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Rafael Salazar (RSK48)

CF-5A Freedom Fighter Venezuelan

F-6A build by Canada, and used by Venezuelan Air Force (FAV), during tge 1960-70's


21. November 2019, 00:15
Rafael Salazar
Venezuelan Air Force (FAV), CF-5A Freedom Fighter build by Canada, and operated during 1960-70's
21. November 2019, 00:23
Looks good. I like the weathering.
21. November 2019, 18:19
Looks great, and a little unusual
21. November 2019, 21:09
Nathan Dempsey
Great finish and an interesting subject.
21. November 2019, 22:35
Michael Hickey
Very nice, is this one of the schemes from the box?👍
22. November 2019, 04:46
Rafael Salazar
Thank you,for you nice comments: Neuling, Forest , Nathan
22. November 2019, 20:33
Rafael Salazar
Hello Michael, thank you for comments, actually is the original Canadian camouflage, in early CF-5 bought by FAV, later the camo was change to dark green, medium green and sand, Decals are custom, homemade.
22. November 2019, 20:40
Erik Leijdens
Another great Venezuelan model Rafael! Looks good mate! Always like the F-5
22. November 2019, 21:48
Michael Hickey
Cool, thanks for the info Rafael. You've given me a great idea.🙂
23. November 2019, 01:39
Rafael Salazar
Thank you, for you comments Erik and Michael.
23. November 2019, 14:29
Chris S Kim
It is so beautiful. My phantom is 1/48 scale.
26. November 2019, 06:06
Rafael Salazar
Thank you for you comments Chris. The paint job on your F-4 is excellent.
26. November 2019, 13:22


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