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Antonov An-225

All you need to know about Antonov An-225 from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Jets
Aircraft - Jets
Also known as:
Used from:1988–Now
Used by:CivilMilitary
Manufacturer:UA Antonov

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Germen V
Florian H.
DE hubifreak
Steve Tottle
GB ioxothoth
NL Wolfhound32
Stano Keveš
SK SK.Albatros


Dick added a new photoalbum.
6 | 28. April, 23:32
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Daniel Phelps
Hi Dick
I have received mine, yes it is huge.
I'm planning to build it with the flaps and slats, spoilers, full cargo deck and install lighting.
I do agree with you on the kit is not for beginners.

24. June, 23:02
Hi Daniel!
Great :) , congrats!! Huge kit isn't it..

Wow, that will be very impressive!! But a full cargo deck.. that's a scratchbuild project on it's own, all the details.. and don't forget the folding mechanism of the nose, with all the piping and wiring and rib structure in it.. phew, I wish you good luck????!

I chose not to position the flaps and slats, because on the platform it's almost always 'flaps/slats up', very clean,
Only the stabilo is sometimes in down position.
And this kit is difficult enough to build it out of the box, so no scratchbuilding for me this time..
26. June, 14:30
26. June, 18:46
Rui S
Excellent modelling work I see that you like huge birds. Looking good
10. July, 14:00
Christoph Kunz
I really hope the wings don't bend, when it's so hot in your mancave.
10. July, 17:07
Thomas Kolb
That's one crazy sized model - absolutely beautiful!
10. July, 17:57
@Florian, Rui and Thomas: thanks :) !!

