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HobbyBoss' French Navy Le Triomphant SSBN nuclear ballistic submarine in 1:350 scale


3 | 10. October 2020, 11:17
Note: There is something weird with the bottom rudder on the kit. The bottom rudder is shown as being somewhat symmetrical to the top rudder, but the kit part has its hinge point further forwards, this looks wrong. So either the kit is wrong, or the Hobby Boss paint guide is. Several photos of the real submarines are shown without both top and bottom rudder, presumably they had not been added to the tail section.

Another possibility could be that the top rudder (molded onto the top hull part) is wrong, being too far aft, if assuming that top + bottom + side rudders are vertically alinged.

Or.. maybe it all is a bit top secret.
11. January, 12:28


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