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00 CR42 Falco


Guy Rump
Interesting build, watching 👍
28 November 2021, 15:22
Johan van Meerloo
had loads of fit issues with the topwing, almost was ready to let it fly on its own power......
but now its good, only need to fix the damaged paint due to fixating both wings.
after paint is done ready for decals, Im going to put the pannels and propellor on the last after decals.
28 November 2021, 17:58
David Taylor
Done well with this one.
28 November 2021, 18:18
Johan van Meerloo
not happy yet, but its okayish now so now finetuning then decals then weathering(as far as Im able)
29 November 2021, 18:35
Moreno Baruffini
Dear Johan, I'm sorry, but I'm not convinced about the colours and the camo. What reference are you following?
29 November 2021, 21:12
Johan van Meerloo
colours are in the instructions of the kit, only white band is missing
29 November 2021, 22:26
Johan van Meerloo
only the one in hendon is two tone so im doing the first version of the instructions with only the dark green of the one in hendon
29 November 2021, 22:28
Johan van Meerloo
and last photo is a little light check pictures before it for the "real colour"
29 November 2021, 22:30
Moreno Baruffini
Thank you very much! Now it's clear!
So you won't apply "mimetic brown" right?
1 December 2021, 06:59
Johan van Meerloo
my BR20 will have the desert, camouflage brown and drab green scheme..
this one will have two tone not 3
1 December 2021, 09:24


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1:72 CR.42 Falco (Italeri 1260)

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