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BTR-4E «Bucephalus» APC. Early Prod. Interior Kit

MiniArt | No. 37100 | 1:35

Boxart BTR-4E «Bucephalus» APC. Early Prod. Interior Kit 37100 MiniArt


BTR-4E «Bucephalus» APC. Early Prod. Interior Kit
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BTR-4 » APC/IFV's (Vehicles)

Boxart designed by Volodymyr Booth

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Nikita Nikulin
Отлично, можно будет сделать трофей лднр!
All comments (23) » 7 18 April 2022, 15:30
Volodymyr Sitnik
Да как угодно, корежит, так корежит.
Хочешь себе это внушить- пожалуйста. объективная реальность от этого не изменится, и моя насмешка над твоими потугами так и останется насмешкой 🙂
Так в чем проблема , почему же ты ещё сидел тихо? Тебя что ,"корежит" ?: D
Кстати, про политоту - что там с твоим перлом про " still Black sea countrу"? Это же политика чистой воды. Айайай.
18 April 2023, 10:37
Nikita Nikulin
Я то в оскорбления и политоту не полез. Зачем мне делать, как вы
А где там политика? У вас вроде еще пока есть выход к Черному морю, в чем проблема?
18 April 2023, 11:11
anyone got any info about the release date? It's been a year since it's anouncement
1 7 April 2023, 00:23
Can’t wait to get one.
1 13 June 2022, 13:12
Stefano Garanzini
Looking forward to get one and celebrate men and weapons fighting hard to keep their lands, cities and freedom. My prayers for Ukraine, would appreciate some sales income from these kits would be destined to UA Army to support their efforts to kick invasion back from their land. Slava Ukraine !
3 2 May 2022, 05:36
Wow, glad to see! Stay alive, Miniart, wish peace for you and your country. Is this "Bucephalus", from famous video with frontal hit in BMP Zasrancev? Anyway, put this kit on wishlist, gimme two )
1 27 April 2022, 18:52
Tim Sloan
oh boy, I can see the complex Voyager set for this now ,that I would avoid lol. Great to see Miniart still alive.
19 April 2022, 14:41
This is awesome! Honor the Ukrainian heros with models of their equipment.
4 8 April 2022, 11:28
I need this too! Stay strong!
6 4 April 2022, 08:43
Jeremy Erzilbengoa
Really cool to see them still around ! I'm glad they are working on new projects !
6 30 March 2022, 18:30
i NEED this
7 29 March 2022, 22:16
OMG Miniart is still fighting??? I was already losing all hope for the factory in Kiew!!! OMG Please Miniart, get models out there where we can build the Ukranian Armed Forced of today! Bless you guys! UA
19 29 March 2022, 20:32

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