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William JOYE (spock666)

LAP-7 Soviet Rocket Launcher


10 2 July 2020, 09:51
William JOYE
MiniArt Soviet Rocket Launcher LAP-7. Unfortunately, I did not find any documentation on this Soviet truck. I built according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If anyone found info on this vehicle, I would be interested to have it even after construction.
2 July 2020, 14:09
Very nice build!
2 July 2020, 19:35
Mike Bastmaster
Very interesting model and very good job!
8 August 2020, 21:18
Victor Scale Hamster YT
Great! Excellent building 👍
9 August 2020, 21:04
Ingo F
Looks great! 👍
There is not much information about this vehicle. I found a few russian articles about it. Here a rough summery:
In March 1942 soviet army found an ammunition stock with German 28 cm Wurfkörper Spreng and 32 cm Wurfkörper Flamm rockets in the village Konduja near Leningrad. The rockets were send to Leningrad where the soviet engineers copied them and made their own rockets: M-28 (MTW-280) and M-32 (MTW-320). MTW stand for мина тяжелая, вращающаяся - heavy mine, rotating.
The LAP-7 was designed/released in autumn 1942 and is based on an modified(?) GAZ-AA chassis. LAP stands for Ленинградский артиллерийский полигон - Leningrad artillery range.
The six launchers were paired up and the angle of every pair could be adjusted separately. That means that it was possible to hit three different targets with one salvo.
The LAP-7 played an important part in defence of Leningrad and later on also in the break through of the Leningrade blockade. The Leningrad Front was the only front where this vehicles were used.
Unfortunately there is no infomation how many of this vehicles were build.
Hope this is enough information for you. 😄
9 August 2020, 22:24
William JOYE
Thanks Ingo F. This is valuable information. I had not found these details during my research.
10 August 2020, 06:48
Ingo F
You welcome mate. If you need other informations about soviet/russian vehicles, just ask. 🙂
10 August 2020, 08:03


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