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M3 Half Track

All you need to know about M3 Half Track from a scale modeler perspective.


Vehicles - APC/IFV's
Vehicles - APC/IFV's
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M3 Half Track

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1:35 M3A2 Half Track (Tamiya MM70)
U.S. Armoured Personnel Carrier
M3A2 Half Track
Tamiya 1:35
MM70 (70) 1975 | New tool
1:35 M3A1 (Dragon 6332)
M3A1 Half-Track
Dragon 1:35
6332 2009 | Changed parts
1:35 M21 (Dragon 6362)
M21 Mortar Motor Carriage
Dragon 1:35
6362 2010 | Changed parts










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M3 Halftrack 1:72
M3 Halftrack mit Seilwinde
Revell 1:72

by Theo Peter on Modellversium

Ford GPA 1:72
Ford GPA
Academy 1:72

by Sancar Buhur on miniafv


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US Half Tracks (Ian Allan Publishing 3)
US Half Tracks M2-M3-M5-M9
Military Vehicles in detail Nr. 3
Terry J. Gander

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M3 Halftrack
M3 Halftrack

by Vladimir Yakubov on Silicon Valley Scale Modelers

Images: 54
M3 Halftrack
M3 Halftrack M3, M3A1

by D. Ninetalis on Ninetalis Scale Models

Images: 19
M3A1 Halftrack
M3A1 Halftrack Ambulance

by Robert De Craecker on Prime Portal

Images: 4

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Martin MarChant
Andrew David Mitton Dangermouse
Thorsten aimlezz
Dirk Fries Warlock
Dan Santillo DanSan
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News Feed

Ian Robinson added a new project.
1:72 Allied M5 Halftrack (Plastic Soldier WW2V20013)
12. September, 20:19
Ian Robinson added a new project.
8. September, 22:53
Calvin Gifford added a new project.
8. September, 16:51
Ian Robinson added a new project.
2. September, 21:53
Ian Robinson added a new project.
2. September, 21:51
Vladimir Bubleev added a new project.
1:35 M3A1 (Dragon 6332)1:35 M2/M3 Series Engine Deck (Voyager Model PE35312)1:35 M3A1/M3A2 Half-Track Basic Set (Voyager Model PE35332)2+
29. July, 13:52
Vladimir Bubleev added a new project.
1:35 M2A1 Half-Track (Dragon 6329)1:35 US M2 Halftrack Stowage set (Legend Productions LF1150)1:35 M-3A2 Half Track (Eduard 35447)
28. July, 06:56
Alex K added a new project.
1:72 M3 Half Track & 1/4ton Amphibian Vehicle (Academy 13408)1:72 Modern lady at beach laying 1 (REEDOAK RRC720151)1:87 Motorbootführer und Insassen (Preiser 10426)
10 | 24. August 2020, 21:57
Robert Podkoński
Some photos, please!
27. June, 22:10
Alex K
😄 Hi Robert, thanks for noticing this very summer-mood project. I uploaded in a photoalbum the relevant photos of the originals that inspired the build... Please ignore the crappy webcam pics (I wont dignify them by calling them "photos") I also posted, just to show that, well, I've more or less built the thing... In any case, my built models are not yet to Scalemates standards... And, in this case, I still have to order a couple of figures before the project is really completed. Anyway - there, you have it - thanks for the interest!
27. June, 22:55
Robert Podkoński
Come on, Alex. Nothing to be shy of - I know the model and you have really done a good job (I wonder how you managed with the title below windscreen and these headlights - really looking the part). I must say I sorry now I already built and painted my model of GPA in military guise... You inspired me to find another kit 😄
28. June, 06:30
Alex K
Thank you, Robert, you are too kind! The registration plates and the name below windscreen ("Arromanches IV" - a joke on the French aircraft carrier?) were custom decals made by SCM Brand: LM Decals GR (surely available, if anyone is interested). Regarding the oversized (civilian?) headlights, there may have been more elegant ways, but I just used cut-down pieces of F-5 wingtip tanks, filled with Clearfix. I also scratched a little foldable ladder, in the back, which I think enabled swimmers to climb back to the vessel... Vehicles in 1:72 are new to me and I'm still learning - thank again, everyone, for the likes and support!
28. June, 17:45
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic. Thanks for your explanations and suggestions Alex...I am sure I will have one on my shelf one day.
28. June, 19:43
Dimitrios Balanos added a new project.
1:35 M3A2 Half Track (Tamiya MM70)1:35 M-3A2 Half Track (Eduard 35447)
16. June, 19:38
Vladimir Bubleev added a new project.
10. May, 14:01