@Christoph: I think this model can stand some temperatures, as it is made mostly from fiberglass with aluminum wing support.
My resin Anigrand Lockheed C-5 model is more of a risk with high temperatures, but my room will become max 33' so no problem..
11. July, 00:18
Oliver Zwiener
I stay tuned ;)
12. July, 10:16
Dick added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 133 images
In progress
1:72 Antonov An-225 'Mriya' (Modelsvit 7206)
2. May, 20:43
Dick Added a new review for:
Previewed on
28. April, 23:20
Glenn .
HOLY CR#P! It will be cheaper to buy a real light aircraft! I'll stick with the 1/144 scale Revell kit i think.
11. December 2018, 02:17
Gordon Sørensen
Yeah, but I want one anyway...
11. December 2018, 04:58
Glenn .
O.K. but hope your not married.... This thing has divorce written all over it! :)
12. December 2018, 02:43
Neil Plucknett
My wife made that comment the moment she saw me looking at this beauty!! :)
9. April, 21:56
Gordon Sørensen
I got an e-mail a couple days ago from Modelsvit... €440 and ready to be shipped!
9. April, 23:55
Peter Popovič
And they were sold out in a matter of minutes heheheh
14. April, 09:57
Roland Gunslinger
Just found it in "my" online shop. First i thought it's a literal 572€ -> 57,20€. But no :D
24. April, 22:07
Peter Popovič
I was lucky. Preordered mine and got it for 442€, including shipping. Got ti today. Its a gem in my stash :D :D Amazing model!!
24. April, 22:54
Roland Gunslinger
I wish you a lot of fun with the kit Peter! I wouldn't have the space at all :D
27. April, 08:36
Peter Popovič
Thank you Roland. I will definatelly have it displayed with its wings off so it won't take a lot of space.
27. April, 08:40
Alex Added a new review for:
Revell Forum
Previewed on
Revell Forum
2. April, 10:34
Tom Kzk Added a new review for:
Club de Modelismo IPMS Dos Orillas
Previewed on Facebook
Club de Modelismo IPMS Dos Orillas
19. March, 20:53
Can anyone recommend an alternative colour available in spray can for colour P for this model? Brand agnostic! Just don't have access to an airbrush and I'm not brushing an area that big!
21. February, 12:28
Steffen Arndt Added a new review for:
IPMS Deutschland
Previewed on
IPMS Deutschland
5. February, 22:48
Jeremy Wiltcher
"I think you're going to need a bigger shelf."
18. October 2018, 18:57
View full thread (13 Comments)
19. October 2018, 19:48
Germen V
i'll pass on this one
19. October 2018, 19:52
Peter Popovič
I will get me one...definately. It's the only giant russian plane in 1:72 still missing in my stash :D :D
19. October 2018, 22:03
Cheeki Breeki
I think you'd be better off with putting it flat on the wall (as if it was on the ground, but the wall was the ground) rather than on a shelf which will have the width of a family table.
10. November 2018, 08:18
Peter Popovič
I think it will be the same as is with the An-124. They give you an option to have the wings disasembled and put next to the plane and you can assemble them then at the model show or wherever.
10. November 2018, 09:26
Dave Flitton
Massive! It would take up my whole hobby room
18. October 2019, 20:14
You can follow the evolution of this kit in the following updated thread:
24. December 2019, 09:59
Maxim_Pedan Added a new review for:
Best Models
Previewed on
Best Models
6. December 2019, 12:08
Frank J Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
Der Modellbauhandwerker, a civilian scale modeller
30. November 2019, 12:03
Mr Britmodeller Added a new review for:
Previewed on
18. November 2019, 14:40
18. November 2019, 17:42
Lukas .
Listed in webshops for many years but still not released. Cancelled or only delayed?
22. December 2017, 23:38
I don't understand why it was necessary to add this information to the site. what's the point of releasing a model when revell released his an-225 model in 1/144. Most large amodel models are for advanced modelers with great patience.
5. September 2019, 15:55
Richard P
So after Revell and Zvezda Amodel will be the 3rd manufacturer of the same plane and probably whole kit. The question is: which comany will bring the (Ark?) Buran on its shoulders?
14. November 2019, 20:08
There will not be any third manufacturer. These were the old plans of 2011, which will never be implemented. Zvezda only repacked the plastic of revell, and according to information in a rather limited amount. One of our local stores added for pre-order: resin wheels, masks, photo-etching. And whoever has a club card of this store received, a fastening for Buran on top of Mria made of resin, and the Ark Buran itself. But they do not want to sell them separately.
15. November 2019, 08:19
Richard P
Hi NazgulIv! So only two manufacturers: Revell (=Zvezda) + Amodel and the combination of Buran on top of Mryja is only a specialty of a single store in a very limited edition. So lets wait till one of the card owners brings the combination into the bay...
15. November 2019, 19:22
scalemates owns this item
29. August 2019, 14:36
Christian W
You have this? Are you able to compare ist to the Revell kit? I'm pretty sure, that it is the same kit. I heard of a cooperation of Revell <> Zvezda and it was said, that the Revell kit was developed by Zvezda and Revell "bought" it. A rumor says, that there will come the Buran for it too ;)
3. September 2019, 06:20
sorry... was a test
3. September 2019, 07:59
3. September 2019, 10:14
Florian H.
IT IS a REVELL KIT, they switch many tools with zvezda and to the opposite, the rumour is... I can't tell anything to it ;) The zvezda kit is more interesting to people who don''t want to buy the decals for the UDSSR Version, so they are included, also in the changed box from Revell with less parts and the displaystand....
3. September 2019, 15:39
This Zvezda kit is standart version with wheels, as seen on box preview. Standart Zvezda stand for airplanes is small for such plane. Stand and less detals in new revell kit with early ex-USSR decals.
4. October 2019, 07:27
We have here in Russia, already by pre-order you can buy a mriya from zvezda with a buran (from ark models) at the recommended price of a zvezda. And one store offer in the of model with buran offer price masks, photo-etching, resin wheels under cargo, and for club card buran+mounting on top of mriya. True, they are in a little hurry and not yet great specialists in precision manufacturing, so the quality is not always good.
4. October 2019, 07:30
Pavel Kuznecov
Change AN-225 "Mriya" ZVEZDA on REVELL "ISS" international space station 1/144. The set is still in pre-order.
The kit includes:
1) Painting mask.
2) Wheels under load.
3) Photo etching.
5. November 2019, 21:17
Why change something? what are you talking about? Zvezda Mriya drove to their own store last week. This week has already appeared in a couple of stores.
6. November 2019, 07:39
I don't follow what the issue is either
6. November 2019, 07:49
Mr Britmodeller Added a new review for:
Previewed on
15. October 2019, 11:21
Mr Britmodeller Added a new review for:
Previewed on
15. October 2019, 11:20
Nigelr32 Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
Nigel’s Modelling Bench
9. October 2019, 18:06
Glenn .
I see it only has about half the parts 114 compared to the first release, that had around 227 parts so maybe no landing gear only the stand and maybe no interior detail ? It would have to be half the cost then too????
21. August 2019, 04:40
Soeren .
Level three sounds like "easier build" for not so experienced builders.
The first one was Level 5.

