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PZL P.24

All you need to know about PZL P.24 from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Propeller
Aircraft - Propeller
Also known as:
Used from:1936–1960
Used by:Military
Manufacturer:PL Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze
Model:PZL P.24

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Botan T Botan
Edward May TheMadModeller
Piotr Spandel Plastykowy
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February 9, 2021

Aleksander Górka added a new project.
9. February, 16:45

January 27, 2021

Mariusz Maly added a new photoalbum.
6 | 5. November 2019, 18:36
Łukasz Gliński
That looks awesome, particularly taking into account the kit quality Hats off!
Huge respect mate, I never thought anybody builds those kits today :)
Any WiP pics maybe?
5. November 2019, 21:19
Nice dio!
6. November 2019, 06:56
Mariusz Maly
Neuling diorama comes from
6. November 2019, 09:27
Ben M
You must enjoy a challenge
30. May 2020, 04:33
Gary Kitchen
Having not seen one for a while...two P.24s come through at once. This is amazing from a vac-kit Mariusz. Awesome.
30. May 2020, 06:41
Mariusz Maly
The model was nicely fitted, only the braces were made from scratch. Thank you
8. July 2020, 05:47
27. January, 16:12

October 28, 2020

Giannis Kaltapanidis added a new photoalbum.
4. July 2017, 19:02
Giannis Kaltapanidis
First time working P.E. and I'm feeling exhausted!!!
While working I could'nt stop thinking, "What am I doing ??? Why am I trying to put together pieces that I could inhale if I'm not carefull enough? What for ???"
Is'nt it a bit too much to try to put so much detail in such a scale ?
I could'nt event make a decent photo out of it...
4. July 2017, 19:07
Dave Flitton
Ah, but it looks so nice once installed!
4. July 2017, 20:46
it looks really fantastic Giannis, and even if hard to see later, you will be able to see it, i can promise you that. And you will know it is there!
and those that can appreciate it, will also be able to see it.
5. July 2017, 11:32
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Thank's guys! I just wanted some opinions on this one...
Not sure if there was a point...
Spanjaard I'll let you know once it's finished :)
5. July 2017, 12:14
good luck and happy modelling (enjoy, that is what counts, forget about what anybody will think about it)
5. July 2017, 13:09
Roland Sachsenhofer
Well done! I had to smile reading your introductory remark on tiny PE-parts :)
I may say that I hope there is life in this lovely project, I am planing to do this kit for myself..... and therefore would like to follow!
28. October 2020, 11:11
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Thank's Roland! That's exactly how i felt back then... But once you get involved there is no going back with P.E.s. Absolutely essential for an accurate model, and are acctually fun to work with!
I will definitely finish this model, i'm still working on it from time to time.
28. October 2020, 17:43