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Ferrari 312T4

1979 Belgian GP

Model Factory Hiro | No. IK-001 | 1:20

Boxart Ferrari 312T4 IK-001 Model Factory Hiro


Brand:Model Factory Hiro (MFH)
Title:Ferrari 312T4 1979 Belgian GP
Type:Full kit
Released:2012 | Initial release - new tool
Topic:Ferrari 312 T4 » Cars (Vehicles)

Box contents

Includes: Plastic sprue, Photoetched fret, Whitemetal, Turned metal, Vacuformed, Rubber, Rod, Decalsheet (waterslide), Decalsheet (stickers), Metal


Ferrari 312 T4

Ferrari 312T4

IT FIA Formula 1 Racing

Product timeline

Model Factory Hiro
1:20 Ferrari 312T4 (Model Factory Hiro None)
New tool
1:20 Ferrari 312T4 (Model Factory Hiro K-015)
New parts
1:20 Ferrari 312T4 (Model Factory Hiro IK-001)
New tool
1:20 Ferrari 312T4 (Model Factory Hiro IK-002)
New parts
Missing info
Ferrari 312T4 (Model Factory Hiro K-08) Ferrari 312T4 (Model Factory Hiro K-08M)


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In progress
1:20 Ferrari 312T4 (Model Factory Hiro IK-001)1:20 Motorsports Team Set (Tamiya 20063)1+
Ferrari 312T4
IT Racing FIA Formula 1
Ferrari 12 (Gilles Villeneuve) | Dutch Grand Prix - Zandvoort DK August 1979 (Result: Retired) | Red
1:20 Ferrari 312T4 (Model Factory Hiro IK-001)


