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Ferrari 126 C2

All you need to know about Ferrari 126 C2 from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Cars
Vehicles - Cars
Also known as:
Used from:1982
Used by:Racing
Manufacturer:IT Ferrari
Model:126 C2

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José Martins
PT ze martins
Steve Wilson
GB formodelar.1


Kars Jans added a new photoalbum.
31. December 2014, 12:30
Steve Wilson
And he enters the first curve in the lead and he looks like he's crossed the finish line, just waiting for confirmation from the stewards :S
31. December 2014, 12:36
31. December 2014, 12:50
Es-haq Khosravi
Great job!
3. January 2015, 01:45
Mathijs Beenhakker
Did you use the Fujimi decals?
24. September 2016, 12:00
Kars Jans
Sorry Matthijs, Just got home from holidays so a little bit late. To answer your question, yes i used the decals as delivered by Fujimi.
27. September 2016, 20:52
Mathijs Beenhakker
Too bad Fujimi also made a mistake with the Decals...The Numbers (27) are too small...(
28. September 2016, 04:19
Kars Jans
Well...almost every kit has it's flaws...even the more expensive Studio27 or MFH kits... Fujimi even enclosed wrong nose cones in 2 kits. I was lucky i had both kits so i could change them...
28. September 2016, 06:17
Mathijs Beenhakker
Lucky you didn't get the body with the uneven fairings around the the front suspension...Some early edition of this kit had this problem! i believe it was the "San Marino" edition
28. September 2016, 09:59
Kars Jans
I have a MFH Transkit for that version...
28. September 2016, 18:07
Phil M
Superb work, interesting that Fujimi used the given names instead of the last name or full name…
25. May, 21:41
Kars Jans
Thank you, Phil. Yes, but Fujimi did what Ferrari did in real life. So it's accurate.
26. May, 05:01
Phil M
oh interesting thanks
26. May, 13:15
Stephen Tittel added a new photoalbum.
1 | 3. May, 07:48
Joonlae Kim added a new project.
21. April, 01:42
Joonlae Kim added a new project.
1:20 Ferrari 126C2 (Studio27 ST27-DX2014)
Ferrari 126C2
IT Racing FIA Formula 1
Ferrari 27 (Gilles Villeneuve) | South African Grand Prix - Kyalami ZA January 1982 (Result: Retired) | Red
20. April, 01:52
Joonlae Kim added a new project.
Ferrari 126C2
IT Racing FIA Formula 1
Ferrari 27 (Gilles Villeneuve) | Belgian Grand Prix - Heusden-Zolder BE May 1982 (Result: DNS)
20. April, 01:48
Joonlae Kim added a new project.
1:24 Ferrari 126 C2 (Protar 194)
26. March, 02:59
Dave Burgess added a new project.
1:20 Ferrari 126C2 1982 (Fujimi 09194)
Ferrari 126C2
IT Racing FIA Formula 1
Scuderia Ferrari 27 (Gilles Villeneuve) | 1982 | Red
10. July 2018, 22:04
clark68 wants this item
19. May 2017, 20:58
Steve Wilson
Protar moulds clark68, just info. ;)
19. May 2017, 21:30
Stephen Tittel added a new project.
In progress
1:20 Ferrari 126C2 (Fujimi 09042)
17. April 2017, 08:20
Lesley Eyckerman added a new project.
1. March 2017, 18:26
Lesley Eyckerman added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 10 images
1:20 Ferrari 126C2 (Fujimi 09033)1:20 Ferrari 126C2 Fiat Agip (Tabu Design TABU20041)
1. November 2016, 11:18
Hugo Oliveira added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 18 images
On hold
1:20 Ferrari 126C2 (Fujimi 09032)
8. January 2016, 15:56
Hi, I just finished the f189 High Induction; this kit is in the stash. Yours looks great; these are neat kits. I'll post some pics here in a bit.
8. January 2016, 21:52
