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Handley Page Halifax

All you need to know about Handley Page Halifax from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Propeller
Aircraft - Propeller
Also known as:
Used from:1940–1960
Used by:Military
Manufacturer:GB Handley Page

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1:48 Halifax B.III (Model Monkey np-Halifax BIII-2)
Metal or paintable plastic nameplate for:
Halifax B.III
Model Monkey 1:48
np-Halifax BIII-2 2020 | New tool
1:72 Halifax B.III (Model Monkey np-Halifax BIII-1)
Metal or paintable plastic nameplate for:
Halifax B.III
Model Monkey 1:72
np-Halifax BIII-1 2020 | New tool
1:72 Halifax Exhaust Pipe (Wings of Pegasus )
Halifax Exhaust Pipe free 3D datafile download
Wings of Pegasus 1:72
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1:72 Handley Page Halifax (FROG Penguin 931.P9)
Penguin Series 9.
Handley Page Halifax Wood Construction Kit
FROG Penguin 1:72
931.P9 1945 | New tool
1:72 Halifax (Skyrova )
Halifax Solid
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1:72 Halifax (Skyleada )
Halifax Solid Scale
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1943 | New tool








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News Feed

Johan van Meerloo added a new photoalbum.
68 images
View album, image #66
New: 25. July, 17:46
13 | 16. May, 12:56
David Januska
Nice start, congratulations👍. But I'm little scared of parts fit. I've got one in my stash. Is it really problem as it looks on your pictures?
24. May, 13:17
Johan van Meerloo
well not so far the engines where quite easy not a big gap, need to put them on the wings yet but doesnt look that bad, the main fuselage looks a little tricky on the front but the front parts you can assemble seperately. no real issue this far, only the machineguns are 2 different (look the same) so you need to use the right ones with the right turret.
24. May, 15:51
David Taylor
Got to remember that this is a re box of the Matchbox kit.If I remember right the fit is pretty decent.
26. May, 16:17
Johan van Meerloo
it fits okay so far, the engine intakes are going to need some modeling but will be okay probs, will keep the project updated
26. May, 16:57
Gary Kitchen
Coming along nicely Johan. Glad you got rid of that rotor it was confusing the hell out of me.
6. July, 22:04
David Taylor
Looking good Johan.
6. July, 22:09
Johan van Meerloo
rotorhead is still under construction, give it a night
6. July, 22:41
Guy Rump
Looking good 👍
10. July, 05:49
Adam Barber added a new project.
19. June, 00:38
Johan van Meerloo added a new project.
1:72 Handley Page Halifax B Mk.I/II, GR.II (Revell 04394)1:72 Dutchies in the RAF (Dutch Decal 72072)
16. May, 07:51
Kelly Wellington added a new photoalbum.
2 | 1. January 2013, 22:28
View full thread (23 Comments)
babak chalangi
looking good kelly
19. January 2013, 10:59
babak chalangi
how are u dealing with bomb bay doors ?
19. January 2013, 11:01
Kelly Wellington
First, closed, not open.

I assembled as directed, starting at the port side and working toward the starboard side. I got all four pieces glued into place before I realized that piece number three, the starboard bottom panel bowed upwards and in to the bomb bay.


After cogitating from some long while, I finally inserted the tip of a fine Xacto knife between the bottom panel and the side panel at the point of the apex of the bow of the bottom panel and levered it up into the position where I thought it should be. I then applied copious quanities of 'clear-part glue' to between the panels, while the Xacto knife remained in place, with its handle taped to the starboard wheel. After the clear glue (the kind for 'making' glass windows) dried, I untaped the Xacto handle and extracted the blade. I'll have to do a bit of sanding along that panel line on the bomb bay doors, but it doesn't look too bad at all and it no longer bows up into the bay itself.

I have a picture of the knife in place, but I haven't uploded it yet.

19. January 2013, 14:48
Kelly Wellington
Now uploaded. I've started sanding on the excess glue and it comes off just fine. I'm okay with the results, but I'm not a detail perfectionist.
19. January 2013, 18:07
Doug Craven
My grandfather flew one of these. He was a wing commander in the war. I would dearly love to find and build this kit for my dad. Good job.
1. May, 10:15
Sebastian Peter added a new photoalbum.
6. November 2020, 18:11
it brings some memories of the one i bult back in the days... i wish it would have looked half as good as yours 🙂 nice job
26. February, 14:48
26. February, 15:11