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Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-6

w/Wgr. 21 & Full engine and weapons interior

Border Model | No. BF-003 | 1:35

Boxart Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-6 BF-003 Border Model


Border Model
Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-6 w/Wgr. 21 & Full engine and weapons interior
Full kit
2023 New tool
6971995748359 (EAN)
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 » Propeller (Aircraft)

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Border Model
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(Wingmasters 154)
Wingmasters | 154
French (TOC: 8 lines)
July-August 2023


Chris Roscoe
Really was looking forwards to this kit but, Damb! These CLEAR parts 😂

Also the decals and schemes, as others have pointed out. Are incorrect or just plain fiction for this version of the FW190A.
Some might also be just too large (JG300 Boars head, and what ever that white target cross is - never seen any photo of that before)

After pulling out my copy of Alicante Wings: Airframe and Miniature No.7 FW190A-G. This Might be a A-8 kit Not a A-6.

4:40 bit hard to spot but the Cowling hatch Part C1 has the clasps which would be correct for the A-8 (A-6 has these on the top engine cover not these fold down ones. This was changed on the A-7’s onwards).

EDIT: Ok, so has the forward side engine access hatches with latches that would be correct for an A-8 model. But also the A-6 style MG tunnel deck with those same Latches. So, you would need to fill/delete the relevant latches, depending on if your doing an Fw 190 A-6 or A-8

But at 5:08 where would be correct for a A-8 to have the port side MW50 tank filler hatch between the radio access cover and the sprue gate there is almost a soft shadow in the part that is the correct place, size and shape for it. But looks as though was ‘filled in’.

Other that a whip aerial for the FuG 127Y from under the left (port) wing Part 9 on the wing sprue, and any other MW50 injection parts for the cockpit/engine there are no other External differences of the A6 & A8. And of the above the Cowl clasp/clamps would be the hardest to change

Also it appears to be totally lacking the Mid upper wing rectangular bulges for the Mid wing MG151/20 cannon.

Conclusion: If this was built based on a single Museum Airframe, then it’s cut and shut of different airframes. Some A-6/A-8 and the wings off an F series.
2 14 April, 12:08
Chris Roscoe
Ok looks better on the MBK video. As there are more sprue's that look to hold A-6 and A-8 parts. Gun deck, top engine cowl, mid-wing cannon bumps fuel tanks. And the left side cockpit now has the MW50 filler hatch for the A-8 moulded clean.

Also they advise that the box is an Advance test sample so the Clear parts will be good.
17 April, 21:41
Mark Barratt
Modelling News has some great photos of the new kit: themodellingnews.com..-fw-190a-6.html#more

It looks amazing!
3 20 March, 02:38
Tony May
It looks interesting, not my cup of tea of course, I can already match armor/vehicles/AA/figures/aircraft with my preferred 1:72. Looking at these photos though it looks like Border Models needs to work on the fit of the cooling fan at the front of the cowling? Is it just my imagination?
7 April, 21:39
Phantom 13
This kit is really looking good from the updated pictures . The detail sure looks nice . Hopefully Quinta steps in and makes a 3D interior kit .
22 March, 13:27
Nikos T
This should be excellent for a diorama! Any idea about a release date ?
28 February, 20:04
David Winter
Odd scale...
1 19 February, 03:10
It's odd in the airplane scale range, but it's a welcome one if you want to pair it with some vehicles or figures in a diorama.
20 February, 14:46
Phantom 13
This should be a nice one . It's on the gotta have one list !
17 February, 18:49
Alan G
Trying to find the Hasegawa 1:32 kit is like finding rocking horse poo. So this is going to be the next best option. I'm looking forward to it coming out.
17 February, 20:48
Josh Zapala
need 🙏
16 February, 15:16
My second favorite fighter of ww2! 1. 109, 2. 190, 3. Zero!
1 February, 22:34
Mark Barratt
I wonder when the pre-orders will start for this?
24 January, 23:26
Sebastian Meyner
Looking forward to this one 🙂 👍
2 22 January, 15:24

Focke-Wulf Fw 190

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