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Hägglunds Bv-206

All you need to know about Hägglunds Bv-206 from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - APC/IFV's
Vehicles - APC/IFV's
Also known as:
Used from:1979–Now
Used by:Military
Manufacturer:SE Hägglunds

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News Feed

February 26, 2021

Remy Bouwer added a new photoalbum.
13 | 2. February, 12:31
Fantastic! That snow looks very real.
2. February, 16:09
3. February, 13:30
Rui S
Very Nice winter work
4. February, 00:33
Dominik Weitzer
thats what i'm just looking for: the snow. How did you made that? it looks perfect in my view!
4. February, 08:48
Very good work!
4. February, 09:26
Remy Bouwer
I used AK Interactive Diorama products. They have different products for snow effect!
4. February, 13:01
Dominik Weitzer
Thanks Remy, i will take a look.
4. February, 19:37
Thomas O
Wow fantastic, i really like this great work!
4. February, 20:00
That looks great! I really love the snow on the vehicles.
26. February, 22:00

February 2, 2021

Alexey Alexeev added a new photoalbum.
22 images
View album, image #1
Project: Takom BV206S
1:35 Paint mask for Bandvagn BV 206S (Takom) (KAV models KAV M35 085)1:35 BV 206S (Takom 2083)
3 | 29. August 2020, 23:55
Lenny Li
watch out for the rubber tracks. I got caught by those nasty things at the end of my build - they didn't fit to the wheels.
31. August 2020, 12:44
Alexey Alexeev
Thank you, I read about it here, and after assembling the chassis, first of all I tried on the tracks, and there were no problems. Perhaps I took already from a flawed batch
31. August 2020, 15:18
Lenny Li
If you read it from here it'd probably have come from me. I wrote about it in my build diary last year and decided to abandon the project. I was on my last step after finishing the paint job. It just screwed up my interest and patience back then.
1. September 2020, 00:43
Cancelled mine as well, but not due to the tracks as I stretched them o lengthen them before slotting them in. What caused me to throw the towel was that none of the chassis fit the hull.
25. January, 09:57
Alexey Alexeev
Oh...i'ts really strange kit=). I cancelled as well as Lenny Li. Chassis really awful
25. January, 18:05
A shame really as this is there is no other Bv206 kit. The interior is also very sparse.
26. January, 08:06
Remy Bouwer
Too bad you had this experience. I had little to no problems with the fit. I really enjoyed this kit.
2. February, 12:37
Remy Bouwer added a new project.
1:35 BV 206S (Takom 2083)
Hägglunds BV 206S
ES Military Ejército de Tierra (Spanish Army)
Regimiento de Montaña 66
Khaki green overall
1 | 2. February, 12:29

January 1, 2021

if_then_else added a new project.
1:35 BV 206S (Takom 2083)1:35 ISAF Markierungen (Perfect Scale Modellbau DEC006)
1. January, 01:13

September 19, 2020

Sooooo cute - will be sitting next to the Gama Goat when available and finished!
I hope they will do a non-APC version as well as it looks even cuter with more windows ;).
And who said pigs can't fly? See heli transport photo on .
1 | 28. March 2018, 10:47
Alexey Alexeev
Awesome kit, best assembly what I has.
19. September 2020, 22:12