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Bruce Huxtable (BruceH)

Experimental painting......


7 12 July 2021, 22:11
John Thomas
Nice work
12 July 2021, 23:53
Bruce Huxtable
Thanks, John, there are lots of surface detail on this kit of few parts. The tracks, wheels and bogeys come as one unit, but with lots of detail to work with 🙂 Most of the large upper surfaces were only painted by dry-brushing.
13 July 2021, 07:59
Bruce Huxtable
Many thanks for your 'likes', everyone 🙂
13 July 2021, 08:00
Top small scale build!
13 July 2021, 08:11
Robert Podkoński
Looks fantastic, Bruce, congrats!
13 July 2021, 08:23
Bruce Huxtable
Wow! Your generous comments are much appreciated 🙂 As always, the camera never lies, so there are areas that could be improved - including ensuring that the cabin fits snuggly to the deck before taking piccies... (no gaps at all, and a good fit, so no need for glue!). I might be tempted to try to put glass in the windows.....
13 July 2021, 09:44
Robert Podkoński
I always feel the same about my models...🙂 I glued some transparent foil in my model and it seems to improve its look 😉
13 July 2021, 10:06


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