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Audrius N (senux)

Mig-21MF Eduard 1/72 Library edition


14 | 13. June, 18:46
Looks like a real Mig. A luxurious fighter, looking very neat with all these small antennas, air intakes, and other scratches

15. June, 20:08
Alexander Grivonev
Great extra effort👍
15. June, 21:17
Dave Flitton
Awesome work!. What does "Library Edition" mean?
16. June, 00:07
Audrius N
thanks all for feedback!
@Dave - Library edition was the initial release of Eduard Mig-21 kit, even before Profipack or Weekend edition, even Overtrees. It was like a teaser release. However it has some benefits. For ex. the tail fin injected separately, thus it allows to position it as you like. As I know in later editions the tail fin is injected together with the tail.
16. June, 07:20
Audrius, amazing attention to detail, well done
16. June, 11:13
Audrius N
@Jonn - thanks. It took time to scratch, however brings to life this Mig.
16. June, 13:06


In progress
1:72 MiG-21MF Library Edition (Eduard 2124)
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF-75 Fishbed-J
CSK Military Československé vojenské letectvo (Czechoslovak Air Force 1940-1993)
82 Independent Fighter Sqn. 4127
June 1991 - Mošnov AFB
grey with small Eduard paint

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