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Ferrari 312 T4

All you need to know about Ferrari 312 T4 from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Cars
Vehicles - Cars
Used from:1979
Used by:Racing
Manufacturer:IT Ferrari
Model:312 T4

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Stefan Suessemilch
DE Scaleartist
Steve Wilson
GB formodelar.1


Han Henderikse added a new project.
Albums: 0
1:12 Ferrari 312T4 (Tamiya 12025)1:12 Ferrari 312T4 Full Sponsor (Tamiya) (Tabu Design TABU12057)
15. February, 07:44
Alberto Bianchi Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
PLASMO - plastic models
10. June 2019, 22:46
bossy122 added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 4 images
1:12 Ferrari 312T4 (Tamiya 12025)
Ferrari 312T4
IT Racing FIA Formula 1
Ferrari 11 (Jody Scheckter) | 1979 | Red & White
16. May 2019, 07:56
bossy122 added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 8 images
1:12 Ferrari 312T4 (Tamiya 12035)
Ferrari 312T4
IT Racing FIA Formula 1
Scuderia Ferrari 12 (Gilles Villeneuve) | 1979 | Red white
14. May 2019, 22:02
Tim van Dooremalen added a new project.
14. April 2017, 14:06
Lesley Eyckerman added a new project.
1:20 Ferrari 312T4 (Model Factory Hiro IK-001)
1. March 2017, 20:11
Sören Mårtensson added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 17 images
1:12 Ferrari 312T4 (Tamiya 12025)
9. January 2017, 10:38
Kars Jans added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 12 images
1:20 Ferrari 312T4 (Model Factory Hiro K-015)
14. October 2016, 09:39
Steve Wilson owns this item
1. July 2015, 18:58
Martijn Kuijpers Did it already arrived? How is the condition? :)
5. July 2015, 14:51
Steve Wilson ...
Hi Martijn... Yep!
It's arrived and I'm very happy with the kit. I've spent a lot of time this week inspecting it and the damage. The paint job on the bodywork top is beautiful and the detail done on the engine is excellent. It looks to me as if the model was dropped, causing considerable damage, I thought maybe he lost interest in the build, so decided to give up and sell it. On closer inspection I don't think it's a complete write off. There might be a couple of rear suspension parts that need replacing and maybe a sheet of new decals to be able to finish off the decal work on the lower body. There's a lot more to the kit than the photo in the listing alludes to, there are a lot more parts that were not included in the photo. All in all I'm a lot more impressed with the kit and the work done on it than I was when I first saw the listing. So much so, I contacted the seller and thanked him, he told me the Red paint he used was Zero Rossi Red 70 formula. He also said:

" yep! I lost interest and did some really silly things, if you fit the lower body to the car and fit them etch side skirts they are funny, the car needs a nut to tighten the join between engine and tub, spoiled decals, broke rear right suspension, it was alright but not the best, I asked mfh for a decal set and never got reply so I just stopped. "

I've looked at what he said and I agree with him, it does look funny!!! But I've looked at pictures of the real car and it looks very similar, so I'm going to say it looks funny on the real thing also!!!
As he said in the listing, the wheels alone are worth £35 quid...
5. July 2015, 18:57
Martijn Kuijpers Wow I'm very glad to hear that the condition is that good!
But are you keeping it for spare parts or something, or are you gonna build it properly?
I'm very happy for you that it worked out that good ;)
5. July 2015, 20:32
Steve Wilson ...
Hmmmm!!! that's the question??? isn't it. I have several ideas, options or possibilities... :S
I might use it in a diorama, with Mechanics working on it, with the bodyshell leaning up against the pit wall, thus displaying all the inner detail of a beautiful MFH kit. Or completely repair the damage and display it as the car. Using it for spares seems a waste and somewhat disrespectful to the original builder, but of course is an option. Personally, I like the idea of the diorama!!!
5. July 2015, 21:24
Martijn Kuijpers Yeah that's a great idea, should be a lovely diorama!
Is the damage good repairable? Otherwise you can build this as the car with body panels on, and the other T4 in your stash as a full naked car, what are you usually doing with full detail mfh kits, leave the panels of and show the details or just everything on?
I ask that because I'm doubting about it, clothes on, or clothes of....
6. July 2015, 07:28
Steve Wilson ...
