everything in my power for a successful " crash landing" of this kit.
11 March, 08:03
Zbynek Honzik
Nothing's gonna stop you, Roland. An admirable move on goal. And considering the quality of the kit, the result seems quite extraordinary! You have my great admiration!
11 March, 09:09
Roland Sachsenhofer
Your words make me happy - much appreciated, Zbynek!
11 March, 13:08
Very nice external details, Roland 👌
11 March, 19:30
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Cuajete, that's encouraging and pleasing!
12 March, 07:10
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic details, Roland!
12 March, 09:35
Roland Sachsenhofer
That makes me quite happy - thank you for your comment, Robert!
12 March, 18:14
Looking good indeed
14 March, 13:15
Michael Kohl
14 March, 15:38
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you both, mates! The "Agro" is in the finish line by now...
15 March, 06:17
Roland Sachsenhofer
The Zlin Z-137 Agro is now finished - and I would like to show you a few pictures of the finished machine! KP offers a solid, but certainly more for the advanced builder kit. The fit is basically ok, but you have to do a lot of research on the original to get to the numerous detail forms. All the linkages, rudder linkages, counterweights and so on are made of wire. The exhaust pipes of the propeller turbine were improvised from cable insulation - although with a turboprop you also have to remember to convert the propeller blades to the feathering position. The rear fuselage windows were made with the clear kit parts, but filled with "Kristall Klear". Now the "glass" sits completely flush with the fuselage.
I am now looking forward to being able to try out Eduard's Z-37 soon - certainly a difference to the "Agro" from KP in many ways!
15 March, 18:24
Michael Kohl
Nice result. I am sure you will enjoy the Cmelak.
16 March, 05:27
Robert Podkoński
That's a fantastic job, yo've done, Roland! Chapeau bas!
16 March, 09:23
Very beautiful! Aircraft and presentation.
16 March, 10:33
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for the motivating feedback, mates -not only appreciated, but also encouraging!
16 March, 13:41
Hi Roland, a first-class result. The many small improvements have really paid off.

16 March, 18:05
Grea job, Roland. All those improvements were worth it. Very nice 👍
16 March, 18:48
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you mate, motivating!
17 March, 09:23
Zbynek Honzik
Great result, Roland! And really nicely photographed. You have my admiration for finishing this kit so nicely. 👏👏👏

I just have one technical comment, especially if you want to build Z-37 from Eduard.
All Bumblebees Z-37 or even Z-137 had a front transparent part of the cockpit made of a single piece of bent Plexiglass. There was no paint at the bend between the front rectangular section and the side triangular sections. Behind the clear Plexiglas, the tubes that supported the cockpit roof were visible and were the color of the interior. I am attaching here a link to a photo which should make it clear what I mean:
Even the masks from Eduard are wrong and can be misinterpreted that in bending you need to paint the column in the livery color. Try to find more photos. And fingers crossed with the other builds. It's a pleasure to watch all your threads and topics. 👍
18 March, 22:26
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello Zbynek! Thank you for this great tip! The pictures in your link show exactly what you mentioned - and prevent me from repeating the mistake - I look forward to applying your good advice to the two "Bumblebees" soon. Thank you for your words!
20 March, 17:41

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