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Russell Teague (Rusty80)

Aussie Landy


11 24 April 2021, 15:36
Rui S
I like the looks of it, but the tire in photo 2 🤔
6 May 2021, 23:14
Jay Dubya
Photo 9 reminds me of Irwin Barracks, Karakatta. Although in Perth the APCs and Landys were more dusty than muddy. Great work sir.
7 May 2021, 11:40
Russell Teague
Rui S, yeah it's a miss pour with the resin unfortunately but I can live with it... It was a final casting from a mom and pop business that was closing down and inundated with last orders
9 May 2021, 03:16
Russell Teague
Jay Dubya, thanks mate. Was ment to be more namish but couldn't get the AMF white on black low viz number plates... Fiy custom hobby decals have them on the list of projects to develop
9 May 2021, 03:21
Rui S
My point was more because the gloss looking of it, on photo 2? 😉
9 May 2021, 09:25

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Series 2a Land Rover GS w/ no.5 1/2 ton trailer

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