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RAF Display Teams

The Red Arrows became the RAF’s official display team in 1965, but before this, there were a number of unofficial and semi official teams.


17 | 13. June, 16:32
Very nice Yellowjack. I plan to build one, but with the black tail and another Gnat with the box decoration.
Nice hangar and Chipmunk too 😉
13. June, 20:15
Łukasz Gliński
Cool Gnat and the hangar looks familiar... 🙂
14. June, 07:20
Jonathan Read-Bone
Thanks @Cuajete ... they are great little kits. I'm just now working on the Red Arrow version
14. June, 19:49
Jonathan Read-Bone
Hi @Woody ... it's a great little hanger. Going to diorama it soon, so may not have access for much longer to do these photo shoots against
14. June, 19:51
Nice result with the Jet Provost too, Jonathan. I have same kit, so also I will build the Red Pelicans.
I like the metallic look in your models 👍.
15. June, 18:30
Jonathan Read-Bone
Thanks @Cuajete am following up with a couple of Red Arrows and may be even a Black Arrow ?
16. June, 16:27
Robert Podkoński
Beautiful models (and from my own experience I can say that Provost is a very modeller-friendly kit)... Maybe the Black Adder too 😄
16. June, 16:38
Łukasz Gliński
This is exactly what I read too at first sight - Black Adder team 😄
Must be the heat... 😉
16. June, 19:32
Jonathan Read-Bone
Hehe .. yes, the Provost was very modeller-friendly. I especially liked the cockpit detailing.
17. June, 05:25
Nice Hunter's gloss black effect. What paint have you used?
29. June, 18:41
Jonathan Read-Bone
Hi Cuajete. I use Vallejo black and then Pledge Revive It Floor Gloss. It was a varnish I was recommended via a forum some time ago and it works ok for me.
30. June, 05:32
Erik De Smet
Very nice collection aerobatic planes and the famous gpm hangar too ( I still have to finish mine)
30. June, 08:04
Oleg Smilyk
Never seen such a stunning display!So many cool planes, amazing!
26. July, 18:35
Mark K
Fabulous work!
26. July, 20:36
Jonathan Read-Bone
Thank you guys ?
27. July, 19:48
28. July, 17:54


1:72 Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.4 (Airfix A68219)1:72 Medium Starter Set RAF Red Arrows Hawk (Airfix A55202C)1:72 RAF Red Arrows Gnat (Airfix A55105)3+
Folland Gnat T.1
GB Military Royal Air Force (1918-now)
Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team - Red Arrows XR977
1979 - RAF Kemble, Gloucestershire

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