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William De Coster (eazyprinz)

T-34 Airfix - part 1 (Assembly, painting and oil washes)

I didn't do many corrections on this kit (where would it end ???), I only wanted to do a quick assembly so I could focus on the weathering... instead I spent about 3 weeks to get to the decal stage + clear coat, ready for the weathering fun now.... Cheers !


27. February 2020, 20:17
William De Coster
Trying to come to grips with the album format - some pictures are not in the proper sequence, hope to do better next time...
27. February 2020, 20:24
Bob Hall
Is That supposed to say Vladimir Mayakovsky ? The Poet ?
28. February 2020, 01:20
Looks great, nice process shots 👍
28. February 2020, 01:38
William De Coster
Thanks friends, especially for demystifying the what I assumed was a patriotic slogan, it indeed seems to read Vladimir Mayakovsky - good catch Bob, I learned something on a Friday evening... ;)
28. February 2020, 17:10
Bob Hall
I only ask because if so, that is not to criticize but it was spelled wrong. is it a decal from the kit ? Влади́мир Маяко́вский, is the proper spelling. The Tank looks great, I was just curious and was a bit confused by the spelling.
28. February 2020, 18:58
William De Coster
That's a very interesting observation Bob, it was a kit decal, I have uploaded a picture of the decal sheet (the model comes from the Heller 1945 The Last Battle gift box) - and I believe I found a picture of the real tank... The decal seems to match the picture, but I don't know in how far the writing in the picture is correct - maybe it's a "soldiers slang" spelling ? Thanks very much for the very interesting input :)
29. February 2020, 13:51
M Ferguson
Most impressive. Gives me a couple of ideas to try with this 1:76 classic 🙂 .
29. February 2020, 20:14
William De Coster
Thanks M, I find these cheap oldies perfect to practice new techniques on, with the challenge to try to make them look more realistic then they are
1. March 2020, 16:09
M Ferguson
Fair enough. I've got several similar experiments on the go, as far as gleaning more detail and realism from basic kits😉 .
1. March 2020, 23:10
William De Coster
I know - it's a challenge :)
Meanwhile I have posted adding mud, grime and dust & dirt to the kit in another album - otherwise this album becomes too bulky to browse through... if only I could find a way to add the link here... or link these albums together somehow...
3. March 2020, 22:19
Great update and great process shots, worth a thousand words to see materials, products and techniques like that 👍
4. March 2020, 01:37
William De Coster
Thanks Tom, I wish I had more time to play and experiment with this model... Meanwhile I made some progress, and added some pictures to the second gallery (if only I could put a link here) about adding the wheels and tracks and replacing the gun barrel
8. March 2020, 14:37


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