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Franck Drebin (Drebin)

M7 Priest Revell/Matchbox 1/76


25 19 January, 22:04
Nice work.
25 February, 16:55
Franck Drebin
Thank you Gorby
26 February, 08:45
Guy Rump
Great work with such a small scale of armoured vehicle. 👍
26 February, 10:21
Marcin Dudek
Nice one! I remember my brother had one of these long time ago.
26 February, 10:21
Franck Drebin
Thank you very much Guy and Marcin. First time for me to build this kind of Matchbox kits since the last century and my childhood. It has been a real pleasure and a nice travel through time.
28 February, 17:52
Neil Patrick
Very nice build Franck.
15 July, 18:04
Marcin Dudek
Looks grate. I like the painting pattern 🙂👍
18 July, 17:06
Franck Drebin
Thank you Neil and Marci. The painting pattern is an interpretation of the few pictures and informations available on the subject. I think it's plausible, but anyway, that's suit me better than what was initially suggested by Revell. It's closer to the Matchbox box description in fact.
18 July, 22:50
Simon Nagorsnik
Good job and camo painting👍
21 July, 03:25
Roy McKay
Nice work. This is one of the few Matchbox I never built (or even saw) as a child.
22 July, 16:26
Ralf Topeters
That is some piece of handwork! Well done! 👍
26 July, 14:27
Franck Drebin
Thank you gentlemen. Like Roy, i had never built the Priest when I was young. So, this had to be corrected 🙂
For few years now, I've realised that I was missing the pleasure of the handwork. So this kit was perfect to rediscovering that, and furthermore, made sense to me.
27 July, 10:16
Łukasz Gliński
Always a pleasure to see the old Matchbox sprues assembled with care 👍
27 July, 10:50


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1:76 M7 HMC "Priest" (Revell 03216)

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