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Erebus Nyx
Gary Kitchen (Erebus Nyx)

Wellington MK III

Will be Wellington GT-C (X3706) part of my Stony Memorial collection.


9 | 6. September 2020, 22:34
Great start. 🙂
6. September 2020, 23:13
Andy Ball
Hey, that's a great start!, I thought it was "The 'fix" one for a second-similarly detailed, that I've previously built. My Trumpeter 72nd experience is their Tu-128 which went together great, albeit with some sloppy inaccuracies [that others pointed out to me, so I'd have been none the wiser]
7. September 2020, 11:10
Gary Kitchen
Thanks for the encouraging comments guys. @Andy I'll have a look in your albums and take a look at your Wellington for tips 👍 @Erik thanks- I see you have a P.11c in your albums which was a Heller kit. I've just finished an Arma Hobby version which was lovely but a bit fiddly for my reintroduction to hobby. I've not detailed the build but have few snaps to put up soon.
7. September 2020, 14:15
Gary Kitchen
Nose turret has arrived and so back on to this lovely kit.
22. November 2020, 18:09
Splendid. 👍
22. January, 23:41
Jay Dubya
Nice one Gary
23. January, 00:02
Andy Ball
Not checked in on you for a while, this is looking great! Are you going to lighten the tops of the fabric over the geodesic structure too? Trumpeter seems to serve up some mean panel structures...
23. January, 15:45
Gary Kitchen
Thanks all for your views, likes and comments. I'm almost there, final pics to follow. @Andy- I may well do a bit of dry brushing over top. I have to say this has been a lovely little kit any imperfections are inevitably mine. The only frustration was (a) no open bomb bay option, (b) the fuselage windows weren't particularly well fitting.
23. January, 18:50
David Taylor
Nice Wimpey.
23. January, 19:04


1:72 Wellington Mk.III (Trumpeter 01627)1:72 Wellington Mk.III S.A. (Eduard SS320)

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