Hugo Oliveira
Hello Karl. Thanks for your coment.
Ok, post it ;) I have that one on my stash to build one day, so it´s more than welcome
11. January 2016, 17:35
Hugo Oliveira added a new photoalbum.
8. January 2016, 16:18
8. January 2016, 16:39
Steve Wilson owns this item
25. May 2015, 10:43
Steve Wilson
My first 1:12 kit in over 20 years, but such an amazing kit, of my 2nd favourite F1 Ferrari...
Chose the Brazilian GP one cause I have all the others in 1:20, that Gilles drove!!!
Now all it needs is for MFH to release (in 1:12) my favourite F1 Ferrari :P...
The 1961 156 F1 Sharknose, and me Moff ridden wallet will 'ave to surface again :S
25. May 2015, 11:44
Choppa Nutta
you'll have to write to them a real nice begging letter ;)
25. May 2015, 11:45
Steve Wilson
Chop' mate... I'm hoping for an oversight, on their behalf!!!
I'm also hoping they don't read this... Please Kyoto :)
25. May 2015, 11:50
Choppa Nutta
you mean you're hoping for a shared enthusiasm for your favorite F1 car surely !
Have you been self medicating again ? :D
Well, it is a bank holiday Monday so fair enough !! :D
Anyhow I am about to watch this weekends F1 Monaco race ! No spoilers please :D
25. May 2015, 12:00
Steve Wilson
No mate!!! I'm trying to protect me wallet :o
25. May 2015, 12:19
Stefan Suessemilch
Great choice mate :) If MFH will release the sharknose THAT would be my first MFH kit I really want to have :P
25. May 2015, 15:41
Steve Wilson
Stefan... Step into the RED light and purchase that Ferrari MFH kit ;)
You won't be disappointed
25. May 2015, 15:57
25. May 2015, 16:19
24. June 2015, 06:09
Steve Wilson owns this item
8. June 2015, 21:00
Martijn Kuijpers
The big 1/12 boy will be happy with his little brother ;)
13. June 2015, 07:14
Steve Wilson
And the other 5, I think :S
13. June 2015, 07:17
Steve Wilson
I have a display plan, formulating :S
13. June 2015, 07:18
Martijn Kuijpers
That poor Mrs. Wilson, her husband gets crazy at everything 126C2 is on ;) just joking Steve :P
13. June 2015, 07:31
Stefan Suessemilch Added a new review for:
Previewed on
10. May 2015, 09:40
Emil Stojanov owns this item
3. February 2015, 18:31
Steve Wilson
Hi Emil... What are you converting and to what are you converting it??? Just interested!!! :D
3. February 2015, 19:33
Emil Stojanov
I have no idea! I decided to make my stash inventory complete and I keep surprising myself with what I find in boxes. Kits I did not remember buying, double, triple or more PE sets, etc. I suppose I bought this transkit with something specific in mind, but I sure can't remember what I wanted it for. It probably will end up for sale. My stash contains way more kits than I imagined.
3. February 2015, 19:40
Steve Wilson
HA! HA! HA! ((( :D ))) Lol!!!
Boy! Oh! boy...
Brilliant, am I glad I'm not the only one.
This is exactly what happened and still happening to me as I'm still finding stuff.
3. February 2015, 19:46
Kars Jans added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 16 images
1:20 Ferrari 126C2 (Fujimi 09033)
31. December 2014, 12:29
Steve Wilson
:)gentlemen start your engines and he's off!!!
31. December 2014, 12:32
Stefan Suessemilch wants this item
3. December 2014, 10:29
View full thread (16 Comments)
7. December 2014, 06:20
Stefan Suessemilch
Well, in fact I ordered it and can't wait to receive it from Japan :)
7. December 2014, 13:46
7. December 2014, 14:16
Guido Haesevoets
Nice kit, but you should have ordered a McLaren instead, is what I think!! :D :D

