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Thread started by dakota roo

Kelly Wellington
Okay...Revell's new 1:72 C-54 Skymaster was reputed to be due out in April of this year. It's now May; no kit available through the usual channels. My dealer now says June. Has Revell announced anything?
1:72 C-54D Skymaster (Revell 04877)
C-54D Skymaster
Revell 1:72
04877 (80-4877)
2015 | New tool
16. May 2015 at 23:02:57 Share
Sören Reifert Hannants, 1999 and some other shops are saying June / July
08. June 2015 at 22:17:08
Gordon Sørensen This is another kit on my wishlist! I read on Britmodeller (IIRC) that there were fit issues with the test shots and they were "tweaking" the molds.
09. June 2015 at 23:53:22
Yury Alexandrov Now Available from e-bay!!!
17. July 2015 at 13:10:38
Kelly Wellington Whoa, now...That is interesting. I've put down less than that at my local hobby shop, whose price matches my preferred online source to within a nickle. Both of those prices are below, sometimes well below, those listed on eBay. All eBay sources indicate that they are coming from Germany; presumably from the factory or marketing agents connected to the factory. This seems to mean that they are releasing kits; one would hope this would mean shipping to regular outlets....Patience.
17. July 2015 at 21:38:31
Kelly Wellington Whoa...lookit those shipping fees. They're as much, if not more than the kit cost!
29. July 2015 at 03:40:37
Kelly Wellington Okay....Today I saw the first listing (on eBay) of this kit for near the expected pricing....$35.90 with $9.95 shipping. Move to your nearest dealer to place your order.
01. September 2015 at 21:45:24
Kelly Wellington Reputedly due in to my dealer this week.
09. September 2015 at 06:46:59
Kelly Wellington I HAZ SKYMASTER...
12. September 2015 at 21:25:32
Gordon Sørensen Squadron has them listed for $39.95
13. September 2015 at 04:02:17
Kelly Wellington Yep. I got mine from the hobby shop and paid $39.99. No shipping costs (or, more accurately, 'shipping included'). It's a huge box; the same size as the Airfix Nimrod kit.
13. September 2015 at 06:28:32
Gordon Sørensen Didn't know the box was that big! Looking forward to seeing your build!
13. September 2015 at 18:04:22
Kelly Wellington Well...It's a bit back in the queue. I'm still focused on craft of the War of the Atlantic....I'm just finishing up an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley in Coastal Command mufti. I haven't built out one of my transport kits since my Constellation got cat-crushed. I still intend to do a Berlin Airlift set of craft, and the Skymaster is a crucial element of that. Up until now, it's been almost entirely reliant upon a Mach2 kit.
13. September 2015 at 21:43:29
Daniel Smith Just picked up one from my local HobbyLobby for $29.99USD with there 40% off coupon. Man there is a lot of plastic in the box. :D
06. September 2017 at 16:22:20
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