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Early Production

HK Models - No. 01F001 - 1:48

Boxart B-17G 01F001 HK Models


Brand:HK Models
Title:B-17G Early Production
Type:Full kit
Released:2019 | Initial release - new tool
Topic:Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress » Propeller (Aircraft)

Box contents


Boeing B-17G-15-BO Flying Fortress

US Military US Army Air Forces (1941-1947)

Boeing B-17G-40-VE Flying Fortress

US Military US Army Air Forces (1941-1947)

Product timeline

HK Models
1:48 B-17G (HK Models 01F001)
New tool


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1:48 B-17G (HK Models 01F001)
On hold
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US Military US Army Air Forces (1941-1947)
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Calvin Gifford
I am glad I did not run out and grab one when they first came out. Disappointing. I very much hope HK Models listens and corrects any subsequent release - I would very much love to see an ACCURATE new-tool D/E Flying Fortress. My Dad flew in them as a belly gunner in the SWP and got shot down in one, right before they swapped out their B-17's for B-24's - then eventually got shot down in one of them as well!
9. January at 22:39:01 Share
Jeff Dick
Certainly the vast majority of modellers will be satisfied. Unfortunately (for me anyway), as an impassioned B-17 aficionado, “I can’t handle the truth”. So I have already sold my HK kit, and replaced it with a Monogram 1/48 B-17G, and Revell 1/48 B-17F, thanks to an incredible Ebayer, checkout coolneatthings a fellow Canadian who happens to have some very nice kits at very competitive prices. Nudge Nudge ????????
24. December 2019 at 05:05:06 Share
Mark Prystauk
I'll take the HK kit over the Monogram one, as I hate dealing with raised panel lines (I had built it when I was a teenager). It looks like a B-17 and will look good on my shelf...and none of my friends or family will notice it not matching Boeing's drawings. That said, I agree with Jeff that HK and other manufacturers have little excuse for not being accurate with their designs, considering the availability of data, images and drawings.
21. December 2019 at 14:20:34 Share
Jeff Dick
After many exhausting hours of comparing with Boeing’s blueprints, technical drawings, photos of the real thing and Revell/Monogram’s 1/48 kits. I can safely say it is a pantographed reduction of the 1/32 kit, with a “corrected nose/ windscreen” and simplified interior. Problem, the vast majority of the kit is still based on the rivet enhanced Granger drawings. Very, very little of this kit jives with Boeing’s measurements, panel joints, rivet patterns, airframe components, the list goes on and on. It is still far far from accurate in shape and outline. The propellers, engines, nacelles, wings, majority of the fuselage, tail and interior components are still way off. It’s not an early G out of the box, because of the wing tip vents, you could make a Warbird with this kit as it is. Still very seriously out of whack with indisputable Boeing drawings and measurements in just about every possible way, due to the stubborn headedness of HK to actually retool the whole kit, based on readily available Boeing blueprints and measurements, angles, photos from the erection and maintenance manuals and the list of available accurate documents. I am EXTREMELY disappointed to say the least. In the sixties, this would have been “OK”. With the technology and data available today, this is completely unacceptable. You can’t base a 68 Ford Mustang model on someone’s erroneously constructed drawings, based on a 68 Chevrolet Camaro. That is my comparative analogy of what has taken place here. The vast majority of recently tooled kits are getting very close, to right on, with the subject, whether it be a P-51, Spitfire, T-55, P-38, etc. HK are clearly not listening and should pursue toy making or something else entirely. I will not be building this kit ever! It’s a slap in the face to any serious B-17 aficionado. I will be selling it for $75 US, or happily trade for 2 Monogram 1/48 B-17’s. A few parts are off the sprues, due to my research and measurements. So so dissatisfied with HK, I will never ever ever purchase another one of their kits.
20. December 2019 at 22:28:39 Share
Carlos Cisneros Ok, now I gotta ask, but how does the old Monogram G stack up against those Boeing drawings?
20. December 2019 at 22:49:53
Jeff Dick Actually for the most part spot on. I won't go into the interior too much in either case.
Monogram clearly states: "This accurately detailed model was designed from authentic drawings and photos of the B-17G. Also much technical information was furnished by Boeing Historical Services."
