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OcCre Polaris - WIP


15 | 27. July 2020, 20:02
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These wooden models require a lot more accuracy than the plastic ones.
I'm busy adding Walnut veneer on mine ATM and because it's the final finish it has to be good
30. July 2020, 08:50
Chaz Gordon
Another wooden boat?

I'll be interested in feedback on the occre kit, I just got one of their SF cable cars for my birthday. Just looking at how the kit is packaged is impressive.
30. July 2020, 17:25
Tom ...
Chaz, I had to sideline the other boat as it is not really a beginner's kit. I got the Polaris mainly because it is geared for beginners and I'm liking it a lot so far. It just being larger makes life easier.

I have a more detailed build log over on MSW: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/25152-polaris-by-havelock-occre-150/

I'm reposting pics here just so my scale mates can see what's happening, and to see something different.

The kit itself seems good quality for the price. My only real gripe so far is with the quality of the decking strips. They have fairly noticeable "cross" grain which detracts from the "realism" of the wood at scale. The instructions are very clear and there is a complete step-by-step series of videos too.

However, I'm finding that even with the detailed instructions, you really need to dry fit and carefully sand so that surfaces mate well, much more so than with plastic kits - just as Wilky says. Also I can really recommend Titebond II for gluing. Really great stuff. I avoid using CA as much as possible, though if the wood is getting painted it's not such an issue but wood glue is going to give a much stronger bond.

Can't wait for you to start your build. I was eying those kits too and would love to see one being built!
30. July 2020, 21:49
30. July 2020, 21:54
The out of scale grain is always going to be a problem when using real wood on a model
30. July 2020, 22:43
I'm impressed too, I especially applaud your custom sanding stick, born out of necessity 🙂
30. July 2020, 23:55
Tom ...
True that. In this case though there is the added "tree rings", I'm guessing, in the wood that is showing? If you look at pic #6: OcCre Polaris - WIP | Album by Cohort (1:50) you can see the large dark areas that cris-crossing the planks.

It's not the end of the world, and this is not meant to be a scale accurate model per se, but I don't care for the aesthetic. 🙁
31. July 2020, 00:01
Tom ...
Making progress on the first planking. Lots of measuring, marking, bending and nailing. I feel like a cobbler!
2. August 2020, 04:18
Tom ...
Got the first planking done and an initial sanding.
6. August 2020, 20:59
I'm sure you could build the real thing after this model!
7. August 2020, 19:00
Tom ...
No way, JD. The model is enough work as is... 🙂
8. August 2020, 03:12
Tom ...
Starting on the second planking using contact cement. First time using this kind of glue and it's definitely a learning curve. Maybe this weekend I can get the hull completed. That would be great as then I can relax more with the build....
8. August 2020, 03:14
Tom ...
Nearly done with the hull area. Still have to finish the bulwark and rail cap, and attach the rubber.... then it's on to doing the deck area and above!!! Looking forward to that.
18. August 2020, 06:48
That's looking excellent
18. August 2020, 07:08
18. August 2020, 07:15
Łukasz Gliński
Impressive work, following
18. August 2020, 07:39
Dominik Weitzer
Wow! something different - Looking really good!
18. August 2020, 10:33
Chaz Gordon
Like a miniature Gibbs working in a Miniature basement, beautiful work.
19. August 2020, 00:05
Ben M
I've been watching this but adding myself to the album so I don't miss updates.
20. August 2020, 04:19
Bob Hall
Looking awesome, Tom !
20. August 2020, 06:18
Amazing progress! I have a question about Stynylrez primer, is it sandable?
25. August 2020, 22:34
Rui S
I like your work and photos a lot. Very well done all arround. 👍
Looking forward to see the next steps
25. August 2020, 22:54
Tom ...
Thank you all. I'm definitely enjoying working with wood for a change.

JD, it is sandable but you need to let it cure fully to get good feathering.
26. August 2020, 00:06
26. August 2020, 03:10
Danumurthi Mahendra
this is another level, way above what I do. lovely in-progress photos showing the results
26. August 2020, 03:57
Tom ...
Got the last of the major "construction" completed with the hatchway and deckhouse done. Next is the masts and rigging wich is all new to me.
30. August 2020, 08:37
Dominik Weitzer
Buddy, that looks so good. Perfect job so far!
30. August 2020, 11:06
Chaz Gordon
coming along very nicely.
30. August 2020, 15:22
Tom ...
Have most of the construction part completed. Now mainly rigging to do.
4. September 2020, 06:28
Łukasz Gliński
Wow, it looks grand on the last pics
4. September 2020, 07:42
Tom Beighley
Those masts really make the size apparent, not a small model. Looking great!
7. September 2020, 05:04
Tom ...
Got all the main rigging done. Just have the sails to add now. Weird that this is nearly complete. So far spent about 70 hours on it.
10. September 2020, 09:56
It's really a masterpiece Tom! Expert level craftsmanship. 👍
10. September 2020, 20:34
Tom ...
Thx, JD. It's not too shabby but the modeler only sees the mistakes, right? 🙂 However, I've learnt a lot building this one so I'm not too upset with what went wrong. In the next build I won't be so forgiving of myself. 🙁

