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Christopher Mullins (cmullins)

Deep Space 9

Status:On hold
Timeline:Started on December 30, 2018
Time spent:13

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Project: Deep Space 9
1:3300 Space Station with Fiber Optic Lighting System (AMT/ERTL 8764)


31. December 2018, 09:12
Christopher Mullins
I built this in the 90s as a teen. That one didn't look that great. This one will be better. The instructions call for it to be painted gray, the studio model was brown, or well beige, but it did look quite gray or dark brown on screen. I struggled a bit deciding what color I would use. I like to try to paint things as they look on screen and not what the studio models look like but i decided using such dark colors on something like this would hide too much detail, even though it would also hide any damage that should occur with these big connection points to the tree. I probably spent about 2 hours yesterday going over the colors I have and what I think would look best. I finally decided on MM Armor Sand for the body, it is a darker beige, and I think it will turn out to look OK with that color. I just means I will have to do a bit more sanding and stuff to even out the seems, which some of the seams do not fit together well at all. ON the first part of the Docking ring I built there, was a hangover on one side that was probably a good 3 mm, and a lot of the parts are like that. This should also be the Lighted kit, but something like that I cant really afford. They cost between 250-300 Euros. This was a lighted kit that someone had taken the LED's out of and then Auctioned the rest, a normal DS9 cost about 90, I got it for 40, good deal I think.
31. December 2018, 09:33
Christopher Mullins
First we have pictures of the trees, for an older kit this has descent detail i think, but the connections to the tree are going to cause problems. I got quite far last night in one sitting, the whole docking ring and promenade is built, and one section of the docking ring has a base coat on it.
31. December 2018, 09:35
I take a seat 🙂
31. December 2018, 10:52
Christopher Mullins
Promenade is looking good I think, but the shuttle doors I think I will repaint in a lighter gray. There are a lot of problem areas around the Docking arms though, that will take quite a bit of work to get ti right. I do wih I had the LEDS for is though, but the 350 Euros I couldn't afford.
7. January 2019, 14:21
Yes, more different shades will give more life 👍
7. January 2019, 16:00
Christopher Mullins
Need more paint, been concentrating on the B wing for the time being while I order some more armor sand paint, but I did get the other three Docking Arms glued together, and most of the operations center and fusion reactor built and painted.
20. January 2019, 10:19
Christopher Mullins
Found a new color from Humbrol, Dark Stone that looks good on it, its a bit darker than the other color but I think its better that way. I have god all the parts that were already painted repaint and and started on the other parts too. Now its coming along again and I found a good replacement for the no longer produced Armor Sand that I like to use on Russian Helicopters and other desert schmoes
14. October 2019, 13:57