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Tamiya Extra Thin Cement


Tamiya | No. 87038

Boxart Tamiya Extra Thin Cement 87038 Tamiya


Title:Tamiya Extra Thin Cement 40ml
Barcode:4950344870387 (EAN)
Topic:Glueing » Constructing (Hobby Materials)

Box contents

Designed for

Generic aftermarket set.


USD 5.23  US In stock
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USD 7.99  US In stock
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USD 5.39  US Unknown

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CHF 6.65  CH In stock
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4.90  SK In stock
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5.00  BE In stock
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5.25  ES In stock
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AUD 7.95  AU Unknown
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Alternative SKUs for Tamiya 87038: TA87038 | TAM87038 | TAM-87038 | TAMIYA87038 | TAMI87038 | TM 87038 | T87038

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Przemek Przybulewski owns this item
10. January 2017, 17:15
Scott Dutton
Try the newer one, its lighter in colour with the green top but has same name, but bottom of label has quick setting or quick drying. Its great, and pretty much my weapon of choice now. Dries in seconds.
14. January 2017, 04:52
Przemek Przybulewski
I have the Quick Setting version for some time but I used first time building frame for Luna-M. It have a strange smell, it reminds me models and glue from my childhood - those a good memories.
Glue is great, dries immediately and what more important its not damaging paint too much.
14. January 2017, 13:04
Hello Mates, the glue is good. But it dissolves acrylic paint. I've found.
14. January 2017, 13:46
Przemek Przybulewski
Berni - yes it is but when you apply it very gentle and just a little bit it evaporates so quickly that it did not damage my layer of paint. I tried in few different spots and had the same result - if applied in small quantities then paint will remain intact but add more and it will dissolve it. Anyway it is less aggressive to paint comparing to regular Thin cement.
14. January 2017, 14:18
Roger Trewenack owns this item
22. April 2016, 08:05
Holger Kranich
Best stuff you can buy, isnt it?
22. April 2016, 08:49
22. April 2016, 11:03
Wayne Hale owns this item
2. September 2014, 23:34
View full thread (32 Comments)
Patrik Spett
What about this Tamiya Limeone cement, do they sell that in UK? I have a bottle at home but didnt try it yet.
8. September 2014, 10:34
Urban Gardini
It works the same way but take longer time to bite.
8. September 2014, 10:42
Gordon Sørensen
I haven't seen this around my neck of the woods, but with all this talk, now I want to try it....
8. September 2014, 16:02
Gordon, it is certainly not a must have, but it is very helpfull especially if you need a fast bonding or you only need a tiny amount of glue.
8. September 2014, 17:44
Choppa Nutta
Good News !!
E Models will be stocking Tamiya extra thin cement 40ml (870038) in 3 weeks time for £3.19 !! :D

Pete, the manager of the store phoned me up today because I wrote them saying how miffed I was about the new website and how the links didn't work and why could I no longer see Mr Cement S etc. etc. Turns out they do have Mr Cement S and he offered me free postage !!! :D
So I bought two bottles seeing as he was being so cool about it, really nice guy and I like the service, well worth checking them out. Apparently they are 10% cheaper than RRP too which we like :)
8. September 2014, 19:36
Phil Marchese
I have an industrial source for a different compound that performs well for me with few downsides.
8. September 2014, 20:18
Choppa Nutta
Phil you must know your stuff when it comes to chemistry, not sure I would trust myself well enough to go full on industrial, I bet it works out cheaper for you though ?

Btw. Tamiya extra thin product no. should read 870038
I forgot putting an " 8 " next to a " ) " gives you a 8) ... anyhow. :D
8. September 2014, 20:31
I just got some from my lhs. It was the last bottle. Finally!
15. July 2014, 19:12
View full thread (17 Comments)
Holger Kranich
You will love that stuff!
Even my girlfriend wanted a jar of it! lmao :D
18. July 2014, 14:43
Hunter Cummins
18. July 2014, 14:46
Edgars Bizūns
Holger you killed me :D :D :D
18. July 2014, 16:18
John Van Kooten
LOL @ Holger! :D :D

I totally agree with you guys! This is the best plastic glue EVER! I have two bottles as well and will buy a few more this week, also just to be sure ;) haha!

Luckily, one bottle goes a long, long way!
18. July 2014, 16:32
Edgars Bizūns
Well one bottle for me works for about 5-7 months.
18. July 2014, 22:01
John Van Kooten
Time is not a good measurement for me, I build very slowly ;)

In my case one bottle will last me about 20 1/35th scale kits, in a combination of all sizes, from PaK to Sd.Kfz.250/251 to Jagdtiger. That includes me being very generous with the amounts I apply AND using it to fill small gaps and holes :)
19. July 2014, 06:42
Edgars Bizūns
Then you must build very slowly :) I use this stuff to glaze details and achieve factures etc too, so it goes faster for me.
19. July 2014, 08:22
John Van Kooten
Yeah, I do build very slowly. Time is not on my side as far as hobbies is concerned ;) It takes me at least a month to finish even a simple PaK38 gun :P so that's not exactly fast LOL

But the glue is awesome
19. July 2014, 10:26
MoJo wants this item
13. May 2014, 13:08
Vitor Costa
Hey Christian i have a couple of that to trade! let me know what you can offer! i will tell you that is a very rare product so i want back something really valuable ok?
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
13. May 2014, 13:21
Holger Kranich
Oh yes, its very rare nowadays... ;) ;) ;) ;)
Take what you can get! I remember times, you could find such a bottle nearly on every modelers bench.... Ah memories, i still can smell it... ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
13. May 2014, 13:37
13. May 2014, 13:59
Steve Wilson
So rare in fact...
I'm using a " Tamiya Extra Thin Cement Detector " to find it...
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
13. May 2014, 14:17
cool where I can buy the detector :D
13. May 2014, 14:51
neil kerr owns this item
23. November 2013, 12:20
Steve Wilson
Can you PM me, seller please...
23. November 2013, 13:24
Steve Wilson owns this item
9. November 2013, 19:11
Hunter Cummins
Love this stuff
17. November 2013, 14:23
Steve Wilson
Good innit :D
17. November 2013, 14:51
Frank Krause
Didn't know that this cement is in the database. Great stuff, indeed!
17. November 2013, 16:16
Hunter Cummins
Ues itnis amazing :D and frank I didnt know that either haha
17. November 2013, 16:42
Pascal GARAT
Useful stuff for sure!
17. November 2013, 17:10
neil kerr
where do you get this from Steve?
23. November 2013, 11:45
Steve Wilson
Believe it or not neil... :o
I got three or four of these from my LHS.
But I'm sure you can get it on line, try e-models they are UK based to boot!!!
23. November 2013, 12:04
neil kerr
my top site but canna find it on there
23. November 2013, 12:06
neil kerr
found it on ebay cheers bud
23. November 2013, 12:19
23. November 2013, 13:17

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