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Evgeny Brovkin (aZrael)

Russian T-55AM + KMT-9 Completed

T-55AM by TAKOM - in fantasy camo
KMT-9 mine roller from miniart almost perfect fit!

Firth MBT with arnament in my collection🙂

Need some new KMT for sixth model in future🙂


1 | 11. September 2019, 05:34
A very nice bunch of tanks! You cannot choose a favorite, each one is beautiful.
12. September 2019, 14:14
Thomas K.
WOW, the Works are very impressive! I like it! 👍
12. September 2019, 20:22
Evgeny Brovkin
Thank's mates!!
I have "spare" T-62.... Need to find some new KMT for him🙂
13. September 2019, 08:51
Chris Greathouse
Great work! I love all the attachments to the front of the tanks, interesting subjects. 😄
13. September 2019, 09:17
Evgeny Brovkin
I'd like to make this "addons" on MBT😢
14. September 2019, 10:07
Donald Dickson II
I am sitting here literally saying WOW on every pic!
14. September 2019, 12:56
Tim Heimer
Nice work!
14. September 2019, 15:15
Bob Hall
Nice ! We have a captured one of these at Fort Lenard Wood Missouri, pretty cool !
14. September 2019, 17:25
Scott Dutton
Absolutely love both this model and your collection, soft spot for the engineering and breaching vehicles, hard to pick a favourite, a great theme with nice variety in paint schemes, well done it's an inspiration
16. September 2019, 21:49
Evgeny Brovkin
Thanks mates!!
What about T-62 + KMT-7 EARLY (like KMT-7 on T-80U but without magneto and claws - only wheels)
17. September 2019, 07:26
Alec K
Go for it 👍
21. September 2019, 01:32


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1:35 T-55 AM (Takom 2041)1:35 KMT-9 Mine Roller (MiniArt 37040)

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