Now that was 45 years ago! Also a lot of the photos were taken from a "Gate Guard", consequently there are a few mistakes, that are easily fixed or modified. I am going to be brutally honest with no bias. Pros: Dimensions, cross sections, sweep angles, airframe geometry, are spot on. Complex shapes like fin, rudder, elevator and horizontals and wing tips, all match Boeing drawings. Propellers are excellent, engines are good, transparency placement and shapes match, navigation, formation and identification lights are molded on, but at least they're there. Pitot tubes are included, accurate and placed correctly. Markings provided are accurate for the production numbers.
Here are what I call "Modern Cons": Transparencies have distortions on the compounded curves, only one style of nose glazing, longer F style glazing was also used. Nine O Nine had both during its career, as did many others. surface detail is raised, trailing edges too thick, fabric detail was cool in its day, but is over scaled, no separate flaps, and the inner end of the flap panel line needs to be moved inward and corrected as per blueprint dimensions, the tail wheel/strut needs replacing, the wing vents are the early style (B-E), and as such, no Tokyo tank fillers. Missing wheel well detail, placement of main oleo to wing is 1 scale foot too deep, no ducts behind the oil cooler and inter cooler intakes. Missing inspection windows on chin turret and no zippers. Rudder access panels repeated on starboard side, there should only be one, just under the lower hinge. (Airfix 1/72 B-17 decals repeat this error, but so easy to correct haha). No separate Bomb bay details or doors on pre visible kits, on visible and on, racks go right to the top of the turtle deck, the bomb bay bulkheads are not angled back to 3.5 degrees, and the panel lines do not follow this. All very easy fixes, no major surgery required.
HK Modern pros: recessed panel lines (not recessed on real B-17), recessed rivets? (not recessed on any aircraft, period). Flattened and bulging tires, main wheel well details, tail wheel details? Slotted and more accurate main wing vents, separate flaps, open cowl flaps. Ducts for oil cooler and inter cooler intakes, clear wingtip nav lights. Separate entrance hatches. Nice top and ball turrets.
HK Modern cons: Not based on Boeing's blueprints, drawings or dimensions. Consequently the wing geometry is wrong, the complex outlines of the fin, rudder, wingtips are wrong. Fuselage cross sections too large, (fat fuselage), wing is not NACA 0018 at root, or 0010 at tip attachment. Fuselage angle from aft radio room is wrong, it puts the aircraft centre datum line over a scale foot too high at the end of the tail turret, meaning the fuselage is angled too far down, from the aft radio room bulkhead. The wing tips are the wrong shape and with the single nav light on the edge are only for a very late G, Even though it is covered in recessed/drilled out rivets, the patterns don't jive with the real thing, partly because of the incorrect shape and outline of the majority of the kit, and the individual responsible for adding rivet details to the Granger drawings. The trailing edge forward sweep angle is 1 degree out, causing the tip cord at attachment to be a foot to long. (Fat wing). Missing all seven of the formation lights, no nav lights on the fin, no blinker lights on the tail turret end plate, no identification lights! CIA B-17? Spurious panels and antennas from a Warbird. No pitot tubes! Position, shape of oil cooler intakes too high and close together. No deicer boot outlines, remember it's supposed to be an early G! What are those huge long slots on the back of the chin turret, running right through to the centre of the bottom supposed to be? Gear down oleos are fully extended, so inflight gear down or on jacks would be ok. The inside details of the bomb bay ceiling and doors And bulkheads are covered in ejector pin marks. The bomb bay bulkheads are integral with the wing spars, and as such should be angled back 3.5 degrees, actually quite noticeable on the real thing and Boeing drawings, externally the rivet patterns should follow the slope back also. The nose glazing has distortions, and the attachment cross section is too slab sided, narrowing to much, it just isn't right, additionally the early G had both long F style noses and the normal one as the kit supplies. The raised surface of the wing tank fillers and outer wing and tip connector covers are too high, easy fix. The turtle deck is too wide, because of the rest of the fuselage being too fat. The propeller blades have no twist. Vectors or Monogram is the way to go. The engines are missing details and providing other spurious ones. The exhausts visible on the outside nacelles of 2 & 3 are very late style, which would have shrouds covering them anyway, the majority of the the G's used the early glycol heating system (woefully inadequate), with the #2 exhaust having the tubing for that running back and forth along the outside, as per the Monogram kit. The separate flaps are not detailed even close to correctly, and the hinge is completely bogus, all B-17's had