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Michael Hickey (mikestomcat)

F-5A Hellenic Air Force S/N 38414

This my Kinetic F-5A done in Hellenic Air Force markings based at Mikra Air Force Base, 1996, painted in the "Ghost Scheme".


12. February 2017, 11:23
Dale Marston
Nice start
15. February 2017, 11:02
Michael Phillips
That is a reeeeally nice looking cockpit! I will be following along with this one...
15. February 2017, 13:53
Marc Stecher
Wow! THat cockpit is a real gem! Great!
15. February 2017, 15:33
Michael Hickey
Thanks Guys, hopefully today I'll get the forward fuselage together.
15. February 2017, 22:16
16. February 2017, 05:43
Michael Hickey
Thanks Marko.... Just having some trouble fitting the forward and rear fuselage together, obviously I've done something wrong.🤔
16. February 2017, 11:10
Michael Hickey
Lots of cleaning up and sanding to do now, I'll put her away so the glue can work its magic, and then start working on the B-25 again.
17. February 2017, 03:53
Bill Spargo
Looking forward to seeing this one finished Mikey, if its anything like your last Greek model it will be a beauty
19. February 2017, 07:47
Michael Hickey
Thanks Billy Boy.
19. February 2017, 10:01
Erik Leijdens
Fantastic cockpit indeed. Never knew there were Greek F-5s with different seats. I assume the ex- Dutch NF-5s retained the original seats?
19. February 2017, 13:45
Michael Hickey
Thanks Erik, yeah I think so.
19. February 2017, 23:33
Michael Hickey
I'll need to do a fair amount of weathering on this bird to make her look like she does in the pic.
25. March 2017, 06:01
Very nice, one of my favourite types, plus I've got the same kit to build so watching with interest!
25. March 2017, 19:29
Erik Leijdens
Looking great Michael. Indeed you need a lot of weathering, the Agean sun is killing!
25. March 2017, 20:59
Michael Hickey
Thanks ForestFan & Erik... All I need to do is paint the anti-glare panel and exhaust nozzles, and the lighter shades of grey here and there.
25. March 2017, 21:43


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