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Airfix Model World 70

Airfix Model World


Magazine:Airfix Model World
Number:70 | September 2016

Table of contents

Editorial | Page 3
Welcome to Issue 70

by Chris Clifford

News | Page 6
News Bulletin

Latest Updates

News | Page 10
Show Scene

At-a-glance model and airshow calendar

Build Report | Page 14
Sukhoi's Superfighter

by Chris Jones
Chris Jones uses more masking tape and patience than ever as he tackles the stunning splinter scheme on Hasegawa's 1/72 Su-35 Flanker prototype

Build Report, 1:48  | Page 22
Welch's Reply

by Garry Tobiss
Garry Tobiss completes a test-shot build of Airfix's newly tooled 1/48 P-40... and he's impressed!

Reference | Page 30
Pearl Defenders

by Dana Bell
Dana Bell recounts how a handful of P-40s tried to resist the Japanese onslaught on December 7, 1941

News | Page 34
Out and About

by Stu Fone
MAFVA Nationals 2016

Build Report, 1:35  | Page 36
Ship Killer

by Garry Tobiss
Garry Tobis builds Merit International's sleek 1/35 Soviet G-5 torpedo boat... With a correction or two

Build Report, 1:35  | Page 42
Berlin Bruiser

by Kev Smith
Kev Smith replicates Cold War armour history with Takom's Chieftan Mk.10
1:35 Chieftain Mk.10 (Takom 2028)
British Main Battle Tank
Chieftain Mk.10
Takom 1:35
2028 2015 | Changed parts

Reference | Page 50
Cold War Titan

Get to know the real Chieftain with these revealing period images, courtesy of The Tank Museum

News | Page 52
Out and About

by Stu Fone
IPMS Coventry & Warks

Reference | Page 56
Civilized Entry

by Chris Thomas
Type expert Chris Thomas describes the car-door format of Hawker's famous Typhoon fighter-bomber

Build Report, 1:24  | Page 66
Desert Storm

by Steve Budd
Steve Budd recreates one of the RAF's tropical Typhoons from North Africa trails, with a test-shot of Airfix's new 1/24 'Car Door' Mk.Ib

Tips & Tricks | Page 76
Your Airfix

by John Swarbrick
Seafire XVII

Build Report | Page 78
Art Deco Runabout

by Matt Bacon
Matt Bacon takes Heller's Classic and re-issued 1/24 Delahaye for a spin

Build Report, 1:9  | Page 88
Unlikely Hero

by Ian Grainger
Ian Grainger achieves realistic results on Dragon's Marvel Gaurdians of the Galaxy Star-Lord figure
1:9 Star Lord (Dragon 38339)
Guardians of the Galaxy:
Star Lord
Dragon 1:9
38339 2014 | New tool

Build Report, 1:144  | Page 94
The Dollar Nineteen

by Mike Grant
Mike Grant opens the box on Roden's 1/144 C-119G

Review | Page 106
On The Shelf


Review | Page 110
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Aircraft Kits

Review | Page 114
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Military Kits

Review | Page 116
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Sci-Fi Kits

Review | Page 118
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Review | Page 120
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Decal Sheets

Review | Page 124
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News | Page 128
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Recently Released

Tips & Tricks | Page 130
Plastic Surgery