Sorry Steve, couldn't resist!

Jokes aside, really cool purchase Stefan!!
8. December 2014, 11:08
Steve Wilson
@Guido... Mc-m-m-m-m-Mc... Who??? :o :S
8. December 2014, 12:04
Guido Haesevoets
McWhat? :D ok, I'm out of here ;)
8. December 2014, 14:31
Steve Wilson
:D :D :D Now! McWhat I've heard of :S
8. December 2014, 15:03
Kars Jans
Is that a new kind of burger?
8. December 2014, 17:00
Guy Golsteyn added a new photoalbum.
23. August 2014, 15:01
Steve Wilson
Gorgeous!!! 8)
23. August 2014, 15:04
Christopher Bartholomew owns this item
1:12 Ferrari 126C2 (Model Factory Hiro K-436)
Ferrari 126C2 1982 Belgian GP Qualifying #27 Gilles Villeneuve
Model Factory Hiro (MFH) 1:12
2014 | Changed parts
7. June 2014, 13:26
Steve Wilson
Is it really as good as written and hoped for, or is it a Pig in a poke???
As I respect your views on modelling and your builds are awesome, I'd love to see a pre-build review on the kit by you followed by a review of the build... How about it Chris??? ;)
7. June 2014, 14:03
Christopher Bartholomew
Hi Steve,
Yes, I can attest that MFH's 126C2 is as good as all the reports, possibly Hiro-San's best kit to date. I appreciate the nice comments about my builds, I'm always happy people can enjoy them. Unfortunately, it's probably gonna be a little while before I get to building it. My current project seems to be taking "a little" longer than I expected...............How about you?
8. June 2014, 02:16
Steve Wilson
QUOTE>>" Unfortunately, it's probably gonna be a little while before I get to building it. My current project seems to be taking "a little" longer than I expected."<<END QUOTE
Is there an echo in here??? :S :D That's been me for a few years now, I keep being found jobs to do by a certain little lady. I thought retiring would give me more time to build my stash of kits, don't beleive it, it's a fallacy!!! My 312 is near to ending :o. But the recent problems Kars (alien9998 ) has had with missing parts in his MFH kits, I found perturbing. So I've been going through all my MFH kits checking for missing parts, taking the opportunity to put each section of the instructions into zip-lock poly-bags. If a section only had a small number of parts I'd double up or more sections per zip-lock bag. Doing it has made me feel a tad geeky/nerdish! But satisfying in the sense, I have only found one missing part in my stash so far. It was from my 312B3 German GP, part M51. It seemed paltry complaining to Hiro-San, so I scratched made the part from some aluminium (which you US guys haven't learnt to pronounce right yet :D titter!) rod, of which I keep a stock of in various sizes, for making extra detail stuff. It was so successful I replaced that part in my other B3 kits as well, I'll post pictures later if you're interested. I have a couple of other projects started as well, once I've got past little ladies prodding finger, I'll get on with more important pressing things to do
8. June 2014, 09:47
Stefan Suessemilch
I'm interested Steve ;)
8. June 2014, 09:57
Christopher Bartholomew
I am interested, and I am impressed you going through the MFH kits to check the parts. I have had an incorrect part in an MFH kit, sent a note, and got the correct part within a week. Always excellent service from MFH. I visited MFH about a little while back, and one thing Kyoko stressed to me is the importance of customer service, so they keep all the drawings and tools/molds for all the kits they've produced and can make replacement parts quickly whether it's something wrong in the kit as delivered, or something the customer messed up (also I did, and got a new part in a week). So, after my long, drawn-out explanation, you shouldn't feel bad about asking Hiro-San for a new part.

On the alumin(i)um matter. It's not that we haven't learned, it's that we're more efficient, and don't need that extra "i".............joking of course
8. June 2014, 16:05
Alberto Bianchi owns this item
19. April 2014, 19:49
19. April 2014, 20:43
Alberto Bianchi
It was a beautiful car. Wonderful design , great drivers ! :)
19. April 2014, 22:08
Steve Wilson
Oh! yes I agree...
One of my favourite cars, as was Gilles one of my favourite drivers :)
20. April 2014, 08:52
Erik Francisco Zimmermann Added a new review for:
Previewed on
2. March 2013, 19:19
Guy Golsteyn added a new photoalbum.
24. November 2012, 14:43
Adrian LR
Amazing job!!! It looks so real.
24. November 2012, 14:59
Steve Wilson
Terrific start, one of my favourite F1 Cars, sadly the one that robbed us of Gilles :(
24. November 2012, 17:34
Dirk Heyer
Nice built and it makes hungry!
Seems to be not the easy built but nevertheless one of the complexed and interesting constructions.
Wish you patience!
27. November 2012, 22:17
Guy Golsteyn
I found a solution to a bad fitting problem, so I'm a happy camper ;)
29. November 2012, 19:02
Pedro Costa added a new article to his personal gallery:
Manio Dos Carrinhos
7. July 2012, 10:30
Pedro Costa added a new article to his personal gallery:
Manio Dos Carrinhos
7. July 2012, 10:25
Guy Golsteyn added a new project.
28. June 2012, 17:18
Nice one guy!
28. June 2012, 19:48
Bill Gilman
That is really nice! I used to watch Gilles race snowmobiles when he was the head of the Skiroule (Quebec) factory team. He designed and built these rear engine racing sleds that looked like an F1 car, but with skis in the front and tracks in the rear. Very creative engineer! I was fortunate to be present in Peterborough Ontario when he won his first and only SnoPro race with the rear engine sled. The sled was about twice as heavy as a conventional sled, but it was so much better in the turns. SnoPro was an oval track series back then...
28. June 2012, 20:51
Guy Golsteyn added a new article to his personal gallery:
28. June 2012, 17:19
Guy Golsteyn added a new project.
View Project
1:24 Ferrari 126 C2 (Protar 194)
4. November 2011, 10:17
Guy Golsteyn added a new project.
View Project
On hold
1:20 Ferrari 126C2 (Fujimi 09032)1:20 Ferrari 126C2 (FM Detail FE-20001)1+
25. September 2011, 17:26
Guy Golsteyn added a new article to his personal gallery:
19. September 2011, 21:11
Riet D
nice! excellent work on the Protar kit Guy!
19. September 2011, 21:26
19. September 2011, 21:31
Luc B
Hello Guy, I'm not a car modeler but your collection is stunning. And not only great models, also great pictures! Thx for sharing, Luc
20. September 2011, 12:51


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