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Megan Harris (Megan98)



Megan Harris added a new photoalbum.
2 | 30. April, 13:23
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Cockpit & engines are very good, nice work, great detailing
6. May, 21:51
Good going Megan :) look forward to the next.
16. May, 01:06
Ahh that's a nice result!
16. May, 08:20
Roland Gunslinger
Nice result
16. May, 08:40
Łukasz Gliński
Very promising build, I like the panel lines accents. Keep it up
16. May, 09:44
Megan Harris
Thanks guys. My first proper project so i've got a long way to go, until im anywhere near as good as you people!
16. May, 11:11
Lost track of this - it turned out very nicely, Megan! Great brush job (much better than I can do) - you might try your local hardware or auto parts store for a cheap compressor and airbrush set as a starter (if you're interested in going that way); they're usually a lot cheaper than hobby shops for that stuff. Keep turning them out like this and you'll be in comps before you know it!
27. August, 00:34
Donald Dickson II
First project???? Wow! Thats pretty damn good for the first time out!
27. August, 01:22

August 4, 2020

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21. April, 23:15
David Taylor
Its a re-box of the Matchbox kit so you might expand your search.
4. August, 14:16

August 2, 2020

Megan Harris added a new photoalbum.
16 images
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Project: Revell Do-17
3 | 27. May, 22:11
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Łukasz Gliński
Frugal paint mgmt is not something you see often at the beginning of an airbrush adventure (me included, took me years :D ), keep it up!
14. July, 07:41
Very nice. Congrats!
14. July, 18:24
14. July, 18:25
Thomas Bischoff
Sorry - just found a common mistake in your build: the ailerons do move in opposite directions, i.e one down the other up.
My early builds were also wrong :)
14. July, 19:19
Megan Harris
Hi Thomas. I know they move in opposite directions, i just wanted to recreate a sort of "droop" as you'd see when an modern aircraft is idle. Probably not accurate, however i think its a nice effect
30. July, 21:26
Thomas Bischoff
True! It looks good :-;
31. July, 06:03
Andy Ball
Great build!
31. July, 06:37
Count Buggula
Too bad the flaps aren't movable on this model, or you could have gotten the droop effect you're looking at while still being more accurate. Still, you've done a great job. Overall really good looking build, especially for your first try with an airbrush!
2. August, 18:19

July 30, 2020

Megan Harris added a new photoalbum.
1 | 30. July, 21:39
Megan Harris added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 13 images
30. July, 21:37

June 24, 2020

Megan Harris
Just wanted everyones opinion. What do you all think of Matchbox models? Never done one before, and am interested in doing so, but am unsure about them. Are they good? detailed? how do they fit? how are the decals?

Many thanks guys :)
14. June, 22:07
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Lochsa_River was the gratuitous soft [****]ography that did it...

i objected and the soft [****] fans all weighed in...pretty simple...
15. June, 01:06
...and now Tim has a nudity filter and the soft [****] quantity (not to mention quality), is way done....
15. June, 01:13
Lochsa_River clue about Matchbox some and let all the "mates" here know...
15. June, 01:15
Alec K
Hi Megan. I did their Helldiver a while back. Plastic was good quality, finely molded simplified details, the fit was very good. One downside already mentioned are exaggerated recessed panel lines (not easily fixed). At this point, the decals are probably no good either. Unless you can't find the subject you are looking for, I would avoid. Just my 5 cents, best of luck
15. June, 02:15
I still have a couple of Matchbox kits in the stash. As has been mentioned, they are pretty basic with trench-like panel lines but most do build up quite well with some effort. Matchbox often made subjects no-one else would cover and they still appear in many cases as Revell kits (the Victor K.2 and DHC.6 Twin Otter are two that come to mind), although Revell make them as one-colour sprues in contrast to the two or three-colour they came in originally. Give them a go.
15. June, 02:20
playtime 222
That reminds me - the plastic was very shiny but I cannot remember if there were any issues with it cos I wasnt much of a filler/sander in 1975 - just have suspicions :D Obviously re-pops such as Revell use their own plastic now.
15. June, 05:58
Did you find a Matchbox plane kit yet Megan?
I was flicking thru eBay earlier today & there are a whole bunch of em starting at less than a tenner
19. June, 15:33
Styrene, I can think of only one reason you have decided to post on this thread again after so long and that is to stir it up again.