I will say that anyone thinking about trying their hand at wooden ships should give this kit a go. The only complaint I had was with the quality of the strips for the decking but I think that is common for inexpensive kits. Having said that you have to keep in mind that "inexpensive" is a relative term here. For wooden kits an inexpensive kit is around the $100 to $150 mark so it's way more money than a typical plastic kit.

The key with this kit is that instructions (and 80 videos) leave very little guesswork and it's not too simple a build nor too complicated. I found it challenging but not overwhelming.
10. September 2020, 22:54
Bill Newcomer
I see a note in the hull. Are you in Portland, OR?
10. September 2020, 23:24
Tom ...
Bill, I am. It's a little smokey here right now.
10. September 2020, 23:33
I'm up north from you here in Washington. Fires everywhere, air quality is bad.
11. September 2020, 00:42
Ben M
I'm in Colorado and it's bad here too. Looked at a map, and everything west of I-25 to the west coast is on fire. Except Nevada. I guess you can't burn rocks.
11. September 2020, 01:20
Tim Heimer
All I can say is wow! Best of luck with those fires!
11. September 2020, 03:35
Tom ...
Yeah, we are really smoked in now. There's an inversion layer happening. The air quality is terrible. But that is nothing compared the lost people are experiencing up and down the coast. A neighbor of ours has a friend in Phoenix, outside Medford, who doesn't have a home anymore.
11. September 2020, 03:37
Tim Heimer
As they say, count your blessings!
11. September 2020, 03:47
Dominik Weitzer
wow. the "wiring" Looks awesome. Comes along very nice!
11. September 2020, 05:18
Tom, get yourself a box fan and attach a furnace filter rated to remove smoke, and thank me later. JD
11. September 2020, 20:17
Chaz Gordon
Wow, looking good Tom. Pirate ship next?
12. September 2020, 09:57
Tim Heimer
I envy the guys who can build these ships! I know my limitations!
12. September 2020, 15:19
Tom ...
Hmmm.... it's "speak like a pirate" next week... Going to have a take a good long time to figure out the next ship build. They definitely require more time and effort than my typical plastic models so need to choose one that I'm really excited about. We'll see. I also have a bunch of plastic kits I need to get back too. I think I have 5 projects on hold... sheesh!
12. September 2020, 19:22
Beautiful job Tom. She looks great
12. September 2020, 23:34
Tim Heimer
Remember, To Errr is pirate, to error is human! Looking great Tom!
13. September 2020, 02:55
Chaz Gordon
13. September 2020, 10:11
Bill Newcomer
Tom, Excellent job on challenging yourself and succeeding. On a separate subject, here in Salem we have been trapped in the house because of the smoke. The first couple of days was really bad. The winds have died down which helps fighting the fires but is not helping to make the smoke go away.
13. September 2020, 21:35
Guys, I'm telling you... Youtube Video

13. September 2020, 22:27
Bob Hall
Life in Oregon and Washington State ! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14. September 2020, 00:25
Bob Hall
But on a Serious note, Boat looks outstanding, some serious mad modeling skills there Tom ! Bravo !
14. September 2020, 00:36
Yeah, sorry to be a downer on your magnificent build Tom, just looking out for my people here in the N.W
14. September 2020, 01:52
Tom ...
Thx you guys. It was a fun build. Something a little different. Hopefully the smoke is going away soon. I miss my porch.
14. September 2020, 03:55
Łukasz Gliński
Outstanding effect, it looks sooooooo real 👍 Props for the rigging too 👍
Btw. How come you've got such a clean workbench?😉
14. September 2020, 07:29
Tom ...
Lukasz it's easy. I take my arm and swipe everything to the floor... 🙂
14. September 2020, 09:48
Daniel Klink
Very beautiful built and result Tom...👍
14. September 2020, 09:52
Tim Heimer
Tom, I've got to teach myself that clearing method! I hear it works great!
14. September 2020, 17:15
Bill Newcomer
What! No skull and cross bones flag!
14. September 2020, 18:09
Tom Beighley
Turned out really nice!
15. September 2020, 03:54
Bob Hall
15. September 2020, 04:32


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