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Stormin Normin
Norm Sheppard (Stormin Normin)

KoPro DH88 Comet

Building the Green Comet that raced in 1934.


9. May 2020, 23:04
Jay Dubya
Looks like this kit is not a lot better than the awful Airfix one. That said, good job so far Norm.
29. May 2020, 05:11
Norm Sheppard
It will make a nicer looking Comet in the end but it is easily 4 times the work. The decals are wrong too. Instead of white markings they are printed in silver.
29. May 2020, 22:37
Oleg Smilyk
Lovely progress,lovely plane!
1. June 2020, 18:20
Norm Sheppard
Thanks, Oleg.
1. June 2020, 18:51
Good news... another Comet!!
And it's having a very good result.
1. June 2020, 19:12
Norm Sheppard
It is such a graceful aircraft.
1. June 2020, 20:18
Just had to Google this aircraft to confirm my knowledge of it.
Only three made and sold for a discount price of 5000 pounds.
Commissioned just to win the race to Australia.
Then there were another two built later on with one being a Mail version for France
Thankfully two still survive.
Black Magic was lost for forty years.
It's currently being restored.
Maybe the green one is still out there somewhere
2. June 2020, 01:17
Jay Dubya
Small point of historical fact Willy, but the actual winner of the air race, albeit on handicap, was in fact a KLM DC-2:
And that was after getting lost in the middle of the night near Albury (requiring the whole town's street lights to flash in Morse Code: A-L-B-U-R-Y).
2. June 2020, 05:44
Wilky, not Willy
I did know that I just forgot to write it in there
2. June 2020, 05:49
Jay Dubya
Sorry Wilky - I'm bravely going to blame my phone's spell checker!
2. June 2020, 05:59
Jay Dubya
@Norm - sorry for hijacking your thread for a bit.
@Wilky - not sure if you've seen the Movietone film of the race, but the acceptance speech is hilarious.
There is also some great footage of the various competitors and their planes.
2. June 2020, 06:06
Yes, I've seen a movie at the State Library and have a YouTube video of it on my channel.
You must write Willy too much
2. June 2020, 06:20


1:72 de Havilland DH-88 Comet (Kovozávody Prostějov KPM0099)1:72 de Havilland DH-88 Comet (Peewit M72144)
De Havilland FB.588 Comet
GB Racing MacRobertson Air Race
October 1934 MacRobertson Air Race - England to Australia (Result: 4)
British Racing Green

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