Kindly do not.
24. June, 10:22

June 3, 2020

Megan Harris added a new photoalbum.
17. May, 15:34
Watching your progress with interest...
20. May, 00:51
Megan Harris
She's almost done. Had a big break because i had to wait for my online delivery for the paints i required. Thanks very much to ScaleModelShop for their service ! :)
3. June, 22:29
Kenneth Hanson
Nice looking Corsair, Megan!
3. June, 23:28

June 1, 2020

Megan Harris
So, i was really upset to learn that humbrol and several other big brands, use real Sable fur in a variety of their brushes. I won't bore you with my reasons, but for ethical opinions, i refuse to use any products that an animal has been killed for (except food of course)....
but on to my point...
i am in need of some detail brushes smaller than size 0. Does anyone know of any good SYNTHETIC detail brushes out there? :)
24. May, 23:34
I've used these in the past with good success
25. May, 00:01
Megan Harris
I managed to buy a pack of 4 nylon detail brushes from a local craft shop. £2 for 4 brushes!! :D
27. May, 22:05
Nice going hope they work out for you
27. May, 22:07
Thanks Megan for showing me a new word. I had to look sable up. Kit modelling opens so many doors. ;)
28. May, 10:13
Megan Harris
It does indeed. Basically brushes that use "sable hair" farm or kill little furry weasel-type animals, just to use their hair/fur for brushes. It's horrible :(
28. May, 11:17
Edward Turner
I did not know this Megan, thank you so much for the Info, I am retired now but severed in the Military for 25 years and seen a lot of you know, but I am obsessed by the mistreatment of Animals by greedy Humans, it make's me so Angry, more so that seeing humans mistreated, I know this sounds bad to some; but that's what I believe! And I say what I think; sorry if I offend anyone.

Thank you

28. May, 11:28
Megan Harris
Edward your opinion is just like mine. I admire that comment so much. So yes, please check whether your brushes are synthetic or hair. If it says they are made of hair, then it's usually small furry weasel type animals which are either trapped and suffer for days, or raised on horrible fur farms. If you prefer hair brushes, then that's your choice; however, I do recommend looking into the horrible mistreatment of the animals that your brushes come from. :).
28. May, 22:37
Animals are not ours to eat, wear, or experiment on...and also not to make paint brushes from. I've never bought a hair brush and never will, same goes for many other types of products. Being human means being humane - and we are not the top of the food chain, we are the custodians of this planet...the ONLY planet capable of supporting life as we know it within a practical travel distance. The more people who come to terms with this and change their habits, the better off this unique rock will be.
28. May, 23:33
Edward Turner
When it comes right down to it My Friends; We are just intelligent Apes!! and I use the word Intelligent Loosely.

Take Care Stay Safe

29. May, 02:11
Megan Harris
Mike you are absolutely spot on!!!
1. June, 20:17

May 27, 2020

Megan Harris added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 16 images
In progress
27. May, 22:08
Megan Harris added a new project.
Albums: 0
27. May, 22:08

May 20, 2020

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20. May, 23:36
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20. May, 23:31
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20. May, 23:19

May 17, 2020

Megan Harris added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 23 images
In progress
17. May, 15:32
Megan Harris
Anyone have any good ideas for what to use for the rigging/antenna wire on the exterior of planes?
16. May, 22:03
Roland Gunslinger
Hi Megan, i'm using this one for 1/72 scale ww2
Rigging Super Fine .01 mm (MIG Productions A.MIG-8016, No)

No Rigging Super Fine .01 mm (MIG Productions A.MIG-8016)

PS: Some modeler's using that technique:
Youtube Video

16. May, 22:12
Sergej I
Same as Roland, the Mig rigging line is almost perfect, it will attach with CA almost immediately and it's strong and elastic. How many times have I pushed my hand in it, where stretched sprue would have broken, this one just jumped back into its perfectly straight shape.
And I don't need to burn down the house
16. May, 22:27
Alan G
I use EZline. Various sizes and colours. Totally recommend it. So easy that even a grannie could use it.
17. May, 09:42