People look at a display, you get comments like, that's nice is it Corgi or Dinky??? I've seen these Toys in shops thought of having one or two myself!!! TOYS, toys indeed :O
Some people really know how to rile me hummmph!
I display MY models fully clothed, if the viewer shows her respect, I will unclothe her and reveal her naked beauty. Otherwise tough ((( :D )))

Yes I like the dio' idea too... I was thinking that, where there's damage, like the rear suspension, I'd leave the wheel and suspension off and to one side, with the mechanic or mechanics working on that area of the car... with the the other two cars ready to leave the garage, as in those days they had three cars ready to race. One was the spare car or T car, as it was also known as!!!
6. July 2015, 10:04
Martijn Kuijpers That would be a wonderful diorama when ready, 4 of these beauties together!!!!!
Ooooh Steve, don't tell me about it, what can I say about people who call it TOY, it it ART!!!!!!!!
Or ' what a nice little car, are the wheels turning?' Arghhh........
I'm always doubting about that, clothes on or off.. As a former mechanic ( just for one year at a certain German car manufacturer with a star on the hood) I'm always very interested in the technical aspects, I always try to buy and build at least two kits from a model, so one with the cowling on, and one off.
But for example the Tamiya T3 isn't the most easy kit to do in full detail, the kit is 35 years old and without mayor engine details, so I I'm probably gonna build it without a visable engine, although it's a beautiful flat twelve in there....
But you even close up a perfectly build MFH car?
6. July 2015, 21:50
Steve Wilson ...
QUOTE>>But for example the Tamiya T3 isn't the most easy kit to do in full detail, the kit is 35 years old and without mayor engine details, so I I'm probably gonna build it without a visable engine...<<END QUOTE

What I'd do in situation like that, is build the car curbside, then display the engine next to it on stands!!!
You could even have a mechanic working on it, or discussing it the with team Princible...
I'm not a skilled mechanic with certificates etc, I'm self taught. Never did it as a living, as such, but I've restored two Triumph Spitfires, a GT6, an MGB, Hillman Minx, Triumph Vitesse 2 litre, Triumph 2000TC and a few Mini's including 2 Mini Coopers and some others along the way... I fixed cars for friends, family and neighbours but with an understanding, that if it was specialist work I found they needed doing, I or they took it to a specialist to be done properly!!!
Last thing I needed was being held responsible for an accident :S
7. July 2015, 07:12
Martijn Kuijpers Wonderful to hear that you have the technical skills too, and you did the restorations of these cars just for hobby and fun?
I wasn't the best mechanic to be honaust with you, therefore I only did it one year, I understand all the mechanical things pretty well, but don't talk about electricity.... If there's something I really don't like it is certainly electronics technic..
I like your idea of displaying the engine beside the car, not shore if the T3 engine is visable from all sides, or that it's molted to the rear suspension...
Nevertheless, I was thinking of doing this with the fujimi F248 as well, the MFH version without clothes, and the fujimi curbside with his engine on stands.
May I ask what your current project is Steve, I'm very curious about it ;)
7. July 2015, 21:21
Steve Wilson ...
Besides my household chores :S of which I get a list every morning, today the Gas Man's coming to service the boiler, I need to go to the Vodaphone shop, as my new phone arrived yesterday and I want to keep my old mobile number, it says they do it at the store. Whilst out I'll visit the local craft shops etc. But it's not my mundane daily chores you're wanting to hear/read...
I'm currently building, ( strictly OOB), a Tamiya Clear View 312T3. I want to compare it with a Tamiya 312T3 built using aftermarket anything available, wheels, trumpets and other turned parts, any etch I can get and replacement decals. The comparison is to see, if there's visible difference between the two builds, are all the aftermarket parts worth the cost or just some, is the OOB build just as good, better, worse or just simply passable, as my teacher used to put on my school report, " tries hard could do better." Lol ((( :D )))
8. July 2015, 06:41
Martijn Kuijpers And how do you like your new phone Steve? ;)
If there is EVER a site who still sells these 312 T/3 wheels, please let my know :D of course for a reasonable price (you know what I mean ;) )
So and does it make a huge difference in your opinion to build the T3 without all the extras?
I was again thinking about the engine thing tonight, show it or not.... I'm gonna make a silicone mold from the engine and casting it in resin, so I can build the car including the engine, and can show the other on stands, and I can even re-use that engine for different 312T models :) totally happy!!!
