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Audi Quattro

All you need to know about Audi Quattro from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Cars
Vehicles - Cars
Also known as:
Used from:1980–1991
Used by:CivilRacingLaw enforcementFire and emergency services
Manufacturer:DE Audi

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Audi Quattro 1:24
Audi Quattro
Tamiya 1:24

by Michael Schneider on Modelers-Network.com


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Audi Quattro (Orbis Publishing 62)
Audi Quattro Classics - Performance - Racing
The Encyclopedia of SuperCars Nr. 62


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Thomas Wild added a new photoalbum.
30 images
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New: 21. June, 19:36
Let’s see if I connect everything correctly and the engine is starting in the end :-)
12 | 7. June, 20:08
Thomas Wild
First small milestone achieved. Was very fiddly but I'm happy with the result. Only thing that's annoying me is that I wasn't able to sand off all the fake wires from the kit. Need to be more thorough the next time
7. June, 20:13
Texture of the seats is looking good.

I tend to cut the Kevlar Decals in 2-3 Pieces when applying to the Seats -> that way its easier to get them fit properly into the contour

When you check pictures of the real thing you will notice that the seats are spotting some sort of squared fabric in a very grayish color. For my build i used some charcoal colored textured paint (you can see it also in may quattro A2 build). I think it matches the color of the real seats quite good
11. June, 11:11
11. June, 11:52
Thomas Wild
Thank you Guillaume!
11. June, 12:11
Thomas Wild
Thanks Dennis for the advice on the seats.
I was looking at many pictures and even the photos in the Komakai book the color of the seats look different, depending on the lighting.
11. June, 12:14
Thomas, i think you took the wrong wheel for spare wheel: there must be one without bolts in the kit wich is meant to be the spare. Better check before your Quattro is rolling on only three wheels 😉
12. June, 19:56
Thomas Wild
Thanks, let me check 😉
12. June, 20:08
Thomas Wild
You are right Dennis 😃. I just checked. Need to change it tomorrow. Thanks for spotting it 😁👍
12. June, 20:11
You are welcome!
12. June, 20:14
Hm so how was the quality of that USCP-Engine kit? Been sneaking around this thing now for a while but the pricing kept me from buying it for now...
22. June, 11:04
Brandon H added a new photoalbum.
15 | 20. November 2019, 00:39
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Thomas Wild
Thank you Brandon !
18. June, 03:46
Weathering is spot on Brandon.

Also nice to see, that one does not have to use all those fancy weathering stuff to achieve a realistic finish. Just good old skills and that's it.

Well done Mate!
18. June, 06:20
Nigel Chapman
Spot on Dennis. I've always used paints or whatever comes to hand for my weathering, dirt and rust.
18. June, 07:10
Yepp, old school skills 👍

(Sometimes it makes me wonder how we even could build model kits in the past when there was none of all this fancy aftermarket stuff)
18. June, 07:36
Brandon H
Many thanks again!
18. June, 12:45
Dennis added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #45
As promised a few impressions of the finished model...
21 | 21. March, 11:53
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Thank you mates! Much appreciated 🙂
13. June, 10:35
Brandon H
Bravo Dennis! Looks great!
14. June, 11:14
Thanks Brandon 👍
14. June, 11:28
Stéphane Jayet
Looks really good. Excellent job
16. June, 13:32
Merci Stéphane!
16. June, 13:34
beku_san added a new photoalbum.
12 images
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Project: Audi Quattro
1:24 Audi Quattro Rally (Italeri 3642)
4 | 15. April, 17:01
Dennis added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
Updated the pictures in this Album...
9 | 16. June 2020, 15:32
Denilson Martins
nice build!
21. July 2020, 20:35
Thanks Mate!
22. July 2020, 04:49
Very nice build! Greetings from Regensburg, Walter Röhrl´s hometown!
22. July 2020, 08:28
Emil Stojanov added a new project.
In progress
1:24 Audi Quattro Rally (Tamiya 24036)
28. May, 19:35
Emil Stojanov
This is a very old kit. Parts are all OK, but decals are not usable. Yellowed and cracked in places.
I bought an aftermarket decal set for the San Remo 1981 version. The exact version as on this original picture.
28. May, 19:40
Emil Stojanov added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
Basic colors applied by airbrush. I tried using decals first, but did not like the result. So Zeropaints to the rescue.
4 | 28. May, 19:36
Thomas Wild added a new project.
In progress
1:24 Audi Sport Quattro S1 [E2] (Beemax Model Kits B24017)1:24 Audi Sport Quattro (Beemax Model Kits E24017)1:24 For Audi Quattro Sport S1 (Decalcas DCL-MSK007)1+
Audi Sport Quattro S1 [E2]
DE Racing WRC
HB Audi Team 2 (Walter Röhrl/Christian Geistdörfer)
January 1986 54. Rally Monte Carlo - Monte Carlo MC (Result: 4)
White, Yellow
23. May, 06:13
Pete75 added a new photoalbum.
11 images
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7 | 29. March, 02:30
Dominik Weitzer
very nice!
29. March, 05:51
Top build and presentation!
29. March, 07:50
István Szücs
I love it!
29. March, 08:06
Just beautiful!
29. March, 13:40
Christian W
Very cool! Nice shiny paint.
31. March, 07:21
Dennis added a new project.
1:24 Audi Quattro Rally (Tamiya 24036)1:24 Audi Quattro upgrade parts (REJI Model 1007)1:24 Audi Quattro "HB" (Renaissance Tk24/046)2+
21. March, 11:49