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Thread started by musclecarfan

Bill Newcomer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 27, 2019
2. April 2019, 06:09 Share
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Bill Newcomer Made interior tub modifications today. Started with bucket seat/console interior. Cut out console and firewall. Replaced with firewall and driveshaft tunnel from unknown kit. Converted a '62 Catalina rear seat to a front bench seat from parts box pieces.
6. April 2019, 23:05
Bill Newcomer Made progress on the interior this week. Assembled the seats, added the speakers and customized the shifter.
22. April 2019, 03:00
Bill Newcomer Got home late from work AND had to repair the turbo hose on my Mercedes Sprinter but I still got some time in on the Chevelles. I detail painted 5 firewalls, 4 sets of shocks and 4 sets of rear coil springs. I also painted the radiator tanks my customary gold (brass).
23. April 2019, 06:19
Bill Newcomer Finally got some inkjet cartridges from ebay for my printer so I can print out some back logged custom license plates and the subwoofers for the brown Chevelle. However neither one prints cyan or yellow. The cartridge I was trying to replace prints cyan and yellow but does not print magenta GRRRRRR. Just ordered two more cartridges from ebay. Hopefully THEY will work.
7. May 2019, 05:53
Bill Newcomer This one has been lagging behind the rest in progress. Though I did breakout my special Hurst mags and detail painted them gold. They look GORGEOUS!
25. May 2019, 05:20
Munkyslut Those period Hurst mags are fantastic! Did you have them in ya parts stash or buy them?
Cars gonna look great!
25. May 2019, 06:45
Munkyslut Trans tunnel mod is spot on too
25. May 2019, 06:48
Bill Newcomer Munkyslut, the Hurst mags are from Modelhaus. I bought them to put on my 72 Grand Prix model for when I bought some real Hurst Dazzler mags for my car. But, my best friend saw them and liked them so much he bought them for his Chevelle. So, since I am building the brown Chevelle model of his car, they will go on it instead.
25. May 2019, 19:48
Munkyslut Thanks Bill, I'll look for some myself, need some really nice Magnums for my next Challenger build.
25. May 2019, 21:01
Bill Newcomer What do they look like? I have a whole model box full of just rims.
26. May 2019, 05:29
Munkyslut I can't upload a pic Bill, I dont understand how to.
It's the Mopar chrome & black steel 5 spoke roadwheel used from late 60s to late 70's, same as the Ford wheel used on Mustangs, often referred to as Magnum 500's.
26. May 2019, 21:17
Bob Hall [img1]
27. May 2019, 05:03
Bob Hall [img1]
27. May 2019, 05:06
Bill Newcomer A little more progress today. Assembled the rear wheels and tires. I have the trim rings attached to the Hurst centers. I painted the parts box fan belt and pulleys (to put the alternator on the passenger side). Selected a blue wired distributor and performed a miracle 4 times. Have you ever actually tried to feed teeny tiny spark plug wires through a 4 hole photoetch loom? Sheesh!
29. May 2019, 06:08
Bill Newcomer Finished the wheels and tires. I widened the rear tires AND rims. I added chrome rings to all to give them a deeper dish. The letters are courtesy of a white Gelly Roll pen.
30. May 2019, 04:53
Chris Greathouse Your work on those tires is great. Was it the toothpick paint method?
30. May 2019, 04:53
Bill Newcomer The spokes yes. The letters no.
30. May 2019, 04:54
Bob Hall Toothpicks and Needles ! a detail god send !
30. May 2019, 04:59
Chris Greathouse Then did you use needles to do the letters?
30. May 2019, 05:18
Bob Hall I do most of my letters and Fender Badges with a large needle
30. May 2019, 05:29
Bill Newcomer No the letters are right from the pen though it takes a very specific technique. A very light touch and a very short drag repeated over and over.
30. May 2019, 14:31
Nigel Chapman Your widened rims - Do you use other kit parts/spares or do you make your own and how do source tyres ?
1. June 2019, 08:11
Bill Newcomer Nigel, You noticed that eh? I widen rims on about 1/3 of my cars. I like the big and bigger Streetmachine style. I use donor rims from my parts box to get the rings. I simply power sand them until the centers fall out. I also widen the rear tires from time to time. But only if I do not already have wider tires. I have a fair stash of the Goodyear Blue streak treaded racing tires that work on 15" rims. '69 Plymouth GTX | Album by musclecarfan
1. June 2019, 19:12
Bill Newcomer Did the minimal chrome this replica will get. Laid red insert decals or rear side marker lights. Still need to put on gold Heavy Chevy decals,
6. June 2019, 06:24
Nigel Chapman Cannot wait to see it. Why build five models at once ?
6. June 2019, 10:11
Bob Hall Why Not? LOL !