And you're certainly a happy men with your new 2008 baby I suppose ;)
9. July 2015, 21:07
Guy Golsteyn added a new project.
22. March 2015, 09:00
Fred65 owns this item
18. March 2015, 22:18
18. March 2015, 22:22
Tim van Dooremalen owns this item
29. January 2015, 18:39
Steve Wilson ...
Hi Tim... Are you doing the Belgian GP version, or the Dutch puncture version, or even both??? :)
29. January 2015, 20:04
Tim van Dooremalen Don't know yet.... Probably just the Belgian GP.
29. January 2015, 20:11
Steve Wilson ...
That's what I thought when I bought it, But I did/do like that puncture one with Gilles hand in the air...
I succumbed, and had to buy both :S
29. January 2015, 20:21
Tim van Dooremalen The Force is weak within you ;)
29. January 2015, 20:53
Steve Wilson ...
Nah! the Ferrari force is far too STONG within me and that's why I succumbed :o
Coz! I bought two Monaco's as well to do both drivers :S any excuse to buy another Ferrari kit ;)
29. January 2015, 21:02
Lesley Eyckerman wants this item
4. January 2015, 09:14
Steve Wilson ...
Talk to Wim, think he has one left ;)
4. January 2015, 09:20
Lesley Eyckerman I already ordered this one from him ;). Happy New Year my friend.
4. January 2015, 15:17
Steve Wilson ...
Nice one Lesley, well done!!! Happy New Year to you too mate :P
4. January 2015, 15:20
Steve Wilson owns this item
24. December 2014, 13:28
Kars Jans That's a nice one Steve.
24. December 2014, 15:20
Steve Wilson ...
I wanted a second kit so I could do both drivers, my wife got it for me on my eBay account monday morning, from Wim bestbalsakits. I received it today Christmas eve, 2 days later hows that for service :D
24. December 2014, 17:07
Kars Jans My wife would never do this. She doesn't interfere with my hobby... but then again, she doesn't know everything.... ( :))
24. December 2014, 23:26
25. December 2014, 08:16
Steve Wilson ...
Merry Christmas Alex, was Santa nice to you this Year???
25. December 2014, 08:17
Alexander Aristides Cronvall Merry Christmas Steve :) Well, not really. Not a single scalemodel under the tree :( So next year i will wish for a wife instead. Maybe that will solve the problem :)
25. December 2014, 08:45
Ian Hartup owns this item
12. December 2014, 22:36
12. December 2014, 22:37
Alberto Bianchi wants this item
22. May 2014, 14:21
View full thread (18 Comments)
Steve Wilson Shucks!!! :#
You flatter me Alberto...
Sai " Monte Bianco " suona molto più romantico!!! 8)
24. May 2014, 13:56
Alberto Bianchi It is not shucks! ... In my humble opinion, This highlights the complexity of the mind, the ability to relate the two "worlds" distant and diverse, as modeling and poetry, skills of a smart person. ;) Ok, "cut the head of the taurus"... White Mountain :)
25. May 2014, 00:08
Steve Wilson Because Alberto...
I'm tifosi, I've been to the Italian GP many times!!!
Made friends with so many Italian tifosi and been accepted as a non-Italain Italian, as one guy who I partcularly remember described me...
I have had lots of tuition in the department you mention, there is a passion that exists in Italy that's found nowhere else. I've picked that passion up like a Radio picks up radio waves. Looking out over Lake Garda from the shores of Garda Town sipping an esspresso alfresco looking at the Crocodile of land to your right, making it's way down to the lake's water, how could that not have an effect on me. Or walking around Monza park when there is no racing, listening to the ghosts (fantasmi) of the past, the sound of cars racing long ago with the cheers of long gone tifosi, the announcements of a long gone commentator over a no longer existing tannoy system, all dissipating into the sounds of a modern day Monza Park...
There's loads more, but that gives you an idea how my brain works!!!
25. May 2014, 08:23
Alberto Bianchi Well , hard not to be charmed by the Garda Lake, the waters are not dark , as is usually the lakes have . Those places are sweet and serene, especially in the morning , the smells, the atmosphere is unforgettable .
I made holiday to Lake Garda in the town of Tignale and Sirmione ( my aunt and uncle live in Verona and I had a girlfriend Tignale) .

