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Vitek Vrog (Vrog)

8,8 cm PaK 43 "Straßburg 1945" - WIP


Vitek Vrog
Thinking about new camouflage od weapon...
10 September 2017, 11:42
Rui S
Nice work, Vitek 👍.
Did you use the 3 kit's?
10 September 2017, 12:41
Vitek Vrog
SdAh202 is from Dragon, shield is Trumpeter and rest is Alan
10 September 2017, 13:21
Rui S
Hi Vitek. Thx for your reply.
What do you think about the Alan Kit?
10 September 2017, 14:47
Joerg R.
Count me in Vitek, that project is in my mind too 👍 I will use Trumpeters 88 with the trailer of Alans 88
10 September 2017, 15:43
Vitek Vrog
Alan is very old kit... but with lot of work and putty, it can be OK. On real gun of this type is not much details so it is ok... And don forgot look my new photos!
10 September 2017, 18:44
Vitek Vrog
Joerg: trailers are sd ah 204, but not much of them was use for this weapon - it is too heavy for them. So germans start use sd ah 202 (the same limbers like 8,8cm Flak 36/37/41) or new platform limbers specialy for this weapon - Trumpeter kit.
10 September 2017, 18:49
Joerg R.
Yes, I know that, but I will do it with the 204😢
11 September 2017, 08:34


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1:35 Pak 43 (Alan 020)1:35 8.8cm Panzerjägerkanone PAK43 (Trumpeter 02308)1:35 PaK 43/3 L/71 (Dragon 6522)1+

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