May 4, 2020

Megan Harris
Hello you guys, its me again! I'm having a little painting trouble with my Douglas Dakota. Now, i am brush painting (As i cant get the paint to work with my airbrush properly). I am using Humbrol's Matt Olive drab. And i have thinned it with Revells paint thinner, and primed the model with a grey primer. When i apply the paint onto the model, it looks smooth, even and great. However, when it dries, it leaves horrible streaky uneven colouring and marks. I'm not really too sure why this is happening, as i have thinned the paint, and primed the surface? It looks so good when its initially applied, but after an hour of drying, it looks awful. Do you guys have any suggestions as to why this is happening? (I am using a wide synthetic brush, which is perfect for this kind of painting)
4. May, 00:18
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Roland Gunslinger
@Augie Sorry, i apologize. That was a misinterpretation.
4. May, 16:53
Found it

Firstly Brushes :- Tamiya modelling brushes sizes NO.0 to NO.5 are what I use mostly.

Cleaned in a mix of cellulose thinners, humbrol/revell brush cleaner

Ok so to the paints.. brush paints..please remember these are just my own thoughts and finding after 30yrs of modelling, based on solely using the hairy stick.


Enamels Older stuff is generally ok, newer has seemingly huge quality control issues. I have brand new cans where I can honestly pop the lid off and turn them upside down and nothing comes out! It does however thin out well with Humbrol, Revell, VMS thinners.

Acrylics are generally fine and if need thinning use IPA or water.

Humbrol Authentic range:-

Enamels Old school style, stink to high heavens but are probably the best paints I have used. I have pots older than me that still work fine...probably poisonous.

Airfix:- See Humbrol Authentics


Enamels most of mine are older so hard to tell, they thin well with Revell and VMS, but not with Humbrol thinners.

Acrylics tend to be a little on the thick side, however thin with just about any acrylic thinner (Mr Color excluded) and work well


Enamels, not used many but they all have been fine from the glass, good coverage and good stable drying time allows time to work with brush.


Acrylics, dry quickly I find so need a few drops of retarder to slow them down to be manageable. Thin with IPA if needed

Mr Color:-

Nice constancy, but need a touch of Mr Color thinner to make them manageable


Acrylics Used both their airbrush ones and brush ones with brushes and they go on really well, don't need to be thinned and don't dry too quickly


Acrylics thin as heck and coverage is poor. might be fine in airbrush, not so great with brush.


Acrylics they are like Hataka paints, thin but not too thin. Work well with smooth finish

Model Air (Vallejo) :-

Acrylic, lots of thin coats but build well. Used on my flanker with great results.
4. May, 16:58
LucLuke B
Hello Augie, why no Vallejo in your bible?
4. May, 17:02
Hi Luke, I've amended it, the air colour was actually model air.. which are Vallejo.
4. May, 17:09
LucLuke B
Thanks, very instructive, specially since model shops have disappeared in my neck of the woods and there are many brands out there. Also difficult to choose colours online. I've had a few surprises when receiving paints that were not the colour I was hoping for.

4. May, 17:25
A good overview of paints, but two important ones missing: Alclad and Mr.Paint ( which are great airbrush paints.
4. May, 17:27
Reason they are missing, is that I have not used them. :)
4. May, 17:30
Ah @Augie, Humbrol Authentic... I used them as a teenager and still regret them.