I know Monza, I often went there (the city where I live 10 minutes away from the Park of Monza ) , a a childhood friend in the late 70 ' and at the beginning of the 80 ' , had the camper in the roulotte-campground at " prima variante " ... We were always there, even in winter when the team felt the car behind closed doors. Hear a 12 -cylinder engine that comes out of the bend (curvone) before the pits ... echoed throughout the park , I've seen many drivers and F1 of the past ... I remember that nothing was more impressive than the sound of ' Alfa Romeo driven by Andrea De Cesaris , this day ran alone on the circuit ... When the winter , with the silence of the morning , I'll be in the park of Monza those sounds are still all of them... Sensitivity and memories are often deleterious, to me at least
I had no doubt on the proper functioning of your brain :)
25. May 2014, 12:31
Steve Wilson Milan... Love it!!!
The spiritual home of Design, Style and Shopping. Just as Verona, together with Venice, is the spiritual home of Romance.
Another favourite place of my wife and I is Bergamo "Città alta", Malcesine, Bardolino and its unique Wine, Limone once only accessible by boat, Benito, Mr Mussolini changed that with his Tunnels... You mention Sirmione what a fantastic place that is, so unusual, set at the end of a peninsula jutting into the lake, beautiful!!!
I still love Monza though, do you remember the Model Shop there and the lovely guy who ran it??? Like a lot of good things, gone now :(
25. May 2014, 15:16
Alberto Bianchi ...Unfortunately Benito Mussolini not only did that thing, I am not an admirer of his. The Garda realy a beautiful places, hope to go back one of these days.
Monza always has its charm. I remember there was a model shop more or less behind the box / paddock. If I'm not mistaken, had for the most part many models already assembled ... But I do not remember the guy who worked there :) Had it been a beautiful girl , I surely would remember ;)
27. May 2014, 10:50
Steve Wilson No not a fan of his either...
A lot of people passed away excavating those tunnels, almost with their bare hands...
Mama Mia!!! Bella giovane donna con grandi seni e vita sottile...Lol ((( :D )))
And yes, that's just about where the shop was
27. May 2014, 11:27
Alberto Bianchi Unfortunately the old "Gardesana" with its tunnels asked the sacrifice of many souls of workers. Fortunately this is no longer passable by car. For some traits (at least until a few years ago) you can do even by bicycle or on foot, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes from that place ... Maybe now they have opened other sections of the old Gardesana for cyclists, I can not say ... But do it in machine in the years of Mussolini: Pure FEAR! And Imagine sitting by the side of Nuvolari or Ascari ...
Bella giovane donna con grandi seni e vita sottile? E lo stupendo fondoschiena, lo buttiamo? : D
27. May 2014, 20:36
Steve Wilson owns this item
25. March 2014, 14:00
Alexander Aristides Cronvall Do you know what has happened to their 1:20/24 series ? They're only releasing 1:43 and 1:12 kits from what i can see ?
25. March 2014, 15:20
Steve Wilson Yes Alex...
They didn't renew their license with Ferrari to produce 1:20 and 1:24 kits...
The notice on their website says:
1/20scale&1/24scale FERRARI Kit : Infomation for customers
?End of sale for 1/20 & 1/24 scale FERRARI Kit?
Thank you for buying from and supporting us.
We are regret to announce that we are going to terminate the sale of all FERRARI 1/20 and 1/24 scale models with immediate effect.
For all sold FERRARI kits, we will still supporting after the termination of sale.
We will keep you updated when new projects are coming out.
2013.10.12 Model Factory Hiro :( :( :(
25. March 2014, 22:15
Alexander Aristides Cronvall That's some serious sad news :(
25. March 2014, 23:38
Kars Jans Yes Alexander, i already miss MFH for their Ferrari kits. Hope they will start producing them again later.
31. March 2014, 10:53
Steve Wilson I'm still wearing a black armband...
I've been emailing MFH announcing my displeasure on a regular basis, hoping they'll get fed up with me and start producing them again...
31. March 2014, 11:03
Alexander Aristides Cronvall Just watch out so they dont get angry with you and starts to produce millions and milions of McLaren's instead ;)
1. April 2014, 14:07
Steve Wilson Well they are...
Aren't they??? :O
1. April 2014, 14:09
Kars Jans And in 1/12.... the horror, the horror...