6. June 2019, 14:01
Bill Newcomer Nigel, for efficiency. I still work full time, so my free time is limited. I mostly use enamels which require longer drying times. Having multiple kits/tasks keeps me from fingerprinting my pieces. It also permits me to mix and match parts like wheels or engine options for more variety. If I run into a fitment issue. I can solve it for all at once instead of trying to remember what I did years ago on the same kit. On this batch. the Chevelles are progressing at nearly the same pace. The El Camino is falling behind because of so much custom work and test fitting. I have been itching to finish these so I can slice and dice my Lowboy semi trailer.
6. June 2019, 14:13
Nigel Chapman I work shifts myself so although I get some free time, it can be a bit random. I currently have 2 projects I'm working on together with one long term project waiting for my mojo to kick into life.
7. June 2019, 09:07
Bill Newcomer Performed a miracle TWICE now. WOO HOO! Laid the two long thin gold stripes down on each side. These decals make bible pages look like plywood. I have one minor boo boo that will be hidden by the side view mirror. I can't wait to clear coat them down.
8. June 2019, 05:48
Bill Newcomer After a lacquer clear coat test on the blue Chevelle hood that went well, I was brave enough to clear coat the brown Heavy Chevy. It turned out AWESOME!
9. June 2019, 04:31
Bob Hall You use the "Wet Look" spray ?
9. June 2019, 04:32
Bill Newcomer ABSOLUTELY! I am so grateful you turned me on to the Testors lacquers. :) :) :)
9. June 2019, 04:47
Bob Hall Stuff is awesome, it's what I'm doing my 72 Chevy in, I got the cab top and center stripe done.
9. June 2019, 04:49
Bill Newcomer Clear coat on. Most all detail paint completed. Almost done.
9. June 2019, 21:03
Munkyslut That hood is a beautiful colour!
9. June 2019, 21:08
Bill Newcomer I agree. Testors Root Beer Brown metallic. The Heavy Chevy decals are actually gold. (they don't show up well in the pic)
9. June 2019, 21:12
Munkyslut I'm wondering if that Root Beer will work on my prized 1/8 Monogram '79 Trans Am......
9. June 2019, 21:53
Bill Newcomer GO FOR IT! My cousin owned a 1979 Firebird that was that same metallic Root Beer Brown. I let him 'try on my gold wheels from my Grand Prix. Nice color combo. Gold snowflake wheels would look great.
9. June 2019, 23:53
Bob Hall I pulled over a Ford truck the other day, couldn't tell if it was Root Beer Brown or a Deep Cherry Metallic, but it was pretty ! Your Road beasts are looking good my friend !
10. June 2019, 00:43
Nigel Chapman That colour does look good. I see in previous posts you use Testors Lacquer is that the best to use?
I tend to use automotive spray cans for paint and good 'ol Johnson's Klear for the clear coat.
10. June 2019, 10:30
Bill Newcomer Nigel, I usually do the same. I picked up some Testors lacquer from my LHS then Bob told me about the "Wet Look" clear. I now have two shiny smooth paint jobs I have always dreamed about.
10. June 2019, 14:12
Bob Hall I Swear by it ! All my Cars are "Wet Looked" and it safe for decals too !
10. June 2019, 17:03
Nigel Chapman Not sure I can buy it in the UK.
Bill how did you make the subs?
10. June 2019, 20:30
Munkyslut I think you can Nigel, a friend of mine says he's got it from U.K. eBay in aerosol & ready thinned for airbrush. I'll see if i can find you a link!
10. June 2019, 20:45
Bill Newcomer Nigel, The "subs" are actually inner wheel hubs from my parts box. I was shooting for 10" in scale. These are around 11" in scale. They are present because I installed (4) 10" subwoofers in his Chevelle just like I have in my Grand Prix.
11. June 2019, 04:02
Nigel Chapman Fantastic!! I was wondering how to make some. What do you use for covers / cones ?
11. June 2019, 08:15
Bill Newcomer My intention is to print out a scale photo of the actual subwoofer (brand and model) that he has onto a waterslide decal.
11. June 2019, 14:18
Bob Hall Maybe this could work ?

11. June 2019, 19:22
Munkyslut DONK!!!!
11. June 2019, 20:33
Bob Hall Just the Decals for the speakers, It is a Chevelle,but I don't fore see Bill DONKING anything. LOL !
11. June 2019, 23:05
Bill Newcomer Bob, No, I don't DONK. My '68 El Camino. LOOKS like a donk but is actually a scaled up Hot Wheel. "Hot Wheels" 1968 El Camino (not a donk) | Album by musclecarfan
12. June 2019, 06:39
Bob Hall Yeah, I know you made an awesome up scale, I was talking about the speaker decals.
12. June 2019, 06:41
Bob Hall [img1]
12. June 2019, 06:47
Bill Newcomer I know. I have pics of the actual speakers we used. I just gotta find a color cartridge for my printer that actually works,
12. June 2019, 06:47
Munkyslut Bill, Bob......... haha sorry! It just came out :)
12. June 2019, 12:56
Bill Newcomer DRAMA! Perfect paint + bad bumper install = glue on paint. GRRR! Attempt at removal made things WORSE!