And no that doesnt mean it will be less expensive :D
My guess is maybe 10 to 15€ less.
21. August 2019, 05:03
Petr Hlaváček
Just now only preorder.....moore info not
21. August 2019, 05:27
Erik Seidel Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
Panzer Modellbau alle Kategorien
8. August 2019, 19:15
Steffen Arndt Added a new review for:
IPMS Deutschland
Previewed on
IPMS Deutschland
22. July 2019, 22:21
Lucas Rizzi Added a new review for:
Previewed on
15. June 2019, 10:59
Martin Oostrom Added a new review for:
FineScale Modeler Forum
Previewed on
FineScale Modeler Forum
16. March 2019, 10:22
Piotr Nowik
At last :)
9. January 2018, 09:23
Alexander G.
ho-ly sh*t!
24. February 2018, 20:01
24. February 2018, 20:57
Dead Area
this thing is big
12. July 2018, 16:13
I hope she really available this year, she has been announced many times and never realized.
12. July 2018, 18:36
Glenn .
I hope it's not ho-ly sh*t Alexander, In fact it should be a great kit! Love to fit one out with the Buran Shuttle on top! :)
2. November 2018, 08:18
Katya Hodgson
Well when Ark Models release their 1/144 Buran, you may be able to do just that.
5. December 2018, 09:45
Peter Roehrich
I'm lusting after this kit! Reviews say it can be completed with nose up, which is how I'd like to build it :)
5. December 2018, 11:57
Glenn .
Sounds great Katya looking forward to it! Just don't mention Modelcollect B-52's to me I'm VERY ANGRY with them a second time! Total fools!
10. December 2018, 01:45
In this facebook page (, you can see Ark Model reply to my question (CCCP Decals for Revell An-225 ?) : "We are in process negotiations with Revell". Nice new ^^
9. March 2019, 19:45
Tomo Jakos Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
My small hobby
20. February 2019, 10:27
Mr Britmodeller Added a new review for:
Previewed on
21. January 2019, 17:41
John Irwing Added a new review for:
Previewed on
10. January 2019, 07:17
Florian H. Added a new review for:
Previewed on
29. December 2018, 06:23
Gerald Willing Added a new review for:
Previewed on
27. December 2018, 08:31
Linar Ibragimov Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
Alex Akela
24. December 2018, 05:17
after 2 false alarms, got the notice that it's shipped!
20. December 2018, 18:44
Nathan Dempsey
That's going to be a monster! Hope you made room on your XL sized shelf...
20. December 2018, 19:05
Gordon Sørensen
Looking forward to watching your progress when you get started on it!
20. December 2018, 19:45
I've only recently started collecting I have a ways to go before I'd even call myself a novice, so this one and the AN-124 will, sadly, remain in the box for some time. Some simpler (& cheaper) models must be sacrificed while I get educated. These things are so big that I want to get down to internal details, articulated doors, ramps flaps and slats - my ambition FAR exceeds my skill. I've also given no thought to where I would display this beastie. Sh*t.
I will, however, post pics of the box art and sprues as soon as it arrives- I definitely don't have the patience keep the cellophane on it.
20. December 2018, 22:26
Ron Ursem
Got mine today. Huge box with more room than necessary, and it looks like enough space for interior lighting of the model! :)
20. December 2018, 20:32
The raise in price of Revell kits over the last couple of years has been substantial and above average. Look, for example, at what they are charging for their recent re-release of what is essentially an Eduard "Weekend" Mig-21: .
But it seems part of the money goes into the financing of adventurous new kits!
27. November 2018, 09:52
Alexander G.
It seems to be the case especially for their Eduard re-boxes. I noticed that when they charged 40€ for the re-release of the Il-2 in 1:48.
27. November 2018, 11:42
But that Eduard kit was a re-boxing of the Accurate Miniatures kit, so Revell's is a Re-reboxing, which is what makes it expensive... ;)
27. November 2018, 14:00
With the resurgence in modelling the suppliers know that they can charge more.
Simple economics of demand.
My main hobby of slot cars is in decline and retailers are having to compete for sales and thus prices are declining
27. November 2018, 23:09
Sub £35 for the SMT seems quite fair to me. *shrugs*
27. November 2018, 23:41
Try living in Australia.
I can't even take advantage of the retailers that are in the Scalemates marketplace because they never ship to Australia.
Kits here cost a fortune
Tried to purchase the new Airfix 1/48 Mustang with RAAF markings and not one of the listed retailers in marketplace ship to Australia
27. November 2018, 23:48
Alexander G.
"Simple economics of demand", it is really. Trumpy kits also doubled in prices if not even more in the last few years!
28. November 2018, 05:58
@Augie: Sub £35 for the SMT seems quite fair to me. *shrugs*
Eduard Weekend Mig-21s are currently available for little more than 20 Euros; Revell's will set you back at least 35 Euros.
28. November 2018, 09:00
"Simple economics of demand" is a nice description for the fact that Modelling has become a hobby of old farts with access to sufficient economic resources and the willingness to part with them (I know, I am one of those). ;)
28. November 2018, 09:07
Eugen P. Added a new review for:
IPMS Deutschland
Previewed on
IPMS Deutschland
14. November 2018, 22:38
Micah Marsh
I hope they make a 1/72 AN-124 Condor
19. October 2018, 15:57


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