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Vickers Wellington

All you need to know about Vickers Wellington from a scale modeler perspective.


Aircraft - Propeller
Aircraft - Propeller
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GB Vickers

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1:48 Wellington B.III (Model Monkey np-Wellington BIII-2)
Metal or paintable plastic nameplate for:
Wellington B.III
Model Monkey 1:48
np-Wellington BIII-2 2020 | New tool
1:72 Wellington B.III (Model Monkey np-Wellington BIII-1)
Metal or paintable plastic nameplate for:
Wellington B.III
Model Monkey 1:72
np-Wellington BIII-1 2020 | New tool








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News Feed

Johan van Meerloo added a new photoalbum.
1 | 6. September, 18:27
Johan van Meerloo added a new project.
In progress
1:72 Vickers Wellington Mk. X/XIV (Revell 04601)
6. September, 18:27
Martin Bishop added a new photoalbum.
12 | 3. July, 20:07
Guy Rump
Watching with interest, I have these kits in my stash. 👍
1. August, 08:08
Agustin Prellezo
You are making good progress. How good is that kit?
8. August, 15:34
Martin Bishop
Thanks guys. Its pretty good for an MPM kit. No realy fit issues. I did have to add the framing behind the side windows.
8. August, 17:21
Agustin Prellezo
Thanks and happy build!
11. August, 16:57
Andy Ball
Looks very good! Have you compared to the Airfix one?
11. August, 22:17
Martin Bishop
Thanks Andy. I have not seen the Airfix first hand but have looked at the instructions. It looks far more detailed than the MPM kit and includes the lattice work that runs behind the windows. Had i not already had the PMP Kit (i bought this in 2011) i think i would have gone for the Airfix, though the MPM does have the advantage of allowing me to have the engines on display thanks to the CMK set.
12. August, 09:20
Jan Voorbij added a new photoalbum.
6 | 21. January 2019, 14:46
Well done. Congrats!
21. January 2019, 19:01
Guy Rump
Lovely modelling 🙂
21. January 2019, 19:46
Andy Ball
thanks for sharing, it's given me some great interior references to work with! lovely job too!!
6. August 2019, 11:42
A lovely build. Well done. Thanks for sharing the reference pictures.
6. August 2019, 17:44
Tom O
I love the luftwaffe fighters, but when it comes to bombers, nothing compares to the RAF and USAAF planes. Makes me want to drive up to that museum and have a good look around the plane in your pics. Thanks for sharing, a really incredible job.
6. August 2019, 18:22
Jake Poyner
Beautiful Plane/Model. Outstanding! I hope mine turns out at least half that good!
9. August, 19:14
Jan Voorbij
Thank you guys!
14. August, 19:50
Jake Poyner added a new photoalbum.
1 | 9. August, 18:21
Jake Poyner added a new project.
1:72 Vickers Wellington Mk.IA/C (Airfix A08019)
Vickers Wellington B Mk.IC
NZ Military Royal Air Force (1918-now)
75 (New Zealand) Sqn. AA-R | L7818 (Sgt. James Allen Ward VC)
July 1941 Sgt. Ward VC smothering an engine fire in-flight - RAF Feltwell, Norfolk GB
BS381C:241, BS381C:350, BS381C:642
8. August, 20:29
Guy Rump added a new photoalbum.
11 | 25. July, 13:04
View full thread (16 Comments)
David Taylor
Nice to see the MK2 being built.
2. August, 18:17
Guy Rump
Thanks David and welcome 👍
2. August, 20:17
Guy Rump
Decals on cockpit controls and back of main door. Gun cockpits finally 🙁 together. I hope they fit as they are a real issue to get together. There are 4 pieces to each gun cockpit and the moulding is not the best to say the least! 🙂
3. August, 16:27
Moreno Baruffini
Wow! You are very productive!!! Great job! ??
3. August, 16:28
Guy Rump
Many thanks Moreno. 👍
3. August, 16:32
Christoph Schnarr added a new photoalbum.
11 | 29. July, 19:27
Christoph Schnarr
With a construction time of just over 10 months, the model of the Wellington from Trumpeter was my most elaborate model project to date.
It was build with a nearly complete interior, for wich I used the best of different accessory sets from CMK, eduard, Pavla, Quickboost, Brengun and also make some scratchbuild work. The markings for Wellington Mk.Ic R1593, QJ-N of No.149 Sqn. RAF are from Techmod and the painting was done with Tamiya and Mr. Color paints.
29. July, 19:35
Alan G
Stunning. Love it.
29. July, 19:53
David Taylor
Big fan of the Wimpy,looks fantastic.
29. July, 20:24
Christoph Schnarr
Thank you very much Alan and David 👍
30. July, 09:06
Amazing detail work on the engines! Your efforts over 10 months really paid off. 👍
30. July, 10:10
Al Berto
That Wellington looks fantastic. I don't think it can be improved. Even the rope in the engine nacelle! Great work mate.
30. July, 10:19
Andy Ball
30. July, 13:55
Ronald Barboza
Beautiful Work, Beautiful airplane! Love it !!
30. July, 15:22
Christoph Schnarr
Thank you very much mates, glad that you like the beast 👍
30. July, 17:03
Thomas Bischoff
beautiful work! Only thing missing is the pilot looking out of the open window 🙂
30. July, 17:11
Guy Rump
Great job 👍
30. July, 20:10
Christoph Schnarr
Thanks a lot Thomas and Guy 👍
31. July, 13:12
Guy Rump added a new project.
1:72 Vickers Wellington Mk.II (Revell 04903)1:72 History of RAF 12th Squadron (Xtradecal X72-208)1:72 Vickers Wellington Mk.1 Camouflage Painting Mask (AML AMLM 73 042)
Vickers Wellington Mk.II
GB Military Royal Air Force (1918-now)
12 Sqn. W5421, PH-G
August 1941
Dark Earth, Dark Green, Night
1 | 25. July, 12:59
Mariner1961 added a new project.
1:48 "Wellington" Mk.I C (Trumpeter 02808)1:48 Vickers Wellington Mk.IC (Montex K48136)1:48 Wellington flaps (Brengun BRL48044)1+
14. July, 07:42