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Northrop F-89 Scorpion

All you need to know about Northrop F-89 Scorpion from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Jets
Aircraft - Jets
Also known as:
Used from:1948–1969
Used by:Military
Manufacturer:US Northrop
Model:F-89 Scorpion

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Fred Zayas skidshoe49
Bernd Korte centuryfan
Bill Spargo hustler
Bruce Scott bscott
Clifford Keesler stormrider509
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News Feed

March 2, 2021

Nathan Dempsey added a new photoalbum.
21 | 19. January, 20:39
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Nathan Dempsey
I say I want one, but I have so many other projects out there I really need to put the idea on the back burner for a bit.

Worked a bit today on the landing gear and made good progress.
26. February, 22:47
Clifford Keesler
I know what you mean. I have stuff I did not even realize I had. I almost bought a Wessex the other day, but then decided to wait. Good thing I did guess what I found buried in the bottom of the stash?, a Wessex.
27. February, 01:14
Nathan Dempsey
Well, I've finally attached the landing gear. Now to decide if I want that huge wheel bay door up or down. Typically it was up on powered jets and down if it had been parked a while.

Clifford: I always keep my eye out for that 1:48 Falklands Wessex that Italeri released. I may need it whenever I get around to building my Falklands kits.
1. March, 16:31
Nathan Dempsey
Getting some work done today. Laid down the flat black areas. I'm nearly out of tape now!
1. March, 20:38
James C
Nice job your doing on the paintwork Nathan
1. March, 21:37
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Nathan. I found a 1/48 F-89C, I'm a sucker what can I say? LOL.
2. March, 04:37
That title caught my attention for some reason (certainly nothing to do with living in Palmdale) and read the story. Apparently the area didn't burn in August in the 50's like it has every year since i've been here. That is just CRAZY! Apparenlty the USAF never heard how the RAF dealt with Buzzbombs, huh? Very interested to see the finished project.
2. March, 06:22
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks so much mates :)

Clifford: Ha! Glad you found one. Looking forward to the build.

Bossy: Welcome! Yes this story is what made me even start a build involving this old F-89 kit.
2. March, 17:08

February 14, 2021

John E added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
F-89D of the 321st Fighter Interception Squadron
4 | 14. February, 20:19
John E added a new project.
1:72 F-89D Scorpion (Revell 4455)
14. February, 20:11

February 1, 2021

Yes Man added a new project.
1:72 F-89 Scorpion (Pavla Models U72-153)1:72 Northrop F-89D / F-89J Scorpion (Airwaves AEC72063)1:72 F-89D/J Scorpion Pilot & Operator's seats (Pavla Models S72085)2+
Northrop F-89D-45-NO Scorpion
US Military US Air Force (1947-now)
61 FIS 22143/FV-143/The Texan A
June 1957 - Ernest Harmon AFB, Newfoundland CA
1. February, 17:47

January 17, 2021

Hans Zwetsloot added a new project.
1:72 Northrop F-89D/J Scorpion (Revell 04311)
17. January, 12:14

January 5, 2021

D pb added a new project.
5. January, 01:15

January 3, 2021

December 15, 2020

Clifford Keesler added a new photoalbum.
21 | 17. November 2020, 22:07
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Michael Hickey
Good luck with that. :S
11. December 2020, 03:41
Clifford Keesler
Isn't that the truth. I have 2 1/72 "C"s.
12. December 2020, 01:37
12. December 2020, 03:24
Clifford Keesler
Calling this one finished
14. December 2020, 02:29
Nathan Dempsey
Nice work there Clifford. You've got me really wanting to build this kit. One of my local club members has one and is bringing it to me at our January club meeting. Woohoo!
14. December 2020, 15:36
James C
That's a great looking finish Clifford, congrats mate
14. December 2020, 16:48
Nikolaos Kouzinis
It looks very good Clif
14. December 2020, 23:15
Clifford Keesler
Thank you very much Nathan, James and Nikolaos, your kind words mean a lot to me. @ Nathan go for it sir, you will be glad you did. I'm sure your's will put mine to shame. My "J" will be done in ADC grey and yellow. If you go to Airliners. Net you can find some good pictures of the version I am going to do. I started my Kitty Hawk Jaguar, but don't have any pictures yet. I glued the nose sections to the aft fuselage sections to give me 2 fuselage half's.
15. December 2020, 02:14

November 23, 2020

Nathan Dempsey added a new project.
In progress
1:48 F-89D/J Scorpion (Revell 4548)1:48 F6F-5N Nightfighter (Eduard 84133)1:48 Post War Test F6F-5K Hellcats. (Alley Cat ACD-48006)1+
Grumman F6F-5K Hellcat
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
February 1950 - Point Mugu
Insignia Red upper surfaces Florescent Orange lower surfaces
7 | 22. November 2020, 04:08
Carlos Cisneros
I've read the tale.... would love to see this done!
22. November 2020, 04:47
Maciej Bellos
Funny story! Grabbing a seat.
22. November 2020, 06:53
Hanno Kleinecke
Came across that story during my research concerning my own F6F drone project (Grumman F6F - 3K/5K Drone Groupbuild | Album by Aquilifer (1:48) ) too and could hardly believe what I read ! Checkin' in
22. November 2020, 15:24
Nathan Dempsey
Thanks for your interest mates :) Hopefully I'll get to this one at the first of the new year. Until then go over and enjoy Clifford's build: F-89D/J Scorpion. | Album by stormrider509 (1:48)
23. November 2020, 02:23

November 16, 2020

Adam Barber added a new project.
1 | 16. November 2020, 13:13