Earlier I mentioned resin and washing. It was resin and primer,in fact...
4. May, 18:41
Megan Harris added a new photoalbum.
2 images
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4. May, 12:09

April 30, 2020

Megan Harris added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 45 images
30. April, 13:19

April 26, 2020

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26. April, 22:52
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26. April, 22:45
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26. April, 22:44

April 24, 2020

Megan Harris
Hello. Another question from me (Sorry!). But I purchased Revell starter kit airbrush which is cheap and plastic. And it doesn't come with any kind of nozzle you can use, to spray smaller areas for detail. This airbrush is operated by a propellant can. I was wondering if a normal airbrush (The proper metal ones that you guys use) can be attached to a propellant can and powered that way. (I cannot afford, or have any space for a compressor).
Many thanks again! :)
23. April, 22:52
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I bought a good airbrush. I used it a couple of times then I bent the needle whilst cleaning it.
I went back to brushes. No worry with breathing apparatus, gas mask... And I enjoy the precision.
24. April, 01:00
Unless you plan on doing fine lines, sharp edges or intricate fading then a basic single action airbrush like you already have is plenty.
And you're right about the costs of propellant cans, a cheap mini compressor is no more expensive than 3 of those & lasts forever, gives constant pressure & is easier to use
24. April, 08:45
David Andrs
Augie, Olivier: How do you guys paint feathered lines/spots with a brush? Or maybe better question, what technique do you use for that?

And do you do clear coats with brushes too? How does that work/behave?
24. April, 14:55
Hi David,

Soft edges are an interesting subject when it comes to brush painting and really its subjective in general when it comes to the question of scale. I personally don't tend to worry about them as most of the schemes I do don't have soft edges.

Spots I just paint with a soft flat brush much the same as normal.

Clear coats, I use future, with a wide soft brush. Works just like any other and gives a smooth finish.

Not saying I am the greatest painter, but have a look at my albums, see what you think.

24. April, 16:48
For the spots you can use a brush the hair of which you have cut with scissors . A bit like for stencils.
24. April, 18:08
Megan Harris
Olivier, For doing spots with a brush, wont that still give a solid edge appearance? How do you achieve a faded blended line, like how the German messerschmitt fighters have?
24. April, 22:57
Megan Harris
Augie, i have just looked at your hawkeye model, and the final finish is so smooth and even, even with a brush
24. April, 23:02
Just takes practice and a good brush :)
24. April, 23:58
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24. April, 00:13

April 22, 2020

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22. April, 21:12
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22. April, 20:45
Megan Harris added a new photoalbum.
This album no longer exists
This album does not contain any images.
19. April, 23:34
View full thread (20 Comments)
B Pierre
David I'm sorry you're absolutely right google translation translates my pages I sometimes forget that it's done automatically. I know the Isle of Man from these motorcycle races. The island is beautiful, for your curiosity you will find videos on Youtube. Youtube Video

22. April, 00:37
Best road race in the world, shame it'll get shelved this year.
Save lives first, have loads of fun after ;)
22. April, 08:46
How many drivers were killed during that race? Quite a few I believe. So that also will save lives.
22. April, 12:04
Luton ? So you flew to the Isle of Man.
22. April, 12:09
Sadly right Olivier, a few racers have died or got seriously hurt over the years in the pursuit of the fastest lap.
What is more unfortunate is the accident & death toll for visiting riders.
Mad Sunday used to be a very dangerous event, thankfully the authorities have reigned in the public with some safety measures.

Megan....... I was born in Bedfordshire, most of my family came from Hockliffe & worked in Luton & Dunstable.
I live in Milton Keynes now.
22. April, 13:07
Rui S
Great vídeo, beautiful race but deadly track. 8)
22. April, 13:45
Megan Harris
My mum and her family are from Dunstable, that's where I was born! And yes I flew to the island almost 20 years ago.
22. April, 16:52
Ha! Small world!
22. April, 17:35

April 21, 2020

Megan Harris completed this item
21. April, 23:03
Megan Harris added a new project.
1:72 'Design-A-Hawk' (Airfix A50140)
21. April, 22:55
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21. April, 22:48
Megan Harris added a new photoalbum.
12 images
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21. April, 14:18
Patrick Hagelstein
Some nice builds Megan! That F-5 surely looks intricate.
21. April, 22:27
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21. April, 14:15
Megan Harris
So, Just bought myself my first airbrush (Revell starter class) - ( because I'm a newbie to airbrushing, im only used to brushes) . Can anyone give me any starting advice and tips on airbrushing? The first model I am going to use it on is an Airfix Douglas Dakota military version (With jeep)

