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Willow Run
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Willow Run
Really looking for this one to complete my Ju88 variants line-up. One of the best looking late Luftwaffe aircraft.
Junkers Ju 388
UA MikroMir 1:72
TBA 2023* New tool
4 April, 15:32

March 22, 2024

Willow Run
marked this item as tradeable/sellable
B-26 Marauder engines for Hasegawa / Eduard kit
Eduard 1:72
672242 2020 New tool
EUR 19.00
22 March, 15:41

March 3, 2024

Willow Run
Woheee! Really hope we now get a correct B-24H with the distinctive s-shaped nose panel lines, and that it's a modular fuselage so we will also see other Ford-built versions. Like the late H, J or L and finally a M (although Academy has done one years ago, but that kit needs to much surgery).
Consolidated B-24H Liberator
Airfix 1:72
A09010 2024 New tool
10 12 January, 10:57
Willow Run
Just visited the Airfix blog about the B-24H project… and yes, the fuselage is modular! Also the first test-builds looking very promising in terms of overall shape and details, although the wheel well structure is a bit crude. But I think there's some mix-up regarding rivet-lines versus panel-lines. Especially in the nose section some lines are executed as panel-lines, whereas there just should be a line of rivets. For instance: there is a vertical panel-line that crosses the astrodome when it should actually end with the horizontal panel-line directly above the navigator window. Also the vertical panel-line directly behind the nose turret, on the turret fairing, is just a line of rivets. And some panel-lines are missing just behind the obligue panel-line, which starts from the pilot/copilot sliding-window, goes downwards and divides the nose compartment from the rest of the fuselage. And last, there should be some longitudinally directed panel-lines on the area between pilot/copilot canopy and astrodome.
See photo links:
17 February, 00:15
Willow Run
I have photoshop'ed the airfix renders and this is how I think the panel lines should be: [img1]
3 March, 20:06

February 18, 2024

Willow Run
Oh no. If they just scale it down from their 1/32 scale release, then it would be a mess. Wrong wing profile, wrong top turret, cockpit canopy with shape issues, nose and tail turret with a seam right through the glass domes, engine detail is ridiculous, wheels badly designed and vinyl tires, overall detailed like 1/72 scale. I really had hoped for a new B-24 in 1/48, done by a quality brand, well researched. But Hobby Boss' sloppy implementation is just awful and annoying. Would have been better if HK Models or someone else had done it (their Lancaster and B-17 are a thousand times better).
US B-24J Liberator
HobbyBoss 1:48
81774 2024 New tool
4 13 March 2023, 17:52
Temple Dragon
i am waiting for someone to buy it first and see.
10 May 2023, 23:53
Willow Run
Maybe combining it with parts from the Monogram kit. Although the cockpit canopy is also wrong in shape (flat like some elephant has used it as a resting place). So far Hasegawa is the only brand which replicates this most produced U.S. bomber close to perfect.
14 May 2023, 20:48
Willow Run
What I have seen from test-builds…nope, can't take it seriously. Battleship-like Rivets, pilot canopy simplified and out of shape, overall detailed like 1/72 scale, nose section (chin/bombardier window etc.) out of shape and nose/tail turret still with a seam right through the dome. Although they have fixed the Davis-Wing profile and the top turret framing, it's still toy'ish and crude like the 1/32 edition. Just look at the side-views in the kit manual…it's off, looking like a cartoon. And by the way, "Witchcraft" was a Ford produced B-24H, having the slanted bombardier window and different nose turret fairing. Sorry, not my B-24.
18 February, 11:37


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