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Avro Vulcan B Mk2 XH558

Vulcan To The Sky

Airfix - Nr. A50097 - 1:72

Boxart Avro Vulcan B Mk2 XH558 A50097 Airfix


Title:Avro Vulcan B Mk2 XH558 Vulcan To The Sky
Released:2010 | Rebox (Changed decals)
Type:Full kit

Box contents

Includes: Plastic sprue (Clear) , Plastic sprue, Decalsheet (waterslide), Glue, Brush, Paint


Avro Vulcan B.2

GB Civil Vulcan To The Sky Trust

Product timeline

1:72 Avro Vulcan B. Mk2 (Airfix 9 09002)
New tool
1:72 Avro Vulcan (MPC 1-4552)
New box
1:72 Avro Vulcan B.Mk2 (Airfix 09002)
New box
1:72 Avro Vulcan B.Mk2 (Airfix 09002)
New box
1:72 Avro Vulcan B Mk2 (Airfix 09002)
New box
1:72 Avro Vulcan B Mk2 (Airfix A50005)
New decals
1:72 Avro Vulcan B Mk2 XH558 (Airfix A50097)
New decals

Instruction sheets

Download | 3419Kb (.pdf)


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Avro Vulcan Tanker conversion
Airfix 1:72

by Dieter Wiegmann on IPMS Deutschland

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Airfix 1:72

by Angelo M Picardo on

Avro Vulcan B.2 1:72
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Airfix 1:72

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John added the Airfix Avro Vulcan B Mk2 XH558 in 1:72 to his wishlist
5. March 2017 at 15:53:49 Share
playtime 222 I have this tooling and it's a swine :D
In 1/144 there is this little gem - Vulcan B.2 (Great Wall Hobby L1001, 1:144) - review at

1:144 Vulcan B.2 (Great Wall Hobby L1001)
10. March 2017 at 13:42:42
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Bill Gilman added the Airfix Avro Vulcan B Mk2 XH558 (1:72) to his stash.
17. May 2012 at 04:11:28 Share
View full thread with 60 comments
Burkhard D Hasegawa's Lightning is NOT a Frog mould. F and H may have done the molds at the same time and collaborated in some way (tbd), but the molds are obviously quite different, judged by a side-by-side comparison of the sprues. That is not to say that the Hasegawa mould is much better :-D
One of the unique selling points of Scalemates is to create awareness and prevent nasty surprises when opening a kit box ;)
8. June 2012 at 10:38:42
Bill Gilman Actually, Hasegawa acquired and re-worked the Frog mould. But that is indeed the origin of the Hasegawa kit. You can search and find many references to this. Here is one:

Revell re-boxed the Hasegawa kit - the reality is F,H, and R (and MB for that matter) all stink by today's standards. But they can be made into nice models with enough effort.

My point was was to say that ALL manufacturers re-box older kits, not just Airfix. I will agree that Airfix has re-boxed some older kits that should have been destroyed long ago, like the 1:72 Boulton Paul Defiant. But someone on Britmodeller just made a marvelous model from that kit. Amazing job, really.

Sometimes the older moulds are all you've got (like the Vulcan that started this thread). Boy, I would much rather have to fix and detail that kit than have to scratchbuild the whole thing! Yikes, that would be a project! :)

Cheers, Bill
8. June 2012 at 14:42:55
Burkhard D It's repeated on several sites, but that doesn't make it true. Compare the sprues.

Totally agree on anything else :)
8. June 2012 at 15:06:37
Bill Gilman Maybe the answer can be found here...

...where it is stated "Frog reboxed the Hasegawa kit for their line before going belly up in 1976." This could be the source of the confusion, for if true, it means that it is possible to find identical sprues in Frog, Hasegawa, and Revell boxes (which is what happened to me, because I can assure all the sprues were identical!). The article you cited, using on-line translation (not the best) states:

"The late of sixties there was a set of cooperation between Hasegawa and Frog of the BAC lightning F.MK. 6. At that time, it was to create more affordable two separate forms." It seems the original Frog moulds went to Novo.

Even though the layout of the parts on the sprues are different, it is amazing how close the parts appear. Very good copying, er, cooperation, going on here! :)

This sentence, again from the bad translation, I don't understand at all:

"Now, Revell has released the own Matchbox Kit, which by the way is very problematic regarding the correctness, but has taken after the Frog reprint of 1999 on the Hasegawa Kit."

To my knowledge, Revell has never released the Matchbox Lightning, and Frog wasn't around in 1999 to "reprint" the Hasegawa kit. I think I'll need you to provide better translations for me!

Thanks for the link! Cheers, Bill
8. June 2012 at 15:58:50
Burkhard D "Revell, after the 1999 re-release of the [genuine] Frog kit, resorted to reboxing the Hasegawa kit"

So here's my hypothesis: In the beginning (196x) there were different molds by Frog and Hasegawa (similar, yes - but e.g. note the difference in wing and stabilizer incidence angle)
Revell repeatedly reboxed the initial Frog mold, including this 1996 release
B.A.C. Lightning F Mk.6 (Revell 04131, 1:72)
In parallel, Frog reboxed the Hasegawa kit in 1976
The same Hasegawa kit was then reboxed by Revell in 200x
BAC Lightning F.6 (Revell 04301, 1:72)

So you can indeed find three identical sets of sprues under Frog, Hasegawa, and Revell labels. But still, the original Frog mold and its reboxings by Revell are different.

1:72 B.A.C. Lightning F Mk.6 (Revell 04131)1:72 BAC Lightning F.6 (Revell 04301)
8. June 2012 at 16:40:34
John Bollig Bill, i think the reboxing was of the hasegawa kit. BTW, Still have the matchbox kit in all of its three color glory...
8. June 2012 at 16:42:38
Bill Gilman @Burkard - your hypothesis sounds good to me. But I see no significant difference in the wing and stabilizer incidence angles. Look at the rest - every panel line is identical, the breakdown of the parts is identical, etc. So I form my own hypothesis: Definite collaboration going on! Most likely sharing of the master from which the moulds are made. That fact the Frog and Hasegawa collaborated is well known.

The only real difference I see is the lack of the belly cannons and the associated blisters on the Frog.

So the Internet story of Hasegawa "correcting" the moulds probably refers to adding the belly cannons to the master, which were part of the F.6, but missing from the original Frog kit. Once this was done, they could have laid out the sprue arrangement any way they like, to suit their production equipment, etc.

Normally, I would study two different sets of sprues like these, and say "counterfeiting, with some rearrangement of the layout to avoid making it too obvious." This is seen today with some of the lesser-known brands from Asia. But I would like to think that Frog (British) and Hasegawa (Japanese) would not have done such a thing. I am a firm believer now, from studying these sprues, that there was a collaboration of some kind. The parts are much more than "similar."

And I am also relieved to know that my mind is still intact. I did indeed have three identical kits in boxes from three different companies! :)
8. June 2012 at 23:13:23
Bill Gilman @John - I only have half of my Matchbox kit. I used the rest in my Trumpeter kitbash! :)
8. June 2012 at 23:13:58
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