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Konrad Limmer (Kone)

MH-60K Black Hawk

This time I want to try to get a helicopter in a 3 colour camo like the Australien ones. Maybe it will be a little bit of a what if project. We will see...


11. June 2018, 19:14
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Konrad Limmer
Now here some progress pictrues of the Blackhawk Cockpit...
Main parts are painted with a grey surface primer.

At the end this one should show a three tone camo like the australian black hawks. There is a lot of work remaining... 😉.
29. July 2018, 11:58
Looking nice
29. July 2018, 16:23
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Spanjaard!
29. July 2018, 18:57
Bryn Crandell
Looking good so far. watching till the end.
31. July 2018, 12:40
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Bryn! It will take a lot of time I think. A very complex build in my opinion. But I'm full of optimism that it turns out nice 🙂! Thanks for watching 👍
31. July 2018, 16:13
31. July 2018, 18:02
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Norbert 🙂
31. July 2018, 19:27
Konrad Limmer
Little bit of progress done. Interior is nearly finsihed. Maybe a little bit of detail work later. Will see. Next steps will be the main two fusulage parts adding a lot of Eduard PE parts.
16. August 2018, 07:39
Konrad Limmer
Some more progress on PE Parts. Filling and sanding will be a big part of this kit.
But it is an enjoyable build so far.
25. August 2018, 08:08
Konrad Limmer
Another update on this never ending story of PE Parts.
I´ve got a little bit more time the last few days to add a little bit more PE Parts. The first layer of surface primer is partially done.

Once I´ve tried to put in the front windshield it is broken into two nice parts. So the next steps have to wait.

I`m currently in contact with Italeri to get a spare part of this front windshield. Will see what happens...
9. September 2018, 18:05
that is really bad luck.... hopefully you can get a replacement part. if not, well, it is not impossible to make a home replacement....
9. September 2018, 19:00
Konrad Limmer
Good news! Top service from Italeri and the German importer!
Last week I've asked for a spare Part and today afternoon I've got the info that a single spare part is not available but the complete kit for a perfect price👍

So now it is up to me that I don't destroy the second one too 😉!
10. September 2018, 18:12
but that will leave you with a new kit without the screen😉 maybe a dio of a crashed chopper?😉 black hawk down ....
13. September 2018, 12:45
Konrad Limmer
Yep thats true... But I think a small dio with a chrashed chopper ..... I'll think about it 😉
14. September 2018, 11:23
Konrad Limmer
Now I`ve primed the whole fusulage of the Blackhawk. There are a little bit more issues which have to be filled and sanded again. But anyhow the PE work is done so far. Next steps will be the main rotor and the aft one. Than I have to do the wing pylons for the external fuel tanks.
22. September 2018, 09:33
Konrad Limmer
Next update on this BlackHawk! Hell there is a lot of work remaining 😉. The most parts are done in black. I`ve changed my mind and we will have a black one and not a three tone camo. I`ve also tried to use different shades of balck to get more contrast into this one colour sheme.
Most of the decals will be not visible because these decals are also black 🙁. Shi.... happens.
The first layer of AK glossy varnish is also done. So lets start with the remaining parts (doors, fuel tanks, antennas....). And of course I`ve try to get it a little bit dirty 😉
17. October 2018, 13:36
Holger Kranich
Jesus, nice work on the pe´s! 👍 And you rescued the broken windshield, very nice! I´ll take a seat here and watch!
17. October 2018, 13:48
Konrad Limmer
Thank you very much Holger! Glad you like it!
But the broken windshield was replaced by Italeri 🙂! Great service by the way 😉
17. October 2018, 13:52
Holger Kranich
Thats indeed great Service! 👍
17. October 2018, 14:36
Konrad Limmer
So now I think the BlackHawk is finsihed 😉!
The decals are from different models and are a kind of what if...! Anyhow I like 🙂.
It was a very complex and for me difficult build but at the and and after approx. 5 months the result is ok. See you on the next project 😉
13. November 2018, 20:30
Holger Kranich
Wonderful build! Very nice, but take care of the FOD when you launch it!😉 I´m just wondering about the SA-80´s in the crew compartment.😉
14. November 2018, 07:25
Konrad Limmer
Thank you Holger 😉!
Yep all this should be part of a dio with british forces somewhere in the middle of nowhere😉!
Will see, the next important part will be an Apache in flight mode
14. November 2018, 08:38
Holger Kranich
🙂 Na dann freue ich mich schon darauf!
14. November 2018, 11:03
Konrad Limmer
Just a small amended presentation. At the end it shows also an AH64 in flight mode saving the sky above the Blackhawk.
Yep the soldier on the small quad bike isnt fully painted 😉! Just to see how it looks like.
23. November 2018, 15:11
Konrad Limmer
Added also a few new pics.
1. March 2019, 09:22
Holger Kranich
Nice nice!
1. March 2019, 09:58
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Holger
1. March 2019, 10:29
Pretty good! And now, the crah one?😉
1. March 2019, 15:32
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Spanjaard🙂!
The crashed one has to wait😉. Next one will be a german tornado.
1. March 2019, 15:55
I am sure that it will be really nice to see too 🙂
1. March 2019, 16:01
Stephan Ryll
Nice work and dio, Konrad 👍
1. March 2019, 16:10
Konrad Limmer
1. March 2019, 16:10


1:48 UH-60/MH-60 Black Hawk "Night Raid" (Italeri 2706)1:48 MH-60K exterior (Eduard 48659)1:48 MH-60K interior (Eduard FE497)1+

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