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Mirko Römer (MonoWyvern)

1/72 Modelcollect M983A2 HEMTT

1/72 Modelcollect M983A2 HEMTT


6 | 9. March 2019, 22:24
Mirko Römer
Still a long way to go. Waiting for the Tankograd HEMTT double edition. Safety belts and brake parts need to scratched next.
15. March 2019, 22:05
Maicon Werplotz
Thats quite nice so far....the PE parts came with the kit?
21. March 2019, 15:51
Mirko Römer
Tetra Model Works, see pics attached. There's also a set for the Patriot trailer available. The Modelcollect kit has no pe-parts at all, but the MAN-series has very nice ones.
21. March 2019, 16:01
Dave Flitton
Looks really good!
21. March 2019, 16:32
Bryn Crandell
Looking goof. Watching to the end.
22. March 2019, 15:31
Mirko Römer
D-Day. Decision Day. Modelcollect provides us with a truly beautiful kit - but it's an incomplete hybrid... So does Tetra Models. The kit has got both winches, the smaller one on the right for self recovery and a bigger one, that can be mounted on the midship platform for towing engineer equipment up on the trailer. When I found rare pics of an M983A2 LET (Light Equipment Transporter), I discovered that it doesn't have the self recovery winch any more. It was replaced by a box. On the left, the fuel tank got some steps. The decals from Modelcollect only represent early M983 tractors used by air defence units.

For an early M983 the next problem arose from the Tetra Models set which is - apart from the following lines - really superb. It does have the late style footpegs of an M983 A2 /A2R / A4 but the big platform part for the lying sprare wheel that an M983 usually carries. On the other hand it lacks any parts for the self recovery winch bushings/roller housings.

Due to the decals I opted for the early M983 variant and scratched these parts. Next steps will be installing a winch cable and the small crane to the right of the engine. So much fun, thank you everybody… ;)
23. March 2019, 21:27
Mirko Römer
First test of loose fitting parts
25. March 2019, 21:23
Looks very good. Figure as well!
7. April 2019, 08:16
Mirko Römer
Thanks! Some minor work left but almost done.
7. April 2019, 11:31
Mirko Römer
Some small steps further. Hydraulic/air lines and flat coat and we're are done.
29. April 2019, 20:11
Zsolt Czegle
Schöne Arbeit! 👍
29. April 2019, 20:40
That's very well researched. The small detail work is exquisite. I most like the rucksack on the passenger seat, to me highliting the problem with all military vehicles, they never design them with space for the soldiers massive amount of kit.
1. May 2019, 08:31
Mirko Römer
Thank you folks, very encouraging comments
1. May 2019, 13:33
German Modeler
Looks good
8. July 2019, 21:31
Mirko Römer
Thank you, very kind. But something funny is still missing, I think. A rotten racoon or something... :)
9. July 2019, 08:37
Mirko Römer
Animals attached. The squirrel's tail bush was made from an old paintbrush snipped into small pieces.
11. September 2020, 19:14
Ruedi Betschart
Tolles Diorama 🙂
26. September 2020, 09:12
Mirko Römer
Hallo Ruedi, Danke für die netten Worte! Das war ein laaanger Weg bis dahin für so einen Kleinlaster... :)
26. September 2020, 21:34
Michael Hickey
Nice little dio.👍
26. September 2020, 22:55
Ruedi Betschart
Hallo Mirko
Ja das glaub ich dir aufs wort 🙂
27. September 2020, 11:22


1:72 M983 HEMTT Tractor Detail Up Set (Tetra Model Works ME-72006)1:72 M977 HEMTT 'XZL' Sagged Wheel set (Def.Model DW72002)1:72 M983A2 HEMTT Tractor (Modelcollect UA72083)

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