1. April 2014, 14:19
Steve Wilson Seems to be an influx of M-teams Cars... :S
1. April 2014, 14:37
Jake Kilshaw owns this item
8. March 2014, 19:19
Steve Wilson Tops Jake!!!
Well done mate 8)
8. March 2014, 19:25
8. March 2014, 20:28
Jake Kilshaw wants this item
4. March 2014, 20:30
6. March 2014, 05:42
Steve Wilson Beautiful kit Jake
6. March 2014, 07:15
Jake Kilshaw Yes it is, Steve. It's just VERY expensive, VERY hard to find (at a good price), and probably quite difficult to build...
6. March 2014, 19:16
Steve Wilson If you want it Jake...
Clean your Dads Car every week for 2 years, coz! the price is going to get worse.
The kit's going to get harder to find... As are all MFH Ferrari 1:20 & 1:24 kits :O
6. March 2014, 19:36
Kars Jans Not that hard to find, was it really? I have had 2 of them for sale for 116 GBP each.
7. March 2014, 06:51
Steve Wilson Hi Kars...
Great price!!! But...
For a 14 yearold, even 116 GBP is expensive :o
7. March 2014, 08:02
Kars Jans Yes, i know. But they are not hard to find, yet.
7. March 2014, 08:41
Steve Wilson Not yet... No!!!
But you watch, they will be, that's why I told him to buy one now...
All these MFH Ferrari 1:20 & 1:24 are only going to get harder and harder to find and the price will get higher and higher!!!
7. March 2014, 09:09
Steve Wilson You heard it here first ((( :D ))) LOL!!!
7. March 2014, 09:10
Steve Wilson Good old Scalemates
7. March 2014, 09:11
Steve Wilson added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
Updated: March 3, 2014
3. March 2014, 12:18
Guy Golsteyn I agree on the matt finish idea for the trousers, even if they are supposed to be representing leather. Now it looks like he is standing in the rain ;) I had the same situation when I built the 1/12 Yamaha YZR500 with driver Kenny Roberts or the 1/12 Honda NS500 with driver Freddie Spencer, and I also ended up putting a matt finish on the driver figures, which is a lot more realistic in my opinion...


3. March 2014, 14:32
Guy Golsteyn I have a question for you Steve. I see that you will use the Tamiya 1/20 Motorsport Team Set. I also know that you build Ferrari models most of the time. So I dare to ask you if you are planning on using the Team Lotus JPS decal part, because I am looking for that item to use on my E.Jan driver figure of Mario Andretti. The decals which are included in the E.Jan figure are those of 1969-1970, but I want to build the Lotus 79 JPS with Andretti, and I know that the decals on the sheet that you have are the correct ones... :)
3. March 2014, 14:39
Steve Wilson Yes!!!
Glad to help :) see my PM!!!
4. March 2014, 11:04
Steve Wilson Yer! know Guy...
It's funny! I've always said that modelling is about fooling the eye...
I've been examining your picture of Kenny in red, as it's more obvious than dear old Freddie. You're right, the matt/satin finish is more leather like, I think it's down to that scale belief again. Great Models BTW 8)!!!
4. March 2014, 11:20
Steve Wilson added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 5 images
In progress
1:20 Ferrari 312T4 (Model Factory Hiro IK-001)1:20 Motorsports Team Set (Tamiya 20063)1+
Ferrari 312T4
IT Racing FIA Formula 1
Ferrari 12 (Gilles Villeneuve) | Dutch Grand Prix - Zandvoort DK August 1979 (Result: Retired) | Red
2. March 2013, 13:11
View full thread (16 Comments)
Alexander Aristides Cronvall Ah, the new box syndrome ! i often have that problem when it´s time fore primer. but once the parts are in primer and the boring part is over the new box syndrome seems to fade away. but it's better to put it aside for a little while instead of forcing yourself to build. i've tried that forcing method, it often just turnes out to be another model in a shelf. all the fun parts like the history around the car and all the research just disappears in the blue.
2. March 2013, 17:10
Steve Wilson I have in the past, had as many as 5 kits on the go at the same time. But be sure to keep them separate and away from each other, it is mind blowing as well.
