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Sd.Kfz. 7

All you need to know about Sd.Kfz. 7 from a scale modeler perspective.


Vehicles - Trucks
Vehicles - Trucks
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3R Krauss-Maffei
Sd.Kfz. 7

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1:72 Sd.Kfz. 7 (4D MODEL 3)
Sd.Kfz. 7 Sonderkraftfahrzeug 7
4D MODEL 1:72
3 2019 | New tool
1:87 Afrika Set (Roco Minitanks 379)
Afrika Set
Roco Minitanks 1:87
379 1986 | Model set Multi-topic (2)








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Sd.Kfz. 7/2 1:72
Sd.Kfz. 7/2
Revell 1:72

by Christian Bucht on Modellversium

Sd.Kfz. 7/1 1:35
Sd.Kfz. 7/1
Tamiya 1:35

by Peter Köhler on Panzer Modell

Sd.Kfz. 7 1:72
Sd.Kfz. 7
Revell 1:72

by Jacek Galecki on Pienoismallit

Sd.Kfz.7 1:72
4D Master 1:72

by Kerem Özkır on miniafv









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Allied-Axis (Ampersand Publishing 23)
Allied-Axis Sdkfz 7, 8-ton KM m 11 Halftrack - Part two
The Photo Journal of the Second World War Nr. 23
David Doyle
Sd.Kfz. 7 (MMP Books 17)
Sd.Kfz. 7 Mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 8t Vol. 2
Camera ON Nr. 17
Alan Ranger
Sd. Kfz. 7 (MMP Books 2)
Sd. Kfz. 7 Mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 8t
Camera ON Nr. 2
Alan Ranger
Flak Auf Sd.Kfz.7 (Kagero 9)
Flak Auf Sd.Kfz.7 Part I
Photosniper Nr. 9
George Parada, Mariusz Suliga, Mirostaw Zelec...
Sd.Kfz. 7 (Nuts & Bolts 34)
Sd.Kfz. 7 8 ton Zugkraftwagen Krauss-Maffei and variants
Nuts & Bolts Nr. 34
Vinnie Branigan, Dr. Nicolaus Hettler

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Andrei S andrei383
Bill Spargo hustler
Albi Hitz Fluegelmann
H K Herb
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News Feed

Tom Axell added a new photoalbum.
12 | 13. September, 22:07
James C
Nice work on this oldie 👍
14. September, 00:44
Tom Axell
Thanks 😊
14. September, 07:38
I agree with James. Looking forward to crew and dio ..........
14. September, 07:43
Rui S
I like it, Well done 👍
16. September, 00:16
Tom Axell
thank you
16. September, 08:41
Maciej T. added a new photoalbum.
14 | 19. August, 07:51
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Maciej T.
Thanks man, I'm glad you like it 🙂
1. September, 08:03
I recently acquired this kit. Your album will be a guide for me.
1. September, 21:03
14. September, 19:28
Simon Nagorsnik
the wood sturcture looks very awesome, very close to reality 👍👍
14. September, 19:32
Sir PP
14. September, 20:59
amoshe006 added a new photoalbum.
4 images
View album, image #1
Rust chipping from the base color
3 | 31. August, 01:53
Jean-Christophe Zeus added a new photoalbum.
19 | 27. June 2020, 09:16
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James C
Awesome looking half-track mate, fantastic painting and weathering 👍
Any idea what the "box" is on the floor next to the drivers position?
23. June, 18:09
Jean-Christophe Zeus
@James_C: Thank you! The box is the battery. The part from the kit was very basic, so I replaced it with PE parts from the Voyager set. There was also a lid for it, but I can't find it at the moment so I left it as it is.
24. June, 08:37
Jean-Christophe Zeus
@Hekimpd: Thank you! The weathering was indeed mostly done with pigments. I'll try to summarize my method.

After priming with Vallejo Panzer Grey, I try to make the uniform colour a little more interesting by applying a slightly blueish filter and, after drying, various oil colours (green, tan, pink) as small dots and then worked into the base-colour with turpentine-moistened brush.

Then comes a clear satin varnish to protect the base-colour, followed by pin-washing with MiG Dark Wash. To enhance little details like rivets etc., I apply some dry-brushing with medium grey oil-colour. The model looks quite unnatural at this point, but the effects get toned down in the subsequent weathering with pigments.

For pigments, I use various brown and ochre tones to make it less uniform, diluted in Thinner for Washes and applied in spots where I feel dust would gather in real life. After the thinner has evaporated, I take off the excess pigments with a dry or slightly moistened paintbrush. When I'm happy with the result I fix them in place with Pigment Fixer. I use a medium-sized brush and try to apply the minimum amount of fixer, letting capillary action do most of the work. That way, the pigments stay more or less as they were.

Finally, I do some dry-brushing with gun metal (AK True Metal wax) on parts that are heavily used, like handles and arm-rests, to simulate worn-off paint. Then I tone down the steel effect a bit with black pigment applied with a rubber brush.

With a complex vehicle such as this one, I do the weathering of the chassis before adding the superstructure, as it would be very difficult to reach certain parts.
24. June, 10:21
@Jean-Christophe Zeus: Thank you very much for your en-depth response! I find it interesting you use pink oil paint for dot filtering. I'm in the process of doing oil paint work on the lower hull of a pzkpfw ii and will be following up with pigments. I appreciate the explanation. Again, fantastic work sir.
24. June, 18:28
James C
Thanks for the info Jean. I recall the Tamiya kit had a similar box in the same position and always wondered what it was 😉👍
24. June, 18:37
amoshe006 added a new project.
1:35 2cm Flakvierling 38 auf Selbstfahrlafette (Trumpeter 01523)
Sd.Kfz. 7/1
3R Military Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)

Panzer grey
1 | 20. August, 14:54
Vladimir Bubleev added a new project.
1 | 7. August, 20:10
William Robertson added a new photoalbum.
This album no longer exists
10 images
This album does not contain any images.
1 | 29. June, 07:24
Scott Schneider added a new project.
22. July, 14:27
Tom Axell added a new project.
13. July, 08:46
Jakko ‌ added a new project.
12. July, 17:39