thanks so much! :)
19. April, 23:26
Michael Hickey
Hi Megan, one of the most important rules to follow is always keep your airbrush clean after using it. If you do this then you should have no problems with clogging.
20. April, 07:01
Łukasz Gliński
I think that Revell still sells the same starter airbrush I used to use years ago as my first one too (the one with a jar underneath). So my recommendations would be:
- remember to thin the paint properly - this airbrush can spray bit thicker paint than the others, but it's a good starting point
- some say the paint should have the milk consistency, the others provide some formulas - check the paint provider webpages or modelling forums (like this one :) )
- try to learn spraying multiple very thin layers, so you don't loose the details of the sprayed surface
- cleaning is tricky at one point, the place where you attach the jar has a simmering, which has to be removed to clean it properly (otherwise your next paint may mix with the residue)
- remember it's a single-action thing, so you can only change the amount of paint, not the airflow
- get a compressor as fast as you can using the compressed air cans is annoying (I recommend a compressor with the airtank, so you won't struggle with the airflow changes)
- not sure what paint you're gonna use, my fav are the lacquer based ones, but bear in mind the Revell jars are not so tight as they may seem, so keeping acrylic or even enamel paints in them for a longer time is risky (#truestory, checked on my own)
Enjoy your new stuff :)
BTW New Airfix Dak is a good choice, built one lately (w/o the Jeep), watch out for the tail antenna (easy to break) and the top-wing-fuselage joints.
20. April, 08:10
And most important be very careful with ventilation, wear a mask !
21. April, 12:52
Alistair Graham
Great advice above. But also learn to make your own masks. Tamiya tape a sharp curved scalpel are good for cockpit canopies. Also you can use some latex maskol for larger areas or small round windows/lights... Plenty demos on YouTube. It might be frustrating at first until you get the paint consistency correct. Good luck with the spraying.
21. April, 13:02
David Andrs
I always hated that "milk consistency" advise. I would say a good rule of thumb for a beginner is 50:50 paint/thinner. Do not be afraid to use more thinner. It will look too thin and it won't cover too much, but in the end that's what you really want. More thinner layers is better than one thicker as Lukasz already said.

Use piece of paper or scrap of plastic and get a feel how your airbrush behaves. Paper will be more forgiving, plastic will behave more like when you will be spraying your model.

Try different distances from the sprayed surface.

Try to make an even coat over medium sized area. Keep the airbrush moving. You do not need to do that circular motion you see on youtube videos. Going back and forth with constant speed is actually better (think of a those robots in factories spraying the car bodies :))

Start spraying off the area/model and while the paint flows move to the area you want to spray. Sometimes the airbrush will spit and you don't want that on your model.

Take your time to build up the layers. This will be useful later when you start doing all the fancy airbrushing techniques...

Acrylic paint have tendency to dust (dries too quickly before it hits the surface). Usually you need to get closer and lower the air pressure (which may not be possible for you if you have spray cans). Acrylic paint retarder may help you with this.

Enamel paint takes much longer to dry, sometimes it can take days to be fully dry.

Let the paint to fully cure before you move to the next build stage.

If you are too close and/or there is too much paint, the paint will spider. It is easier to fix when your paint is thin.

If you see rough surface after the paint dried, your paint was not thin enough.

To clean your airbrush, make sure you use the correct cleaner so you won't clog your airbrush, which will be a pain to get clean again. This may be not be a big issue for you, since your airbrush has external mixing.

If things do not work, clean your airbrush. Step away and try again later. There is a learning curve.

Also, if things do not work, take a picture of the problem, post it here and I am sure somebody will help you - there is a helpful bunch of people around here.

21. April, 13:38
Megan Harris just joined this community.
19. April, 23:31
20. April, 06:35
Gerald Willing
Hello Welcome here my Lady :)
20. April, 07:12
21. April, 12:53

April 20, 2020

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20. April, 00:53

April 19, 2020

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19. April, 23:50
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19. April, 23:46
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19. April, 23:30
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19. April, 21:09
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19. April, 21:01


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