17. June 2019, 01:07
Bill Newcomer Got the taillights back to matching red. Got the bumper to look chrome again. Got the trunk lid repainted and cleared. (Parafilm saved me as I could follow the trunk seam perfectly with NO bleed under) I even saved 95% of the "Heavy Chevy" decal only because it was already cleared over.
18. June 2019, 03:48
Bill Newcomer I finally got an ink cartridge that prints all the colors and a supply of waterslide decal paper. So, I made some long overdue decals. The subwoofers are the exact brand in my buddy's Chevelle.
29. June 2019, 05:46
Christopher Mullins speakers look darn good.
1. July 2019, 19:12
Bill Newcomer Applied decals to subwoofers today.
2. July 2019, 05:41
Bill Newcomer After running out of parts to glue, I finally got to the point where I HAD to do the artwork for the valve cover decals. After 2 hours of clicking pixels in MS Paint. I got the desired result. Then I battled my PC and various programs trying to shrink it to 1/25th valve cover size. Every program I had wanted to completely kill the resolution then print huge and blurry. I found a different way to approach the problem by simply leaving the file alone and simply telling the printer to print it at 4% of original size.
6. September 2019, 04:45
Nigel Chapman So is it easy to create your own decals ?
7. September 2019, 04:36
Bill Newcomer Yes and no. The printing, coating and applying is easy. The artwork detail, coloring and sizing are the hard part. I use an inkjet printer. It cannot print colors such as silver, gold, copper or white. Decal paper comes in clear and white which gives you options based on your surface color. Check out the valve cover decals I just made to duplicate my best friend's Chevelle valve covers,
7. September 2019, 06:57
Nigel Chapman Amazing. I used to have a scale calculator on my computer desktop that would convert measurements to the correct photo copier sizing to print in any scale as well as scale measurement conversions. Not sure if there is anything on line available
7. September 2019, 08:18
Bill Newcomer Finally finished the 454. The ignition wires put up quite a fight (first time I have used PE looms). And yes, I painted a big block Chevy with Ford blue because that is what my buddy did to his engine.
12. October 2019, 06:14
Munkyslut That's a beautiful thing Bill! The Heartbeat of America valve covers are a genius touch ;)
12. October 2019, 08:06
Bob Hall We have all pulled that blasphemous thing one or twice ! The muscle car gods forgive you ! Much like my 1070 Super Bee painted in Ford Ultra Violet Pearl !
1970 Dodge Super Bee -440 Hemi- | Album by springfieldm14 (1:25)

LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks Great Bill ! Going to be another Beauty !
12. October 2019, 19:46
Munkyslut My 'real' Challenger isn't Top Banana at all......... its Ford Daytona Yellow (I'll be excommunicated from the U.K. Mopar clubs)
12. October 2019, 21:02
Bob Hall It's OK we'll start the "V8 Blaspheme Club" with 4 charter board members You,Bill,Tim and Me ! LOL !!!!!!!
12. October 2019, 21:30
Munkyslut LOL!!!
12. October 2019, 21:45
Bill Newcomer Bob How about a Ford 427 Cammer in a 69 Yenko Camaro?
13. October 2019, 06:42
Bob Hall Yeah ! That's why I think you just made CEO, "All Hail King Blasphemous the First" ! Hooah,Hooah,Hooah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. October 2019, 18:50
Munkyslut Bill for President ;)
13. October 2019, 19:07
Bill Newcomer You guys are a riot :)
14. October 2019, 05:06
Bill Newcomer Mounted the engine to the poor excuse of a chassis today. Since all my other Chevelles had issues with the air cleaner and the hood, I mounted the engine lower in the front crossmember. Had to trim the header collectors too. (The hazards of kit bashing)
14. October 2019, 05:25
Nigel Chapman Been there done that
14. October 2019, 21:24
Munkyslut That Rootbeer paint still knocks me out Bill, beautiful colour
27. October 2019, 22:42
Bill Newcomer The last Chevelle is FINALLY done. We had a sunny day today so I took pics. Check out the revised album.
27. October 2019, 22:48
Munkyslut They're all great but the front on shot is incredible, just look at the sunlight on the seat back rests, absolutely perfect
27. October 2019, 22:58
Bob Hall Now that is Sexy !
28. October 2019, 00:12
Chris Greathouse Sweet Ride!
28. October 2019, 00:29
Bill Newcomer Thanks guys. It didn't turn out perfect but, then again, I am still learning.
28. October 2019, 06:55
Nigel Chapman Spot on! have you got a photo of all 5 together ?
28. October 2019, 18:34
Bill Newcomer Nigel, The El Camino is not done and will likely be a long term project. (I still have to fab some spindles) I do like your group picture idea. I will see if I can make that happen this week sometime.
29. October 2019, 06:09
Bob Hall I love Bill's Rainbows of Muscle portraits !
29. October 2019, 06:19
Bill Newcomer Thanks Bob, I have enough Chevelles built to maybe make a rainbow.
29. October 2019, 06:38



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