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Mike Basterfield (mikeyb37)

Matchbox/AMT 1:16 1955 Ford Thunderbird


30. January 2020, 22:18
it certainly looks fantastic. what kind of paint you use for the body? i assume that you also use some polishign
and since i am asking... what kind of fan did you use for the home made paint booth? I am thinking on building something similar. is it a bathroom fan? what specs?
20. January, 23:00
Mike Basterfield
Hi Spanjaard, thank you 🙂 On this one i used Tamiya TS18 Metallic red, over a silver base coat & then lacquered it using Tamiya TS74 Clear red. I polished it using a mix of T-Cut scratch remover & Turtlewax auto polish... unfortunately i think i went a bit too hard on it because it lost some of it's candy effect after polishing.
It is a bathroom fan, make sure you buy a fan with a brushless motor to avoid the chance of sparks igniting paint fumes. i just fit an oven extractor fan filter over it and vent it out of the window
20. January, 23:42
thanks a lot Mike, really appreciated. specially the tip about the brushless motor 🙂
21. January, 00:16
Mike Basterfield
No problem, glad to be of help 🙂
21. January, 00:19


1:16 1955 Ford Thunderbird (Matchbox/AMT PK-7506)

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