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Revell - Nr. 85-5866

Boxart F-105D T-STICK II 85-5866 Revell


Product name:F-105D T-STICK II
Product number:85-5866
Type:Full kit
Includes: Plastic sprues, Waterslide decals, Clear parts
Released:2013 | Rebox (Updated/New parts)

Product timeline

The history of this Republic F-105 Thunderchief-kit in scale 1:48 visualised on the product timeline

Based on:
Based on this kit
F-105G Wild Weasel (Monogram 5806)
New tool
F-105F Thud (Monogram 5808)
New parts
Republic F-105D Thunderchief (Monogram 5812)
New box
F-105F Thud (Monogram 5816)
New decals
F-105D Thunderchief (Revell 5840)
New decals
F-105G Thunderchief 'Wild Weasel' (Hasegawa HM159)
New decals
F-105D Thunderchief (Hasegawa HM164)
New decals
F-105G "Wild Weasel" (Revell 04504)
New decals
F-105F/G Thunderchief (Revell 6868)
New decals
F-105D T-STICK II (Revell 85-5866)
New parts
100% complete
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In-Box Reviews

We found 3 in-box review(s) of this F-105D T-STICK II (#85-5866) from Revell on the web:


This kit is 2 times listed for sale/trade.

GBP 17.09 1:48 F-105D T-STICK II (Revell 85-5866) UK
USD 18.49 1:48 F-105D T-STICK II (Revell 85-5866) US

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Calvin Gifford
Found one of these at for less than US $22!! That was with free shipping! Thought I would put that out there.
07. November 2015 at 22:50:30 Share
Kelly Pedron Yeah, I picked one of these up last year. As far as I know, this is the first time the Thunderstick II mod has been kitted by Revell; I've been buying Monogram/Revell F-105's for 35 years now, and this is the first time I've seen the T-Stick II mod. I'm assuming Revell of Germany had some something to do with it, because it required all-new moldings for the two fuselage halves (although everything else looks the same).
03. February at 19:56:33
Calvin Gifford Yes, relatively new for Revell.
03. February at 20:34:50
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TLNinja added the Revell F-105D T-STICK II (1:48) to his completed kits.
26. December 2015 at 05:34:04 Share
craigory added the Revell F-105D T-STICK II (1:48) to his completed kits.
19. December 2015 at 19:08:57 Share
Paul Janders added the Revell F-105D T-STICK II (1:48) to his completed kits.
11. November 2014 at 19:18:13 Share
John E
Does this kit have a new fuselage? The older F-105 kits did not have the dorsal spine. According to Revell:

When the F-105 Thunderchief entered service in 1958, it was the heaviest single-engine combat aircraft. Today, the F-105 remains history's heftiest fighter, weighing close to 50,000 pounds (23,000 kg). It also packed a heavy punch-up to 14,000 lb of ordnance. Despite its weight, the F-105 could still achieve Mach 2 speeds. The Thunderstick II variant was equipped with and upgraded radar and target acquisition set that allowed it to bomb from 15,000 feet with incredible accuracy. This kit features a detailed cockpit with pilot figure and waterslide decals.
25. February 2014 at 04:16:12 Share
Bill Gilman Go to the Scalemates page for this kit, scroll down and you'll see two reviews. The one from Model Kits Review has full sprue shots. It looks to me like Revell modified the Monogram tooling.
25. February 2014 at 05:20:31
John E Thanks Bill. Doh!
25. February 2014 at 05:24:32
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