zap flaps, not split flaps. In other words, the leading edge of the flap was pushed further back as the flap lowered to 45 degrees, photos clearly show this. Split flaps are hinged at the leading edge and don't push back. Fuel tank drain blisters too small. Some access panels completely missing, or misshapen. I have probably missed a few things, either way if you were to take photos of the completed HK B-17's either scale, and completed Monogram or Revell B-17's and compare both to photos of the real thing, I can say with absolute certainty, that the HK B-17 will fail miserably. Sorry for the late long answer, but others will read this also. Why in heaven's name, HK did not follow Boeing's blueprints, drawings or photos, is beyond me! There are some modellers who love the HK B-17's. For the price point, along with the omissions and glaring issues, I would rather spend the extra time and money on the Monogram B-17G, and some detail sets, to easily outclass the HK by leaps and bounds. I am an old guy, and my daughter is helping me setup a blog with Wordpress, which will hopefully be up and running in January. There I will provide photos, to clearly illustrate the points I have made, plus several more. And for the Lancaster aficionados, just sock away and wait for the Wingnut Wings Lancasters, I am.
21. December 2019 at 02:28:06
Jeff Dick One more thing (in my best Peter Falk impersonation), those open cowl flaps on HK, provide zero details for the inside mechanisms, or what you can see in there when they are open. The huge gaps are almost parallel, they should wedge down to a point, with no gap, but rather the overlapping flap panels as per the real thing (so many photos of this).
21. December 2019 at 02:38:38
Wim van der Luijt Holy smokes Batman, he's writing a novel! :D All kidding aside, thanks for the in depth comparision. "Counting Rivets" will never be for me, but you are making me feel a lot better about the Revell B-17 in my stash. Looking forward to your blog on this!
21. December 2019 at 08:50:41
Carlos Cisneros Thank you so much for the detailed assessment of both kits. Looks like I'll purchase another Monogram G, and dress it up a bit.
I can't get over all these high price new tool kits that goof the basic shapes.
21. December 2019 at 13:51:24
Add comment »
Jeff Dick
After some extensive research using photos and Boeing’s blueprints, the Winner of the most accurate 1/48 B-17 kit, for 45 years running is..........wait for it!.........
Monogram! And yes, by leaps and bounds. Initially I was optimistic, about the HK kit, looking at the cockpit nose fix, but as I have now compared both the Monogram kit and the HK kit in the flesh, against Boeing drawings, measurements, plots, the Majority of the HK kit is still based on a retraced and riveting detail added version of the old Aero Data/Granger drawings, with better airfoil shape, but not wing plan form. So essentially a 1/48 version of the 1/32 kit, with simplified interior and components. Legally they can say all new tool, because it is a different scale, with some corrections made, however the dimensions of the rest of the fuselage circumference remain too big, also the wings and tail components remain the same, only scaled down. The rivet patterns also remain the same, but smaller scale. In the end, to the average person or Modeller, it’s a nice kit. If you are a 40+ years of research, die hard B-17 aficionado like myself you’re not going to be throwing a party anytime soon. At the price point compared to the 1/32 kit, I can afford to add it to my collection and maybe other versions, depending on what other corrections are made, regarding wingtips, vent styles etc. As far as the interior goes, I am more of a get the shapes, dimensions, raised rivets, screws, fasteners, lights, antennas and markings accurate. Those are the first things you see when observing service photos or accurate museum restorations. Aftermarket parts are the norm these days for interior and exterior details, both in PE and resin, as well as decals. It makes a great Christmas present or personal gift, and would make a stunning cutaway model with the skin removed. Bare aluminum foil would show off the drilled out rivets and even give the illusion that they are raised in the right lighting conditions. I can actually recommend this kit for the Neophyte Fortress modeller.
I have a plethora of indisputable photos and Boeing’s drawings to prove my claims. I have no access to my computer with all of my top graphics programs, until next year some time and am operating from my daughters iPad 5gen. iOS 13.3.
If someone could be so kind as to where and how to post a proper review with good quality photos and data, from this pitiful little iPad, I would be forever grateful, I would love to get this out there ASAP somehow. Any and all recommendations gladly welcome.
17. December 2019 at 23:12:31 Share

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