2. March 2013, 19:02
Alexander Aristides Cronvall I currently have everything packed down in boxes due to a splendid idea that i should renovate my apartment and make room for a mancave, which i really don't have time to complete. but with all the talking about Villeneuve, 126´s and 312´s the twitch "i must build" syndrome is biting my neck. need to solve this problem at once ! i think i need to have my weekly dose of glue and paint fumes in the morning to function as a human being :/
3. March 2013, 04:11
Steve Wilson Ha! ha! ha! build away Alex (sniff! sniff! aaah gluey paint :P), the mancave can wait...
3. March 2013, 08:15
Alexander Aristides Cronvall I'm working on it as we speak :)
3. March 2013, 09:20
3. March 2013, 09:24
Guy Golsteyn Any progress on this one? ;)
3. March 2014, 09:39
Steve Wilson Hi Guy...
I've posted some pictures, I admit not far, but I'm desperately trying to finish my Fujimi 248 Michaels Last Ferrari Drive and of course the Chris Amon 312...
I'm approaching this one in between the other two, don't want to rush it but the figures are coming along nicely, I'm doing the track it'll sit on at the moment... I'll get some more pics up soon, honoured you're watching :)
3. March 2014, 12:54
Steve Wilson owns this item
28. February 2014, 18:45
Steve Wilson Was hiding in my Lock-Up Storage unit :)
28. February 2014, 19:01
28. February 2014, 19:19
Steve Wilson ;)thanks Christian...
28. February 2014, 19:21
Tim van Dooremalen Steve, are you sure about the item number being K014? I ask because K014 (or K-014) is a Brabham BT52B.
28. February 2014, 19:25
Steve Wilson @Tim...
Well I thought it was... But I've been wrong before!!!
No number on kit, or on, I was going by the fact the Italian GP kit was K-015 and if I was wrong someone would correct it. I'm pretty sure it came out before K-015, but if someone knows different please correct...
28. February 2014, 20:29
Tim van Dooremalen Perhaps there is a reference to tne number on the manual or somewhere else in the box?
28. February 2014, 20:40
Steve Wilson No Tim, none...
I even looked at the Decals as they sometimes put a date & No: on them, but alas no...
28. February 2014, 20:43
Steve Wilson @Tim...
I've changed item No: to None...
I noticed the MFH 312T in yellow box was the same, I listed that one None yonks ago...
28. February 2014, 21:54
Kars Jans owns this item
8. December 2013, 18:27
Steve Wilson :)Great kit...
Have you, like me, compared it to the latest MFH 312T4's???
If yes, what do you think??? If no, you've got to!!!
8. December 2013, 18:49
Kars Jans No Steve, i can not compare it yet. The kit is still on it's way by post. I haven't received it yet. Is it it of much less quality? I have bought it, but had in my mind to resell it.
8. December 2013, 22:25
Steve Wilson Obviously the big difference IS...
White Metal bodywork in the one above and Styrene in the newer ones...
Over the weekend I had a closer look at K015 and did a dry fit...
As it started to come together really nicely, had to tweak a few parts to get the correct fit, but what a great kit...
It's a lot heavier, again obviously, but that's not a bad thing, it helps it to sit nicely...
Overall K015 is another MFH icon, I wouldn't say quality is less, it's certainly different, must also take a different approach in building it. I did consider selling it myself, but I've rekindled my feelings for it and will happily display it along side the latest editions...
I'm also thinking of purchasing another Belgian GP 312T4, as the one I have will be converted to the Dutch GP Villeneuve rendition with puncture :)
Hmmm!!! Must speak to my financial Adviser :S The wife ;)
9. December 2013, 07:46
Kars Jans Steve, doesn't have to be very expensive.
9. December 2013, 08:19
Kars Jans You were right, Steve. What a heavy kit. Looks nice though. I will keep it, instead of selling it.
4. January 2014, 11:54
Steve Wilson Good decision Kars!!! :)
4. January 2014, 13:59
Diego Gauna owns this item
2. January 2014, 01:38
2. January 2014, 07:46
Kars Jans owns this item
16. December 2013, 07:13
Steve Wilson Nice kit 8)
I'm looking forward to building this one
16. December 2013, 10:49
Kars Jans This one is on it's way to me for reselling.
16. December 2013, 11:14
Steve Wilson ££££££ :)
16. December 2013, 12:25
16. December 2013, 12:33
Roger Trewenack owns this item
3. September 2013, 13:55
Roger Trewenack Bought this from Karen Murray tonight @ ESSMC!