Fred65 owns this item
18. March 2015, 22:18
18. March 2015, 22:22
Tim van Dooremalen owns this item
29. January 2015, 18:39
Steve Wilson
Hi Tim... Are you doing the Belgian GP version, or the Dutch puncture version, or even both??? :)
29. January 2015, 20:04
Tim van Dooremalen
Don't know yet.... Probably just the Belgian GP.
29. January 2015, 20:11
Steve Wilson
That's what I thought when I bought it, But I did/do like that puncture one with Gilles hand in the air...
I succumbed, and had to buy both :S
29. January 2015, 20:21
Tim van Dooremalen
The Force is weak within you ;)
29. January 2015, 20:53
Steve Wilson
Nah! the Ferrari force is far too STONG within me and that's why I succumbed :o
Coz! I bought two Monaco's as well to do both drivers :S any excuse to buy another Ferrari kit ;)
29. January 2015, 21:02
Ian Hartup owns this item
12. December 2014, 22:36
12. December 2014, 22:37
Steve Wilson owns this item
25. March 2014, 14:00
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
Do you know what has happened to their 1:20/24 series ? They're only releasing 1:43 and 1:12 kits from what i can see ?
25. March 2014, 15:20
Steve Wilson
Yes Alex...
They didn't renew their license with Ferrari to produce 1:20 and 1:24 kits...
The notice on their website says:
1/20scale&1/24scale FERRARI Kit : Infomation for customers
?End of sale for 1/20 & 1/24 scale FERRARI Kit?
Thank you for buying from and supporting us.
We are regret to announce that we are going to terminate the sale of all FERRARI 1/20 and 1/24 scale models with immediate effect.
For all sold FERRARI kits, we will still supporting after the termination of sale.
We will keep you updated when new projects are coming out.
2013.10.12 Model Factory Hiro :( :( :(
25. March 2014, 22:15
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
That's some serious sad news :(
25. March 2014, 23:38
Kars Jans
Yes Alexander, i already miss MFH for their Ferrari kits. Hope they will start producing them again later.
31. March 2014, 10:53
Steve Wilson
I'm still wearing a black armband...
I've been emailing MFH announcing my displeasure on a regular basis, hoping they'll get fed up with me and start producing them again...
31. March 2014, 11:03
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
Just watch out so they dont get angry with you and starts to produce millions and milions of McLaren's instead ;)
1. April 2014, 14:07
Steve Wilson
Well they are...
Aren't they??? :O
1. April 2014, 14:09
Kars Jans
And in 1/12.... the horror, the horror...
1. April 2014, 14:19
Steve Wilson
Seems to be an influx of M-teams Cars... :S
1. April 2014, 14:37
Jake Kilshaw wants this item
4. March 2014, 20:30
6. March 2014, 05:42
Steve Wilson
Beautiful kit Jake
6. March 2014, 07:15
Jake Kilshaw
Yes it is, Steve. It's just VERY expensive, VERY hard to find (at a good price), and probably quite difficult to build...
6. March 2014, 19:16
Steve Wilson
If you want it Jake...
Clean your Dads Car every week for 2 years, coz! the price is going to get worse.
The kit's going to get harder to find... As are all MFH Ferrari 1:20 & 1:24 kits :O
6. March 2014, 19:36
Kars Jans
Not that hard to find, was it really? I have had 2 of them for sale for 116 GBP each.
7. March 2014, 06:51
Steve Wilson
Hi Kars...
Great price!!! But...
For a 14 yearold, even 116 GBP is expensive :o
7. March 2014, 08:02
Kars Jans
Yes, i know. But they are not hard to find, yet.
7. March 2014, 08:41
Steve Wilson
Not yet... No!!!
But you watch, they will be, that's why I told him to buy one now...
All these MFH Ferrari 1:20 & 1:24 are only going to get harder and harder to find and the price will get higher and higher!!!
7. March 2014, 09:09
Steve Wilson
You heard it here first ((( :D ))) LOL!!!
7. March 2014, 09:10
Steve Wilson
Good old Scalemates
7. March 2014, 09:11
Diego Gauna owns this item
2. January 2014, 01:38
2. January 2014, 07:46
Thomas Hasager owns this item
13. August 2013, 19:39
13. August 2013, 20:05
13. August 2013, 20:08
Steve Wilson owns this item
25. January 2013, 21:10
View full thread (13 Comments)
Steve Wilson
But the tune of a Ferrari V or flat 12 is oh so much better... :P
25. January 2013, 21:49
Steve Wilson
Ferrari V10 is to die for as well :P
25. January 2013, 21:51
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
The flat 12 engine is a beauty both to hear and look at. but the sound from the Aston s straight six isn't bad neither :) but the Ferrari engines are much more beautiful to look at.
25. January 2013, 22:26
Steve Wilson
Oh! Alex some years apart, but our tastes are very similar. In my time I was lucky enough to own a Triumph Vitesse 2 litre. Now I know its not an Aston, but it did have a "Standard Straight Six". Arguably one of the best engines ever produced, if not for its durability. But yes I agree the Aston S6 was a songbird of the Motoring world. I have a CD of some of the greatest Engines ever made complied by Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) and someone else, I listen to it sometimes when building my models :( sad I know, but I like it...
26. January 2013, 08:11
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
The Vitesse 2L is a cool car. i like the front of it, something about the headlight thats gets me :) i bought and restored a porsche 911e 72 that was rebuild in the late 80s by DP motorsports owner josef zirkelbach after his company went broke. the only existing 911 with that specific carbon fiber body kit. it didn't have the soul of a british or a Italian sports car. but there's something with the older cars that the new cars just can't deliver, the sound of the fuel pump when you turn on the ignition, the mechanics talk to you in a way that's wonderful. and yes ! passion for speed and Pink Floyd - A foot In the door are probably the 2 best albums ever made for driving,building,sleeping,eating,working... :)
26. January 2013, 16:54
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
Have you seen this Steve ?

IMPORTANT 1/20 Ferrari 312T4[1979 Belgian GP] infomation for customers.

Thank you for buying and loving MFH Kits.
We feel deeply sorry about flaws had been found in 1/20scale Hybrid Injection Kit Ferrari 312T4 [1979 Belgian GP]. Some of the photo etch sheets included in the kit were found not perfectly manufactured.
Please accept our apologies for such things happened.
A replacement photo etch sheet will be sent.
Please kindly register in the form for the replacement.
The replacement sheet will be sent in early April.
1. May 2013, 01:54
Steve Wilson
Hi Alex.
Yep!!! Kyoko Hiro has redeemed himself fantastically. A guy on F1M was building it and posted a thread about a fit problem he was having with the part. News spread like wildfire, I emailed MFH immediately to let them know, they then responded equally as quick thanking me... Within two weeks most of the purchasers of the kit had been notified, if they had contacted MFH. Two weeks later everyone who reported the problem was sent the correct part, I received two, others did too. I have to say Mr Kyoko Hiro didn't even quibble, he just got on with putting the wrong right, extremely quickly... If anyone here who has the kit and has not contacted MFH about this, do it now.
1. May 2013, 07:47
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
I wish more companies would take that much pride in the things they make. well done Hiro san, well done !
1. May 2013, 08:10

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