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Junkers Ju87G Stuka

Border Model | No. BF-002 | 1:35

Boxart Junkers Ju87G Stuka BF-002 Border Model


Border Model
Junkers Ju87G Stuka
Full kit
Future 2021 | Initial release - new tool
6971995748021 (EAN)
Junkers Ju 87 Stuka » Propeller (Aircraft)

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Border Model
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Future 2021

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News Feed

Jeff C.
Now we need 1/35 pilot figures....sitting and standing.
2 | 16. June, 23:33
Jeff C.
just ordered this from HLJ $75.00.
20. November, 19:40
I wonder what possessed Border Model to produce a Ju87 in 1:35 of all things.
2 | 25. January, 08:43
To be compatible with 1:35 armament
25. January, 08:45
Markus Antonius
Scale Mutations for Aircrafts coming up...
25. January, 09:34
Compatibility with armament is fairly obvious, Miniart have also released 1:35 warbirds. But most aircraft models, presumably the market that BM is targeting, are 1:32.

Dunno, just seems an odd choice.
25. January, 17:32
I love it, fits my tanks.
17. August, 09:40
Joerg R.
well Tamiya started to do tanks in 1/48 to fit to the planes, now Border do Planes to fit Tanks in 1/35, so why not?
17. August, 11:00
Don't get me wrong. I understand the value of like-for-like scale matching if you're planning a diorama, the dearth of decent 1:32 land vehicles to match planes is a PITA.

I guess there could be someone who wants to build a tank/plane diorama. Otherwise, it just seems a little left-field.

Still, if it's a good model, it's a good model. It'll just look a little puny against the other 1:32 stukas 😉
3. September, 18:51
Left field? Not sure you realize what is out there in 1/35th scale so I assume your not an armor modeller and no I don't think most would consider a tank/plane dio, although now it could be done. Instead, 1/35th scale is the most popular scale for military diorama construction as it contains a plethora of supporting accessories such as military supporting and civilian vehicles, general equipment, figures, buildings, and other misc stuff. If you went from 1/35th scale to 1/32nd (like I have done) you would be very disappointed on extra gear needed for a dio/vignette scene available in 1/32 scale. Personally I would mix the two scales but so many in the hobby would chastise that so stay away from even trying. This is actually brilliant and I hope there are many more to come. I guess I don't understand why people are against it. I can only guess this is coming from strictly aircraft modelers.
9. October, 11:53
No one's against it. Only one person has questioned it, and that was me. And I just commented that it was odd, not hatin' on it at all. So chill.

And, FYI, I model both 1:35 armour and 1:32 aircraft. Just so's y'know.
10. October, 12:26
I'm chill just can't understand why someone who builds both armor and aircraft doesn't see the advantages to it (I assume you saying its odd meant your against but maybe I was wrong). However we have seen alot of pushback from the sole aircraft builders on some other sites. If to many folks respond with negative comments then they may change there mind for future offering. So I am doing my part by encouraging it. Stay chilled my man!
11. October, 13:41
I never understood why there is a 1/32 scale for planes, when there is 1/35 for armour. Bringing them together is good. It is not only to make dioramas, when they are standing together in the showcase you have a much better idea of the proportions. So i hope there will be more 1/35 planes so i can switch from 48 to 35.
11. October, 13:50
Viking93, agree 100%. I have a very nice glass case I put my favorite builds/dios and its full of 1/35th armor and 1/32nd aircraft. But that different scale still makes a difference. Yeah I hate mixing scale differences and have to put smaller scales like 1/48 somewhere else.
12. October, 01:40

Junkers Ju 87 Stuka

Reference material

The Junkers Ju 87 Stuka (Valiant Wings Publishing 14)
The Junkers Ju 87 Stuka A Complete Guide To The Luftwaffe’s Famous Dive Bomber
Airframe & Miniature Nr. 14
Richard A. Franks

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