3. September 2013, 14:00
Paul Cadwell owns this item
24. August 2013, 18:04
24. August 2013, 18:35
Thomas Hasager owns this item
13. August 2013, 19:39
13. August 2013, 20:05
13. August 2013, 20:08
Stefan Suessemilch Added a new review for:
Previewed on
28. July 2013, 20:32
28. July 2013, 20:53
28. July 2013, 21:26
Stefan Suessemilch thanks mates :) some reviews will follow ;)
28. July 2013, 21:33
Steve Wilson owns this item
11. June 2013, 20:53
11. June 2013, 21:36
12. June 2013, 06:03
Steve Wilson I went a bit Banana's...
I needed the B3 to fill the gap!!!
Could've lived without the T4, but hey!!! what the heck, a perfect match for the other one, to display...
12. June 2013, 06:21
Pascal GARAT owns this item
2. June 2013, 14:14
2. June 2013, 16:15
Pascal GARAT Should receive soon machined spindles & lock nuts...
3. June 2013, 08:58
Steve Wilson owns this item
25. January 2013, 21:10
View full thread (13 Comments)
Steve Wilson But the tune of a Ferrari V or flat 12 is oh so much better... :P
25. January 2013, 21:49
Steve Wilson Ferrari V10 is to die for as well :P
25. January 2013, 21:51
Alexander Aristides Cronvall The flat 12 engine is a beauty both to hear and look at. but the sound from the Aston s straight six isn't bad neither :) but the Ferrari engines are much more beautiful to look at.
25. January 2013, 22:26
Steve Wilson Oh! Alex some years apart, but our tastes are very similar. In my time I was lucky enough to own a Triumph Vitesse 2 litre. Now I know its not an Aston, but it did have a "Standard Straight Six". Arguably one of the best engines ever produced, if not for its durability. But yes I agree the Aston S6 was a songbird of the Motoring world. I have a CD of some of the greatest Engines ever made complied by Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) and someone else, I listen to it sometimes when building my models :( sad I know, but I like it...
26. January 2013, 08:11
Alexander Aristides Cronvall The Vitesse 2L is a cool car. i like the front of it, something about the headlight thats gets me :) i bought and restored a porsche 911e 72 that was rebuild in the late 80s by DP motorsports owner josef zirkelbach after his company went broke. the only existing 911 with that specific carbon fiber body kit. it didn't have the soul of a british or a Italian sports car. but there's something with the older cars that the new cars just can't deliver, the sound of the fuel pump when you turn on the ignition, the mechanics talk to you in a way that's wonderful. and yes ! passion for speed and Pink Floyd - A foot In the door are probably the 2 best albums ever made for driving,building,sleeping,eating,working... :)
26. January 2013, 16:54
Alexander Aristides Cronvall Have you seen this Steve ?

IMPORTANT 1/20 Ferrari 312T4[1979 Belgian GP] infomation for customers.

Thank you for buying and loving MFH Kits.
We feel deeply sorry about flaws had been found in 1/20scale Hybrid Injection Kit Ferrari 312T4 [1979 Belgian GP]. Some of the photo etch sheets included in the kit were found not perfectly manufactured.
Please accept our apologies for such things happened.
A replacement photo etch sheet will be sent.
Please kindly register in the form for the replacement.
The replacement sheet will be sent in early April.
1. May 2013, 01:54
Steve Wilson Hi Alex.
Yep!!! Kyoko Hiro has redeemed himself fantastically. A guy on F1M was building it and posted a thread about a fit problem he was having with the part. News spread like wildfire, I emailed MFH immediately to let them know, they then responded equally as quick thanking me... Within two weeks most of the purchasers of the kit had been notified, if they had contacted MFH. Two weeks later everyone who reported the problem was sent the correct part, I received two, others did too. I have to say Mr Kyoko Hiro didn't even quibble, he just got on with putting the wrong right, extremely quickly... If anyone here who has the kit and has not contacted MFH about this, do it now.
1. May 2013, 07:47
Alexander Aristides Cronvall I wish more companies would take that much pride in the things they make. well done Hiro san, well done !
1. May 2013, 08:10
Stefan Suessemilch added a new project.
Albums: 0
1:12 Ferrari 312T4 (Tamiya 12025)
30. January 2013, 15:38


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